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[DOWNLOAD] Gregoire Dupont Trading – 4×4 Course {7.65GB}

Download Files Size: 7.65 GB Value: $2499 4X4 Course Develop your trading skills with our up-to-date comprehensive education video series and a wealth of downloadable resources. From key concepts to advanced processes, get everything you need to become a successful trader. Introductionvideo 2 1. 4×4 Process: An introduction to the All-weather Investment 3 2.

[DOWNLOAD] JTrader The Advanced Course {2.65GB}

Download Files Size: 2.65 GB Value: $399 Over 20 years of market experience Jtrader has over 20 years of market experience from Forex, equities, and options. Learn the techniques to become consistently profitable in today and tomorrow’s every changing market. Become part of the Jtrader mentoring team. Many of our mentored students today are trading professionally for prop

[DOWNLOAD] Practical guide to financial instruments and analysis {5.63GB}

Download Files Size: 5.63 GB Value: $199 What you’ll learn Equity valuation. Bond valuation. Derivatives valuation. Portfolio management. Trading. Selecting brokers. Currency devaluation prediction. Market risk management. Interest rate risk management. Currency risk management. Partially Credit risk management. Liquidity risk management. Asset allocation. Requirements Basic understanding of financial markets and instruments. Computer with Excel and

[DOWNLOAD] 2 Courses Bitcoin Short Sell Trading & BTC Binary Options {2.0GB}

Download Files Size: 2.0 GB Value: $19 What you’ll learn Learn My “Terminator Strategy” for Binary Options Watch my Live Binary Trade Check My Forecast for Bitcoin Learn When to trade Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) binary options! Learn How to short Bitcoin Learn Binary Options Time Frames Learn to create a consistent income from Cryptocurrency A simple

[DOWNLOAD] Technical Analysis with Python for Algorithmic Trading {4.9GB}

Download Files Size: 4.9 GB Value: $109 What you’ll learn Make proper use of Technical Analysis and Technical Indicators. Use Technical Analysis for (Day) Trading and Algorithmic Trading. Convert Technical Indictors into sound Trading Strategies with Python. Backtest and Forward Test Trading Strategies that are based on Technical Analysis/Indicators. Create and backtest combined Strategies with

[DOWNLOAD] Reversal Candlestick Trading Strategy – ForexStock Trading {100MB}

Download Files Size: 100 MB Value: $109 What you’ll learn Strong Foundation of Understanding the Candlestick Formation and Its behavior based on the traders psychology In the Market. Strong foundation and deep knowledge of the world’s most traded and strongest reversal candlestick patterns Valid and Invalid – Trading/ Filtering method of the strongest trend reversal

[DOWNLOAD] Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course 2021 {2.44GB}

Download Files Size: 2.44 GB Value: $109 Actionable techniques which are hundreds of years old Understand the functioning of the stock markets through chart reading. Various types of chart patterns and the logic behind them Precise entry and exit techniques for trading. Precise stop loss placement techniques which is used by professionals. Trading psychology and