[DOWNLOAD] 2020 Chris Capre – Advanced Price Action Course {5.2GB}

[DOWNLOAD] 2020 Chris Capre – Advanced Price Action Course

Download Files Size: 5.2 GB Value: $390

50+ Hours of Video Lessons

50+ videos packed with strategies, examples and advanced price action techniques. Each one is clear and specific. See exactly how I trade my own money using these exact same strategies.

Trade Setups Commentary, Price Action Quizzes & End of Week Review

Get access to my trade setup ideas several times per week where I cover the price action context, trend bias and key levels.

You can use this for trade ideas, along with comparing your price action read on the market with what I’m seeing.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Get access to our weekly member coaching sessions where every Friday, myself or my senior student (Sascha) will answer all student questions personally, go over charts, trade setups, and market opportunities.

Trading Analytics

Members get access to a Trading Analytics session with me (Chris Capre), whereby I analyze your trading performance across 20+ metrics, giving you actionable insights into your trading, and a road map on how to improve your accuracy and profitability.

Members Trade Setups Channel

Myself, my apprentice (Sascha), senior traders and all members post their live trade setups in our private members channel where you can view, comment and discuss trade setups with our community.

We trade forex, global indices, stocks, commodities, CFD’s and Crypto, so a lot of eyes and a wide range of trade setups to help you find trade opportunities while learning how to improve your performance.

Develop A Winning Trading Psychology

I’ve been studying Neuroscience for the past two decades, meditating every day for 15 years, and completed a 1 year meditation retreat.

No other trading mentor has this unique combination of training and experience, which I share with you on how to develop a winning trading psychology

Just think – a 1% difference in your mindset could drastically increase your profits.

The Advanced Price Action Course Curriculum

Your Complete A-Z Training on Price Action, Trading Psychology and Risk Management.

Section 1: Price Action Context

  • Lesson 1: The Pyramid of Price Action Context – The Basis for Understanding PA
  • Lesson 2: Impulsive and Corrective Price Action
  • Lesson 3: Decoding Trends: Volatile and Non-Volatile Price Action
  • Lesson 4: Understanding Key Support and Resistance Zones-10 Key Tips
  • Lesson 5: Understanding Key Support and Resistance Zones Part 2 – LS Zones
  • Lesson 6: Putting The 3 Pillars Together
  • Lesson 7: 3 Pillars & Multiple Time Frame Analysis

Section 2: Critical Price Action Structures You Need to Know

  • Lesson 8: Large and Small Corrective Structures
  • Lesson 9: 3-Point HLR Trading
  • Lesson 10: The Basic Anatomy of A Breakout
  • Lesson 11: Exhaustion Price Action & How to Trade It

Section 3: Trading Breakouts Like A Pro

  • Lesson 12: Order Flow Differences Between With-Trend and Counter-Trend Breakouts
  • Lesson 13: False Break Setups & How to Profit From Them
  • Lesson 14: Pressure & Trading Breakouts With Trend
  • Lesson 15: Failed Breakouts, Two Touches and Advanced Entries

Section 4: Tactics & Trade Management Skills

  • Lesson 16: The Ultimate Guide to Trading Instruments
  • Lesson 17: Trading Beyond Confirmation and Rookie Mistakes
  • Lesson 18: The 90/10 Rule of Trading All Professionals Know
  • Lesson 19: 108 SF Trading (Trade Management Part 1)
  • Lesson 20: How to Trade Announcements

Section 5: Risk & Money Management Models

  • Lesson 21: Your Trading Edge, Expectancy and Trade Frequency – Why These Matter
  • Lesson 22: The Risk of Ruin and Why You Need A % Based Risk Model
  • Lesson 23: Drawdowns & Max Risk Models
  • Lesson 24: Durability, Risk & Growing Your Account

Section 6: Building Your Successful Trading Mindset

  • Lesson 25: The Brain, Negativity Bias and Why You Struggle to Make Money Trading
  • Lesson 26: Psychological Biases Which Kill Your Trading Performance
  • Lesson 27: Building a Better Brain: Meditation for Trading Part 1
  • Lesson 28: Building a Better Brain: Meditation for Trading Part 2
  • Lesson 29: Developing Emotional IQ For Trading
  • Lesson 30: The 5 Major Trading Cycles You Need to Know
  • Lesson 31: Building Confidence For Success in Trading and Life
  • Lesson 32: Building Your Skillset and Accelerating Your Learning Curve

Section 7: Prep to Review

  • Lesson 33: Preparing For Your Trading Day
  • Lesson 34: Pre-Trade, Live-Trade and Post-Trade ME
  • Lesson 35: How to Analyze and Improve Your Trading Performance Part 1
  • Lesson 36: How to Analyze and Improve Your Trading Performance Part 2
  • Lesson 37: How to Analyze and Improve Your Trading Performance Part 3
  • Lesson 38: How to Analyze and Improve Your Trading Performance Part 4
  • Lesson 39: Building Your Own Trading Plan



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