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[DOWNLOAD] The Anna Macko  The 2% Theory + Crypto On Fire + $100/day Investment

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$100/Day Investment Course

This investment course will teach you how to make $100/day and more.

By “more” I mean you can double your money in a week or in a few months depending on the market!

We have seen up to 8000% returns on investment! Wow! I know that sounds crazy but that is what is happening in the crypto world RIGHT NOW! If you wait any longer you will miss out!

June 7, 2020 Edit: I have added a NEW section in the bonuses I did not mention here – The PASSIVE INCOME strategy that I can guarantee you will make you at the MIN 12% a year passively. That, I can guarantee! 

Now to be clear: I make that almost daily by active trading & if you want to do minimum work with the least amount of effort possible then you’ll make a guaranteed 12% return a year for sure doing nothing – simply by setting it up the way I show you – and this will happen in any market (even if the market goes down or goes up, your return will be a steady 12% at least) 

This is what you get: You will get my investment strategies that you can use over and over again.

You also get my buying and selling signals! These are alerts! I have made some pretty good calls! 95% of my calls have been winners. I don’t trade when not certain so I make calls when I am certain it will work to my best ability.

Within a day you can get 5%-40% return on investment! In a week you can get 20%-100%! This depends what is happening in the movement of the crypto market.

That means if you invest $1,000 then you get $1,400 in a day! (not every day! But when things are moving fast you can make even more than that! You learn how the big guys do it! You don’t give your money to anyone, I show you where the big millionaires invest their money!

This course is how to do everything from scratch yourself!

Here is a recent example of a member making 1000% return on investment in only a short month! That is 10x your investment! If you put in $100 you get $1000! if you put in $10,000 you get $100,000! This is happening inside my course!


Q. Does this work for me in the UK, Canada, USA, Australiam Iran, India… all over the world?

A. Yes! I specifically made videos on how to do it from Canada and Australia, I wrote lessons how to do it from USA and rest of the world, I will do specific videos on request! It works in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia and everywhere

Q.How much money do I need to invest?

A. You can start with as little as $10 but I recommend at least $1500 to see a $100 a day profit. You will get addicted and want to invest more as you can trade weekly or monthly and just wait for the big jumps and double your money quickly

When a spike goes up 118% its crazy! people making money

A member invested $10k and turned it into $22k in a week

If you invest $100 you can turn it into $220

Q.How much time do I need to spend on this

A.I spend no more than 5 minutes a day – Some days I do nothing and hold my investment for a week –  A trade (buy or sell) takes me 5 seconds to actually do a trade!

You can do 1 trade a day, or 1 trade week, or a month, or hold for 5 year and do it once

I only sell it if the price is right. If its not, I do nothing and wait

This is me actually working from my rooftop pool! I turned $20,000 into over $80,000 in less than 3 months! At first I was just holding long term because it will go up but then started trading and found it is a faster way to make money with this!

Q. What are the chances of me losing my investment

A. Low – its like when real estate crashed, if you don’t sell, it will go back up! It goes up and down all the time. Very volatile which means it is PERFECT for trading as you can make money every day! (The good thing is you don’t need a HUGE capital like you do in real estate and the return on investment is way better here! In real estate you are lucky if you make 13% a year return on your investment AND you have to wait 5 years at LEAST!

In this you can make 110% in a day! YES A DAY!!!!

These are the 24 HOUR returns on investment by the way (this is one day – everyone who invested in my recommendations made A LOT of money off this trade)

Look is this risky? I don’t think so because the thing is, there will be dips there were 140 BIG dips since I have been studying this. By BIG I mean  40%, and people panic every time and thing its the end. Then the market recovers more than what it was at the last highest spike. I always buy more in the dips. People panic and I buy more!

You can’t lose if you don’t sell lower than what you bought it for. If you just hold on and wait, you won’t lose your money.

Q. How long do you think this will go on for? Is this a bubble?

This is long term! We have some projects till in their infancy! One is only 2 years old and just in development and already made billions. People who fear this investment say it is a bubble because they don’t understand it. It crashed 140 times and it will continue to keep going up and crashing! The point is to buy in a “crash” (which is a dip when prices go down) and sell in the highs! This is the only place where you can make $10k+ a day with a $5k investment on a day where you can double your money (not every day! But it happens often)


So No this is not a bubble, let me quote Churchill for you – “this is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end; it is more like the end of the beginning”.

