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Fibonacci Swing Trader (FST) is an exciting foundation course and complementary advisory service available exclusively from Forexmentor.com. Whether you’re a newcomer to the markets looking for a system you can quickly make your own, or an experienced market-watcher hungry for a simpler and more effective trading ‘edge’, we believe we have the resources that can help you take your trading to the next level. Fibonacci Swing Trader methodology offers an unparalleled combination of effectiveness, simplicity of application, and superior Reward/Risk potential to the Forex trader. In fact, there’s no reason we can think of why this system can’t potentially become the cornerstone of your own trading program for the rest of your trading career – right out of the box!

Our goal with this page is to provide you all the information you need to determine whether Fibonacci Swing Trader may be right for you, and to answer any questions you might have. Convenient online Announcementordering options are presented at bottom, should you decide to take the next step right now. What Is Fibonacci Swing Trader? The Fibonacci Swing Trader suite contains a foundation course and a daily advisory service. The foundation course is a fully narrated, richly illustrated video course designed to teach you step-by-step how to trade the FST methods. With a total running time of 631 minutes (over 10.5 hours), all aspects of this practical trading method are explained clearly and comprehensively, providing you the foundation to become an expert-level Swing Trader as quickly as you can roll up your shirtsleeves to master the content. (For those not completely familiar with ‘Swing Trading’, please see the FAQ section).

he 13 individual modules comprising the foundation course are listed below. Simply click the links below for a brief 5-minute video preview from each of the 13 modules:

Module 1 – Introductory Overview
Module 2 – Personal Organization: Tools You Need
Module 3 – Trading System Overview
Module 4 – Step 1: Determine The Tradable Trend
Module 5 – Step 2: Hunt For A 4hr Corrective Setup
Module 6 – Step 3: Follow The 4hr Correction To Completion
Module 7 – Step 4: Assess Reward/Risk Potential
Module 8 – Step 5: Enter The Trade
Module 9 – Step 6: Seek A Late Entry Setup If Required
Module 10 – Step 7: Remove Risk From The Trade
Module 11 – Step 8: Assess Trade Results
Module 12 – Adapting The Paradigm To Other Trading Styles
Module 13 – Ten Sample Swing Trade Setups



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