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At Edz Trading Academy, our aim is to be able to teach people the markets in the most simplified form. Our packages are designed for all levels of trading. Whether you have no knowledge of currency trading(in other words foreign exchange trading) or you’re already in the markets & just want to add a bit more clarity to your trading. In this course you’ll start by learning the basics of forex & as you keep progressing we will be getting more in-depth & advanced. Throughout your progress, you’ll have some tasks at hand to complete! With some interactive quizzes to ensure you’re always on the right track.

ETA Style of Trading

As you progress in the course, you’ll start learning the Edz Trading Academy way of trading. Where he will be teaching you how to minimize the drawdown on your trades while maximizing your upside for high risk to reward ratios. Edz usually focuses on Day/Swing way of trading.


  • No, only education.
  • Yes, you’ll need to be 18 or over to make purchases on our Educational packages. Unless you have a parent/guardian that can make the purchase on their behalf.
  • To be successful at anything, you’ll need dedication & sacrifice. Approaching trading with the right mindset will maximize your outcome of success!
  • Our Education contains over 15+ Learning hours & over 90 topics. Everyone’s learning process is different so it depends on how much effort you put in!
  • That’s not a problem! Our education caters to all levels, so it doesn’t matter if trading is very new to you or not!
  • At ETA, we won’t just teach you a strategy that you can use in the markets. We also focus very highly on developing our student’s mindset so they can be ready to take on the markets. In the trading industry, trading psychology isn’t spoken about too heavily…& it’s the most important factor. ETA focuses on filling this gap in the market.

Edz Trading Academy is designed to take one month to complete & fully digest, but you’ll have access for 18 months after you enroll so you can work at your own pace & have enough time to go through the ETA Journey Phases. Note: You’ll have the support of Edz throughout the duration. 



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