Nothing goes straight up, unless it is a bubble about to terminally burst. It is perfectly normal to have declines, even long and sustained ones, that serve to transfer ownership from weak to strong hands.

Weak hands are defined as marginal buyers who are ready to jump out at the slightest whiff of a decline. They tend to get separated from their money rather quickly.

Do not fret about every decline; make sure you know why you are in it, otherwise get out and keep your money, or you will run a big risk of ending up a weak hand

Q. Do I need a high power computer?

A. Nope! do this on your phone or laptop no worries

I do this from anywhere this is a photo of me working yesterday on it, and this morning FROM THE POOL haha

This is actual footage of me “working” on this, from my phone while my friend Nathan was creating his software on his laptop. (This is an extra benefit you can do this from ANYWHERE with wifi on your phone!)

Q. Is this complicated?

I already spent hours, months researching this and practicing. I have made the course so simple so you can just follow me.

The set up part is just a matter of you uploading your ID

The buy in part is just a matter of typing your buy price in a box.

Your sell part is a matter of also typing the number you want to sell at in a box

The withdraw part is a matter of withdrawing back to your bank account.

(There are ways to put it on a credit card but I don’t deal with that. I want the cash and I show you how to get it back in cash) Most likely you will just re-invest the cash anyway because you would have doubled your money a few times. )

Anyway, since I send you emails about what I am doing and what is hot, you can just follow me and do what I do and not do your own research

Here is an example of emails I send! When my recommendations go up I literally do backflips in the pool!

This is something I shared on my Instagram story which is why it says swipe up

Here is an example of what you would be doing (buying and selling! Nothing complicated about this)

You can do this 3x a day if you like as the prices fluctuate every day so you can hit the little spikes and make money, or you can wait a week or a month and hit the larger spikes! You can also just invest now and hold for 5 years. You WILL make money as it goes up a LOT over the years

Q. What are the fees

A. Between 0.0022 and 0.008 (the more you trade the smaller the fees get) I have a special worksheet that you will get in the course so you can calculate if the trade is profitable or not with the fees and tax.

Q. What is the tax?

A. Each countries have their own tax laws (Capital Gains Tax) Like when you sell your second house you pay Capital Gains Tax – In Canada 50% of your money is not taxed. They tax the other 50% based on your earnings minus your expenses. Australia has similar laws. Check the capital tax gains laws in  your country. You will be taxed on your profit so you can edit the spreadsheet

There is also a way to get around paying the tax so you can re-invest that money. Check with your accountant but when you sell an investment and buy another then you can defer the tax until a later date!

Listen to what some students are saying!

Crypto on fire

Course Curriculum

1. Welcome to the course!13:23

  • Welcome (intro)
  • A message from Anna
  • Intro 2
  • Before you begin…
  • Another message from Anna
  • Is this Gambling?
  • Some tips before starting

2. Intro15:58

  • What links do I need?
  • Need this for USA & Quebec & Also Tips Even if you are NOT from there you can use this for protection
  • Deposit Test Trade
  • How to deposit Funds
  • Start in a real account
  • Can I trade Alt Coins here?

The Real Mccoy02:12

  • The Mac daddy of all trading platforms

Remove overwhelm05:57

  • This is what you need to remove overwhelm

Practice this61:11

  • Play around with this first – where to start
  • Play around with this second – Making Moves
  • Play around – Taking Profit
  • Practice using these
  • Practice Cutting Like This
  • Taking money from crypto – It’s like taking candy from a baby
  • Important when you first start trading
  • Live trade – And leverage vs risk

Advanced Trading09:51

  • Liquidation Price and Leverage Risk
  • What is leverage

The Protection Strategy – When Crypto is On Fire60:48

  • How to protect your money in a crash better than moving to fiat or TUSD
  • How to actually make money in a crash and look forward to it?
  • Protect your bitcoin when it crashes
  • The short strategy
  • The short strategy (Part 1)
  • The short Strategy (Part 2)
  • The short Strategy (part 3)

Which way is this thing going?11:26

  • Which way is this thing going
  • More…

Stop Losses13:15

  • The Deposit part 2 and trailing Stop Loss
  • Tricks I learned along the way
  • Why didn’t my oder hit? Cause you weren’t first
  • Practice & Reminders
  • $14,750 with protection

The “Japanese Hiking” Strategy29:22

  • Hiking in Japan
  • Japanese Hiking Strategy
  • Winning Japanese Hiking
  • Trading and Winning
  • Live Trade part 1
  • Live Trade part 2
  • Tips!
  • Settings
  • 1000% its possible! And Also The Japanese Hiking Strategy PERFECT ENTRY and PERFECT SELL!


