[Download] Algorithmic Trading Without Coding Skills! (Tool Included) {660MB}

Algorithmic Trading Without Coding Skills

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Unusual Course on Creating Trading Robots for Financial Markets in Metatrader 4. Real Examples. Zero Idle Talk.What you’ll learn

  • Create automated trading systems without coding skills
  • Transform a trading idea into a tested, verified and profitable trading strategy
  • Learn several types of trading strategies and how to use them
  • Realize the simplicity of systematic trading
  • Evaluate the performance and robustness of the strategy
  • Use MetaTrader 4 strategy tester
  • Use the dominant form of trading by most professionals


  • Basic trading knowledges
  • No coding skills needed
  • Desire to learn algorithmic trading
  • Metatrader 4 installed


My name is Lev Bulochnik I’m a developer in prop trading and market software developing firm. Since 2010 I’ve been creating automated trading systems using different platforms and programming languages. Over time, I realized that every time I start to research some financial instrument and try to create a trading strategy, I come to several price patterns. After that, I decided to create a kind of universal tool that allows building strategies for any market phase and any financial instrument. A tool that would save me from the routine work of writing the same code, every time I start creating a strategy.

As a result, I’ve created RealForexRobot (learn more at realforexrobot .com), an easy-to-use but powerful constructor, which allows anyone, who decided to take the path of a systematic trader, to start exploring the market and create profitable trading strategies without plunging into the jungle of programming languages.

All students will get RealForexRobot tool entirely for free! 

But this course is not only about RealForexRobot, but it’s also a short guide to algorithmic trading. You will learn how to transform a trading idea into a tested, verified and profitable trading strategy. The zest of this course is that I will teach you, using my trading strategies as examples. After the course, you can immediately start creating your diversified portfolio of trading strategies using RealForexRobot. Why am I so sure that you will be able to do this? Because, I will not just give you a method and a tool, I will tell you how to search for new profitable opportunities and where to search for them.Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to master a systematic approach to trading
  • Who wants to start creating trading systems but has no coding skills



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