[Download] EA Programming – Automated Trading with MQL5 for METATRADER5


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What Will I Learn?

  • Download the right Metatrader5 trading environment for your device
  • Install the software for one or more instances of MT5
  • Understand how to use the Metatrader5 GUI
  • Adjust your Forex Chart settings for better performance in automated trading
  • Learn how to use the Metatrader, the Metaeditor and the included MQL5 reference and help
  • Import an Expert Advisor for automated trading
  • Create a basic Expert Advisor for the MQL5 Hedging Mode
  • Understand the benefit of an automated Forex Trading Framework
  • Improve your trading results with strategy backtesting


  • You should understand basic trading terms like forex, chart, buy stop, take profit, stop loss
  • You should be familiar with Metatrader4, Metatrader5 or a similar trading software
  • You should be interested in Expert Advisor programming to create a trading robot
  • You should understand that algo trading is based on the laws of probability and expectancy


MQL5 and Metatrader5 have been around for a while, but now you can use the new HEDGING mode to get better trading results with less work.

The order handling in MQL5 has been a real pain for several years. Metaquotes improved that recently and introduced the new HEDGING mode.

That will help you to create an EA (aka Expert Advisor or Trading Robot for easy automated trading) with less effort for better trading results.

Within the next hour you will understand how you can automate Metatrader5 and create a simple Expert Advisor.

You will know how to import an Expert Advisor and how you can use MQL5 to improve your trading based on the two basic laws for profitable automated trading results.

Trade automated strategies 24/7 on up to 22 Forex Charts while you spend time with your friends and your family – without sleepless nights, without revenge trades and without the emotional rollercoaster you might know so well.Who is the target audience?

  • Are you a Forex Trader, Daytrader, Algo Trader or interested Discretionary Trader?
  • Do you want to improve your trading results without the emotional roller coaster?
  • Do you understand that probability and expectancy is better than hope trading?
  • Than this is the algo trading entry course for you!



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