  • Fees

Risk Management

  • Risk Management

Tips for beginners!

  • Something useful when you first start out

How to Make $50,000/ Year with a $1,000 investment08:20

  • How to Make $50,000/ Year with a $1,000 investment

Focus like a mofo03:22

  • FOCUS like a MOFO


  • The 2% Theory – Here!
  • How to turn $1,000 into $1,000,000 in a year using the 2% Theory
  • Risk Management
  • Rule. There is no middle ground.
  • Down Trend
  • Up Trend

Next steps

  • Landmark

Bonus – Drills49:51

  • 1. The Protection Drill
  • 2. The Profit Up Drill
  • 3. Withdrawing Profits
  • 4. Stay in Profit Drill
  • Next Step

Small Wins Even making $12 is fun for beginners!13:15

  • Beginners Low Leverage Starting Small
  • Tiny Win – Better than no win!

New QA32:05

  • How to get your kill faster – trade like a hunter
  • Live Trade: High Leverage 25X – This is how you guarantee profit
  • Ripple & Bitmex
  • USA – Quebec
  • Safety First
  • What do I do here
  • How to Get Closer?
  • Short your way to Financial Freedom
  • Do it this way – its better


  • Landmark

How to Split for Safety15:45

  • Split Up Your Stack

2% Theory

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the 2% Theory!09:19

  • A message from Anna – Intro FREE PREVIEW
  • How to use this course FREE PREVIEW

How to use this 2% Theory03:21

  • Before you begin to Use the 2% Theory
  • 2% Theory Strategy

The 2% Theory06:23

  • Spreadsheet – Your trading Journal 2% $1000 to $1,000,000 in 365 trades (part 1)
  • Landmark 1.1.

Crypto On Fire Add Ons01:53

  • Get this!
  • We’re adding onto Crypto On Fire
  • Landmark

Stay Safe: Especially FOR USA Customers (and Quebec)01:07

  • USA & Quebec are special
  • Landmark
  • VPN

Step 1: Simplify02:38

  • Simplify & Focus Notes
  • Simplify Your Screen!
  • So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Step 2: Pick Your Day04:34

  • Pick Your Day (live trade part1)
  • Types of Trading Days
  • 2% Theory Don’t Break These Rules

Step 3: Prepare & Protect yourself from losses17:23

  • In action – Protect yourself (live trade part2)
  • Explaining the taking part – profit section
  • Protection Lesson – Protect yourself from a loss
  • Risky

Step 4.1.: How to predict the future – win every time05:55

  • The Dynamite Candles Russian Dolls Strategy
  • The Tiger Tails strategy
  • This will make you BETTER
  • Wait for this to get in! Instant Profit!
  • Editing A Stop Market
  • Landmark

Steps 4.2.: Great tips Live Trade – Entering Perfectly15:08

  • Trade Part 3
  • Entering Perfectly Like Zen Master from Heaven on a Sunday

Step 4.3.: The FORMULA to win trades – STEP BY STEP

  • How to win a trade every time! STEP BY STEP FORMULA
  • Landmark

Step 5: How to Take profit & stay in profit with this trick48:06

  • How to Take Profit – Fast
  • The trick of the trade – Trick to stay in profit
  • Profit is Profit – How to stay in profit
  • In profit Trick (j)
  • Profit in Minutes
  • Demo Taking Profit Automatically
  • Keep that profit!
  • Live Trade – Stops
  • Live Trade Stay in Profit & Amend
  • Q&A Stay in Profit
  • Lock in that profit
  • Landmark

Strategy Never Lose Part 1: How to never get liquidated again!78:41

  • Do not get liquidated! Need to fight it off
  • How to Almost Never Lose a Trade
  • How To Never Get Liquidated
  • Avoid Liquidation
  • Signals
  • Important Lessons!
  • * Calculate before you liquidate chat while I trade
  • * Liquidation Price Leverage Risk
  • Don’t break this rule! FIGHT-LIQUIDATION with all you got!
  • Never do this!
  • Understanding how to play the game
  • Landmark
  • Avoid Liquidation
  • Reminder to never lose a trade

