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No IT knowledge required.Certified Bitcoin, Altcoin & Blockchain Professional: University lecturer.What Will I Learn?

  • How cryptocurrency mining works
  • How to store cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins in wallets
  • How to check the value of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin
  • What is the Altcoin Bitcoin Cash?
  • What is the Altcoin Ethereum?
  • Investing opportunities in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin
  • The economics behind cryptocurrencies (e.g. speculation driven bubbles)
  • How to exchange cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin for money
  • How cryptocurrency differs from normal currency
  • Technical analysis
  • Bitcoin secrets


  • There is no previous knowledge required.
  • No IT knowledge is required. I will teach you whatever is required.


‘Certified Bitcoin, Altcoin & Blockchain Professional’ teaches you the fundamentals of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, whilst also paying attention to Altcioins (Bitcoin alternatives such as Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash).

‘Certified Bitcoin, Altcoin & Blockchain Professional’ is specially designed so that even non-IT professionals will fully understand the principles that are discussed.

In ‘Certified Bitcoin, Altcoin & Blockchain Professional’ you will learn the fundamentals of Bitcoin and blockchain, the role of miners and mining, Altcoins (alternative cryptocurrency such as Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash), the economics and technical analysis behind the Bitcoin trading and practical issues such as trading and storing it in wallets.Who is the target audience?

  • Business professionals (in various fields) who wish to find out what the Bitcoin and blockchain technology could do for their business.
  • Not an IT professional? No problem! This course is specifically designed to be consumed by IT and non-IT professionals alike.
  • Investors
  • Managers
  • Students of business administration
  • Students of economics and finance
  • IT professionals
  • Business developers
  • Stock traders
  • Technical analysts



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