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Are you really serious about becoming a professional trader?
Do you want to achieve your trading goals in a matter of months?
Would you like the chance to trade clients’ money and share in the profits?
Yes? Then our Global Macro Pro Trading Course is perfect for you.


If you are so close to trading success that you can almost “smell” it; or if you’re serious about giving up your day job or securing your retirement fund, this course will let you do these things by teaching you to trade properly.

In order to trade successfully, you need to start treating trading like a business. At the end of the day, if you treat trading like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.

No matter whether you’re a complete trading rookie who’s just watched 90% of your account disappear in less than 90 days and are on the verge of giving up; or if you’re a reasonably successful retail trader, this Global Macro Pro Trading Course is the perfect solution you.

If you truly want to become a successful, professional trader, this course will give you the tools and the strategy to make that happen, as well as the potential to trade our clients’ funds.


If you’re really serious about becoming a professional trader then combining a global macro approach with our proprietary, technical trading software and systems is the best way to succeed. As anyone who has traded only from technical charts will tell you, technical trading gets tougher every day due to the effect of global government manipulation.

Global macro and technical trading are like two sides of the same coin. If you only trade one, you only have half the chance to succeed. Trade both and your probability of winning increases exponentially. By choosing our Global Macro Pro Trading Course you get a complete step-by-step guide to becoming a professional level trader in a matter of months. What’s more, you’ll learn directly from hands-on, professional, successful traders.

But that’s not all. A small number of successful graduates on this course will get the unique opportunity to trade our clients’ money and share in the profits they make. This opportunity is what truly sets this course apart from others you’ll find anywhere else. So, if your dream is to trade million dollar funds; this course could be your key to getting there.


It’s a broadly accepted fact that traders face more or less 5 different phases on their route to success, with around 95% dropping out along the way.

Starting out, most don’t even know what they don’t know and make blind bets as they would when buying a lottery ticket. That’s scary, but thankfully, for the majority, this phase doesn’t last too long. Many drop out at this stage, but for the ones who carry on, there’s an even more worrying phase ahead.

At the second phase, rookie traders enter the zone where they know that to succeed they need some knowledge. In order to get that knowledge they go and seek out all the free and low cost information, advice and tools they can get their hands on.

Thereafter they start to develop the extremely dangerous “I now know what I’m doing attitude”. This phase can last up to 3 years, often costs them an awful lot in losses and thankfully drives a huge number to drop out before they lose the shirt on their back.


Levels 3 and 4 are the phases when the ones who are either serious enough or stubborn enough reach a Eureka moment. This is when the intelligent ones realize that trading is a game of probability and only by following a logical and proven system will they succeed. At this point, most retail traders latch on to a technical trading system and get a faint smell of success. After a 6-month period they’ll commonly only be breaking even, but they’ll be feeling less stressed and a bit more confident about what they’re doing. What these traders often don’t realize is that with technical trading they’re only seeing one side of a highly complex coin, and in order to make meaningful gains they need more than a technical view.

Level 5 is where the élite go into overdrive and start to develop the trader’s intuition and edge that will elevate them to professional trader status at some point in the future. Our Global Macro Pro Trading Course promises to fast track you to level 5, but not only that. If you’re one of the people who reaches this phase and are truly at the top of your game, the Fotis Trading Academy will give you the chance to trade our clients’ money. And it’s this opportunity to trade our clients’ funds that make this training opportunity pretty much unique in trading circles.

So, if you’re serious about joining an élite band of traders and want the ability to make a million dollar salary, read on.


Like all the Trading Solutions on offer at the Fotis Trading Academy, it’s our team of experienced, professional and highly successful traders that delivers our Global Macro Pro Trading course. Led by the Fotis Trading Academy Managing Partners, Fotis Papatheofanous MBA and Marc Walton, our training team truly is second to none. When it comes to getting to the top of your trading game, you couldn’t have a better team behind you.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that this all sounds great, but surely learning all these skills must take a very long time. With the Fotis Trading Academy, that isn’t the case.