Strategy Never Lose Part 2: Did you Lose A Trade? Do this00:35

  • Do this if you lost a trade
  • Don’t Blame the Market, Ask yourself this
  • How to Stop getting Liquidated
  • Landmark

Strategy: Get Rich with these Accounts

  • Your accounts startegy

How to become a Crypto Super Hero or Crypto Goddess (part 4)01:35

  • The Super Hero Strategy (live trade part 4)

Super Hero Time! Live Trading Leverage lessons (Live trade part 5)09:57


2% Theory Strategy Recap23:31

  • 2% Theory Strategy – Snake in the grass
  • 2% Theory Strategy – Spot the Weakness
  • 2% Theory Strategy – Avoid Liquidation
  • 2% Theory Strategy – Make profits automatically
  • 2% Theory Strategy – ETH BTC Tip
  • 2% Theory Strategy – Limit
  • 2% Theory Strategy – Stop in the name of love before you break my heart

Don’t make these mistakes11:26

  • Mistakes Traders Make
  • If you missed! It’s ok. Do this
  • Landmark


  • 2% Theory Results Worksheet
  • Landmark

Strategy: The Python Approach

  • The Python Appraoch Explained

Strategy: Sky is the Limit! The Instant Profit Strategy12:30

  • 1. The Easy money strategy
  • Instant Profit When you do this! Fun to Wake up to!
  • 3. Just woke up 54% profit – Don’t limit yourself! Use this strategy
  • 4. A Must Read
  • 5. What to be careful of
  • Landmark

Strategy: How to make a full time income trading 2 hours a day

  • How to profit trading so you can quit your job
  • Landmark

Rule: Don’t try to save money by losing it – Instead, Trade Faster & Don’t Miss03:14

  • Trade Faster & Don’t Miss

Rule: Compound Interest – 8th Wonder of the World02:55

  • Compound Interest

Rule: When you start gaining $20,000+31:04

  • Calculate this

Rule: Adapt or and Win – Adapt to the motion of the ocean

  • 2% how to make money in Adapting to Bitcoin

Rule: An Important Rule about trading like a Rockstar03:36

  • An important Rule About Trading Like a Rockstar
  • Bye Bye Money? People trading when they shouldn’t

Bonus Strategy: How to become a rich crypto rockstar!

  • Rockstar Freedom
  • Becoming a super hero!
  • Landmark

Bonus Strategy: How to Quit Your Job Using The 2% Theory05:02

  • How to Quit Your Job with the 2% Theory

Bonus Strategy: Another way to make a side income with crypto with $1,300

  • With $1,300 How to make a side income!

Bonus Strategy: Another ZEN Calm way of trading!08:52

  • Follow Direction
  • USA friendly Platform
  • Live Trade (j)
  • Landmark
  • Fees (Update)

Before Bed Strategy08:44

  • Before Bed Habits – Strategy

Q & A: A. This Profit Calculator is BOSS04:14

  • Question about profit calculation
  • Landmark

Q & A: Q.Realistically – What can I make with $100?22:19

  • Realistically, what can I make with $100 FREE PREVIEW
  • Worksheet – Play with this to see realistically what you can make with $100

Q & A30:52

  • MF
  • Why I enter Like This
  • ROE Q
  • Can I make $25k out of $5k?
  • QA – Calculate this
  • Q&A
  • DO I buy this?

When is it gambling and when is it hunting?

  • When it is gambling vs hunting?

Next steps

  • Before you go

SNEEK PEEK – Organising and editing these31:01

  • The Wallet (for 100/day)
  • Wallets Wallets Wallets
  • For 100/Day Moving
  • Stops to stay in profit
  • Profit in Minutes – Stops to profit not matter what
  • Bull or Bear Market?
  • Common Mistakes
  • Locking in profit
  • Are you following the rules?
  • Missed it?
  • Growing like this – Slow and Steady Wins the Race


  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4

Your 2% Theory PLAN + QA06:05

  • 2% Theory Trading Cryptocurrency Plan & QA

More Q&A12:29

  • Why I am Stuck in a Trade? It was green!?
  • Calculation QA



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