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Over the years, the market has changed. We have to move faster. We’ve changed too.

Learn what you truly have to focus on.

Stan Weinstein

Market Legend

  • Module 1
  • Inside Stan’s Mind

Lesson Topics

  • Stan’s Philosophy Towards Trading & InvestingLearn how Stan interprets the market and the origins of the Stage Analysis System.

Changing Markets

With the markets becoming faster and more volatile, Stan shares the adaptations he has implemented.

  • Module 2
  • The Four Stages

Lesson Topics

  • The Tape Tells AllAn updated overview of the famous Stage Analysis System that has built the foundation for an entire generation of traders.

Deep Dive into Stages

Familiarize yourself with the key characterstics of the Market Cycle using Stage Analysis.

  • Module 3
  • Optimal Buy Points

Lesson Topics

  • What to BuyLearn the characteristics of the ideal buy point for both traders and investors from Stan Weinstein himself.
  • Chart Patterns That WorkLearn the specific chart patterns that Stan focuses on which are both repeatable and effective.

Sector Analysis

Discover how Stan always stays on top of emerging trends.

  • Module 4
  • Refining Buy Points

Lesson Topics

  • Advanced Technical AnalysisLearn the subtle characteristics which are present in the highest quality opportunities.

Winning Characteristics

Recognize the key factors which allow specific setups to thrive in strong market conditions.

  • Module 5
  • When to Sell

Lesson Topics

  • Risk ManagementTime-tested concepts for preserving and protecting your capital.

Stan’s Sell Rules

Learn the specific rules that Stan uses to ride trends and protect profits when the tide changes.

  • Module 6
  • Short Selling

Lesson Topics

  • Optimal EnvironmentsLearn to recognize when the conditions are favorable for selling short.

Top Short Setups

Learn the specific patterns that Stan looks for when selling short.

  • Module 7
  • Market Analysis

Lesson Topics

  • Stage Analysis TechniquesImprove your market timing using updated and exclusive Stage Analysis techniques.
  • Track RotationStay in tune with emerging trends and capitalize on developing themes.

Identify Divergences

Learn how to read the market’s internals and look for key divergences using market indicators.

  • Module 8
  • Stan’s Routines

Lesson Topics

  • Prepare Like a ProfessionalGain exclusive access to Stan’s Daily & Weekend routine, formulated over 40+ years trading.

Stage Analysis Screens

Learn how to effectively scan for ideas using Stan’s system.

  • Module 9
  • The Total System

Lesson Topics

  • Stan’s Trading CommandmentsRevisit the most important principles of the Stage Analysis system.

Stage Analysis Review

Follow along as Stan walks through the key points of the Stage Analysis system, emphasizing how he has adapted his style to suit changing markets.

  • Module 10
  • 10 Million Dollars Worth of Charts

Resources & Tools

  • 25 Annotated Charts — Stage 1
  • 25 Annotated Charts — Stage 2
  • 25 Annotated Charts — Stage 3
  • 25 Annotated Charts — Stage 4
  • 25 Annotated Charts — Full Cycles



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