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Tradingriot Bootcamp is a comprehensive guide into how markets work, price action, orderflow, auction market theory and strategy building.

Since starting the website in 2020, I did receive a lot of questions in regards to different concepts and different approaches to the market.

Bootcamp covers all the concepts in detail and shows how you can use them in actual trading.

Before you decide to purchase this product, make sure to watch the introduction video below, as I don’t want this to be bought by the wrong audience.

This Bootcamp is mainly for those who prefer video content over a written format published so far at blog or Trading Blueprint.

Compared to Blueprint, which is a simplified rundown of tools used for intraday trading, Bootcamp covers everything in greater detail and presents ways to use orderflow and auction market theory tools not only in day trading, but also swing trading.

Besides that, there are also sections about risk management, journaling and daily preparation.

Those who decide to join the Tradingriot Bootcamp will have access to 26 videos and the section on the website where I will upload additional videos about trade breakdowns and other market-related topics.

Once you finish the Bootcamp, I will also be more than happy to provide you with additional support in the form of emails or 1-1 calls.

The price of this product is final, and there are no additional costs or recurring payments.

Bootcamp owners will also have access to a private room in Tradingriot Discord (discord.gg/jWpFUxH69E) where they can discuss concepts and trade ideas. For more information contact me via email.

Existing Blueprint owners have a 10% discount for this product which is already tied to your account.

If you are not an owner of Trading Blueprint, purchasing a Tradingriot Bootcamp will grant you access to Blueprint as well.

You can also pay with crypto via Coinbase at the checkout or contact me at tradingriot@gmail.com for P2P payment.

A complete Table of Contents can be found below.

Here are all videos you will find inside the Tradingriot Bootcamp:

Chapter 1 – Markets

  1. Market Microstructure – bid-ask spread, order types, market participants, algorithmic trading, (42:14)
    exchange types
  2. Liquidity & Volume – anatomy of the order book, passive and active orderflow, understanding liquidity, how volume and liquidity influence markets, volume relativity (20:21)
  3. Understanding futures and choosing the right market – what makes a good market, what is the futures contract, index futures, bonds, commodities, currency futures, cryptocurrencies (22:06)
  4. Setting up trading platforms – covering sierra chart, exocharts and tradingview (38:20)

Chapter 2 – Price Action

  1. Price action principles – fractal nature of price, timeframes, efficient vs inefficient price moves,
    how price approaches the level (25:15)
  2. Key price structures – market environments, market structure, horizontal/vertical support and resistance, supply and demand, V-reversals, triple taps, compressions (21:18)
  3. Execution patterns – Cluster, Quasimodo, Failed swing (11:25)
  4. Bias determining candlestick patterns – Engulf, Failed Swing, Inside bar (10:41)
  5. Navigating timeframes and utilizing non-time based charts – non-time based charts, navigating timeframes (06:52)

Chapter 3 – Orderflow

  1. Understanding orderflow – the fallacy of orderflow, orderflow in different markets, passive and active orderflow, different tools for different trading styles (13:42)
  2. Delta and its indicators – what is delta? single bar delta, cumulative volume delta, y-axis delta (19:07)
  3. Footprint charts – what are footprint charts? usage of correct timeframe,
    bid/ask footprint, delta footprint, volume footprint,
    footprint statistics, trading patterns (18:46)
  4. Connecting orderflow to price action (22:57)

Chapter 4 – Auction market theory

  1. Auction market theory – what is AMT? key components of AMT, initiative and responsive activity, acceptance and failed auction, AMT rules (14:25)
  2. Market Profile –  what is MP? Initial Balance, MP anomalies, day and opening types, composite profiles (26:39)
  3. Volume Profile – volume, what is volume profile? market vs volume profile, volumes in different markets, volume profile levels, mapping markets with composite structures (15:40)
  4. Volume indicators – relative volume and z-score, vwap, bar-to-bar POC (15:45)
  5. Connecting AMT with orderflow and price action

Chapter 5 – Strategy

  1. Failed Swing (27:49)
  2. Cluster (24:18)
  3. Quasimodo (14:11)
  4. Risk Management (48:28)
  5. Intraday strategy (18:42)
  6. Medium-term swing strategy (14:13)
  7. Long term swing strategy (16:03)
  8. Trading Plan (25:22)
  9. Daily preparation (05:45)
  10. Journaling (08:38)

Total time: 9 hours 15 minutes

Updates – Section of new content coming for free to all Bootcamp owners

  1. Nuances of day trading crypto
  2. Revisiting cumulative volume delta
  3. Revisiting VWAP
  4. Setting up the ATAS platform
  5. How I trade FTX Move Contracts
  6. Expanded guide to swing trading
  7. Which type of Price Action do I use for entries, and which one do I avoid
  8. Finding profitable Altcoin trades using a data-based approach
  9. An in-depth breakdown of day trading
  10. Capturing large swings in price
  11. Trading “cheat-sheet” – breaking down all the entry techniques, placing stops and targets. Unique to all timeframes approach.
  12. Execution 



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