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[DOWNLOAD] The Crypto Crew University {7.0GB}

Download Files Size: 7.0 GB Value: $3887 OUR SINGLE COURSES Beginner CourseIf you’re very new to crypto and just wish you could get an introduction into charts, discover how to send and receive crypto safely, discover how keep your investments safe from theft, and wish you knew how to actually describe Bitcoin and Blockchain to your

[DOWNLOAD] The Technical Analysis Indicator Stochastic oscillator {1.17GB}

Download Files Size: 1.17 GB Value: $19 What you’ll learn Students will get a Complete Trading System from scratch. Understand the basic & Advance concepts of Stochastic indicator Learn to use a Variable Stop Loss Method Know about the use of Stochastic in different trading Markets. Requirements Ability to learn and test the strategy on

[DOWNLOAD] The Stock market prediction through Financial astrology {244MB}

Download Files Size: 244 MB Value: $19 What you’ll learn Stock market rise or fall in advance based on financial astrology nifty predictions based on financial astrology Stock market option trading prediction stock market prediction based on financial astrology Requirements A person should know the basics of how to buy and sell an option trade

[DOWNLOAD] The Algorithmic Trading using Interactive Broker’s Python API {7GB}

Download Files Size: 7.0 GB Value: $49 What you’ll learn Algorithmic Trading Interactive Broker API Quantitative Finance Advanced Python Concepts Requirements Interactive Broker Account Basic python skills (should be familiar with data types, data structures, loops, functions, installing and importing libraries etc.) Intermediate level familiarity with finance/trading Description Design and deploy trading strategies on Interactive

[DOWNLOAD] Backtesting With Python Trading Strategies {3.87GB}

Download Files Size: 3.87 GB Value: $94 What you’ll learn How to install and set up Python and related libraries used in financial data analysis Get financial data for Forex, Stocks and more from different sources Essentials of Algorithmic trading and Technical analysis Build, backtest and analyse all kinds of different trading strategies and ideas

[DOWNLOAD] The Advanced Forex Trading With Ichimoku Trading Strategy Explained {1.64GB}

Download Files Size: 1.64 GB Value: $124 What you’ll learn Have a full understanding of a profitable Trading Strategy Deep understanding of the Ichimoku Indicator Scan trading opportunities with the Ichimoku Indicator Understand the best entry and exit points to maximize your profit Trade with a solid strategy Choose the perfect Time Frame for your

[DOWNLOAD] Lex van Dam – Complete Trading Courses Bundle Series {1.49GB}

Download Files Size: 1.49 GB Value: $799 In his BBC television TV show Million Dollar Traders former Goldman Sachs trader Lex van Dam trained a diverse group of eight people with no trading experience for two weeks, after which he handed them $1 million of his own money. They then traded his money for eight

[DOWNLOAD] The Stock Sector Investing Via Quantitative Modeling In Excel {4.5GB}

Download Files Size: 4.5 GB Value: $94 What you’ll learn Learn about quantitative Investing & how it is different from conventional methods of investing Know the pitfalls of buying and holding a pure stock portfolio Know the different stocks sectors and their ETFs Understand the concept and rationale behind sector rotation Learn a quantitative approach

[DOWNLOAD] The Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Coins, Wallets, Exchanges, ICOs {750MB}

Download Files Size: 750 MB Value: $94 What you’ll learn Know the difference between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins Know about Wallets (PAPER WALLETS, MIND WALLETS, SOFT WALLETS, HARD WALLETS) and how to use them Understand the blockchain technology as well as the basics of mining new coins Know how to use Poloniex and Coinbase in

[DOWNLOAD] The Volatility Trading Via Quantitative Modeling in Excel {2.3GB}

Download Files Size: 2.3 GB Value: $94 What you’ll learn Learn about quantitative Investing & how it is different from conventional methods of investing Master an established quantitative method used in hedge funds called Volatility Risk Premium to trade volatility Master an alternative way to trade pure volatility component of S&P 500 options Master the

[DOWNLOAD] Best Technical Analysis And Moving Average with backtest results {429MB}

Download Files Size: 429 MB Value: $94 What you’ll learn Learn to trade moving average. Know the actual performance of moving average if you really trade them real time. Read, identify and use moving average for profit. Psychologically prepare to trade and invest using moving average strategies. Learn Practical knowledge from an actual successful investor