The entire Global Macro Pro Trading Course is delivered over an 8 to 10 week cycle and comprises videos, written content, webinars and small group work as well as live training sessions with the Managing Partners. That said, if you have less time to commit to the training or you want to take it at your own pace, that’s possible too. So, no matter whether you want to cram your training into a short period or take your time; we have it covered.

If you’re ready to secure your trading future, this Global Macro Pro Trading Course is for you.


You get all of this for the incredibly low price of $3495.00.

If you’re truly serious about your trading future, you really can’t afford to miss this opportunity.


When you successfully combine Global Macro Trading with Technical Trading, you’ll become one of the élite traders around the globe. This is exactly what our Global Macro Pro Trading Course lets you do.

This Global Macro Pro Trading Course is neatly divided into weekly segments that let you work at your own pace. And if you’re a complete beginner or haven’t traded for a while, you’ll also benefit from our complete Technical Trading Course. Right from Day 1, you’ll have access to over 100 hours of webinars; live training sessions and historic Weekly Team Meetings. This huge library of material is an excellent educational resource on its own.

In the early stages of this course you will submit homework to a mentor and after only 8 weeks you will start to trade a demo or small live account that we will monitor with you in real time. We’ll ask you to submit your trading plan at the start of the week and your trading journal results at the end so we can see where you’re doing well and where you need help. This hands-on support is colossal in terms of the progress you’ll make right from the start. This approach emulates the structured and disciplined environment in which professional traders train and sets you off on a professional path from day 1.

As an added bonus for this course, students get a complete Options Trading Course, including trading software and a live data feed (usually the feed costs $100’s per month). Once you have mastered Global Macro fundamentals you’ll be able to trade any market. This approach to trading is less stressful, works over a longer time frame and lets you know exactly how much you can lose (max) at the beginning as well as giving you an unlimited upside.

But more than this, it’s the people at the Fotis Trading Academy that really sets us apart. From the beginning you’ll be assigned a mentor to guide you through the early stages of the course, so you need never feel alone. And on a weekly basis you’ll get access to our Weekly Investment Committee Meetings and at least oneLive Training Session.

Our Weekly Investment Committee Meetings are where Fotis and Marc deliver their analysis and trade plan for the week ahead. When you come to the meeting, you’ll get the chance to ask as many questions as you want. This opportunity to have direct access to a team of successful, working fund managers is almost unheard of (and many students tell us is worth the membership fee on its own!). And if for any reason you can’t join the meeting, you get access to a recording.

During the Live Training Sessions you’ll get global macro, technical analyses and trading ideas directly from Fotis and Marc. And once again, you’ll get the chance to ask as many questions as you like as well as access to a recording if for any reason you can’t attend the session.

Add to this the access you’ll get to our Members Only Community where you can interact with other students and mentors who have already completed the courses and you start to see what a great opportunity this really is.

If you’re determined to trade like a pro, this Global Macro Pro Trading Course is for you.


If you are really serious about becoming a professional trader and want to achieve your goal in a matter of months, our Global Macro Pro Trading Course is definitely for you. Not only will this course fast track you to having the edge and intuition that all professional traders have, it’ll also give a small number of you the chance to earn huge income from trading our clients’ funds. This course is for you if you want to:

  • Really understand and learn to anticipate what is currently driving prices.
  • Learn strategies and techniques that you’ll be able to use to trade forex, options, futures, CFDs and a whole lot more.
  • Find out how to increase your win ratio, reduce your losses and stay in trades longer to earn bigger profits.
  • Plan your trades like a professional, by using economic catalysts as well as technical strategies to pinpoint your entries, exits and stops.
  • Expand your knowledge and understanding of the impact that global economic, political and financial events have on all tradable markets.
  • Get the chance to trade million dollar funds for our clients.

It’s a funny thing to say, but if at this stage you’re still not sure, try asking yourself the question: “what would I invest in my training if I knew there was a million dollars a year job at the end of it?”. Yes, that focuses the mind, doesn’t it?

No matter whether you’re new to trading or have been struggling for years, if want all of these things (and a whole lot more), our Global Macro Pro Trading Course is for you.



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