[DOWNLOAD] The G7FX Foundation Course {7.4GB}

[DOWNLOAD] The G7FX Foundation Course
I setup G7FX so I could change that. My ultimate vision was to bring the exact same training programme offered by the very best institutions in the world, directly to you.

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FROM: Nirav (NV)Thank you for exploring what G7FX has to offer you. When I left the City to become a private trader I was shocked at the complete lack of quality trading education available in the Retail Sector.The incentives of traditional retail brokers, educators, signal services and so on in this sector appear to be totally skewed in their favour. To make money from you in any way possible and provide very little, if any, value in return.This is why a lot of people who have taken retail trading courses in the past have failed to successfully make a profitable career for themselves. For many, it’s not their fault, because the information provided by the ‘experts’ out there, is the complete opposite of what the professionals are doing…I setup G7FX so I could change that. My ultimate vision was to bring the exact same training programme offered by the very best institutions in the world, directly to you.Trading profitably is extremely hard no doubt, and a lot of people give up before they make a success of it. However, the rewards for those who persevere and seek out the correct knowledge are huge, both financially, and with the lifestyle choices, it can provide. Not to mention the growth, confidence and security that comes from taking control of your income!I truly believe that if you are serious about trading you should be offered the exact same opportunity the very best traders in the world were given when they started their careers.To give you some background about myself, I spent several years working at Barclays Investment Bank, one of the largest FX market makers in the world. In my time on the desk there, we controlled about 10% of the entire global foreign exchange market ($3-5 trillion). I then went on to be hired by a very successful proprietary trading firm.Since leaving the City I have been a consistently profitable private trader covering many markets. I now enjoy working from my home office. Trading has enabled me to provide for myself and my family while making the choices I want in my life. For this, I’m extremely proud and grateful! I want to share that same knowledge that I’ve learnt with you through G7FX.

My point is this…

I have received the very best training possible from two large institutional firms and have a proven track record of successful trading. I think this matters a lot; because that is what is reflected in the training I provide you in the courses.

I am certain whenever you pay for any service you expect the best and make sure the person is well qualified to do the job. Yet in retail trading people seem all too willing to hand over money to those with very little qualifications or true evidence of success.Given my expertise and track record in this field and the incredibly positive feedback we have received from those that have taken our courses, I think we have earned the right to say you will not find any training remotely close to what we offer.


It doesn’t matter what your background is or if you want to do this full or part-time. I truly believe anyone can succeed given the right start and opportunity (G7FX’s job), combined with a lot of effort on their end (Your job).Our courses are tailored to all levels of traders and the foundation course starts from the very basics. This will give you the confidence that comes with following a proven system.As many of you that have interacted with me on social media or in my Discord channel will know, I am incredibly approachable and always willing to make time for any questions from all levels of traders. That ethos is reflected in the way I have put together the Courses.I wish you the very best in your trading career whatever path you choose. Just make sure you give yourself the best opportunity of success that you deserve!Any questions no matter how small please feel free to reach out to me directly!NV

Our Courses

Foundation Course

(The Pro & Foundation Courses Are Included With Your Purchase)

Plus Free custom DOM worth £1000+

Get Started TodayI set this Course up to replicate exactly what you would be doing if you walked into a world class trading firm on Day 1.Traditional Retail education has it all wrong. Forget about learning how to buy and sell and jumping straight on to the charts. Nonsense. That’s not the path to success in this game.First, we spend time together building a detailed business plan and timetable. This involves exploring different institutions and ensuring we align ourselves with the correct type of training, the order, and how and when you will be doing it so as to maximise your chances of success.We then move on to stripping the chart apart entirely and looking at the raw data that drives markets! In fact, in the entire Foundation Course we barely open a chart and focus entirely on supply and demand, real buying and selling.You will be shown from scratch how to read institutional order flow on a DOM, given practical exercises to do which will all solidify your understanding of volume profile, footprint and other advanced techniques we explore in the Pro Course.If you were to try and purchase a professional DOM you would spend well over a £1000. I have custom built one for you and provide this free with a comprehensive module on exactly how to set everything up on the same platform I use, Sierra Chart.The aim is not to be able to trade off a DOM, when we start the Pro Course we move away from it. The aim is to give you a solid background in what drives every single tool in the marketplace before we start to use them on charts.The foundation course should take you a minimum 3 months depending on your schedule and will replicate exactly your first 3 months at a professional trading firm.There is no time limit and I highly recommend spending as long as necessary to build a solid base to work off when you eventually move to the Pro Course.

Foundation Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Your Career Path: Business Plan

  • 1.1 Intro (16:52)
  • 1.2 Major Players (27:12)
  • 1.3 Prop Firm (22:29)
  • 1.4 Futures vs Standard Forex (24:14)
  • 1.5 Conclusion (06:19)
  • ​1.6 Trading Timetable (07:24)

Module 2: Raw Data: Time and Sales

  • 2.1 Intro (12:11)
  • 2.2 T&S (08:46)
  • 2.3 T&S Live Example (23:35)
  • 2.4 Conclusion (13:05)

Module 3: Why Does Price Move?

  • 3.1 Intro (22:13)
  • 3.2 DOM Live Example Part 1 (01:20:48)
  • 3.3 DOM Live Example Part 2 (01:35:37)

Module 4: Foundation Course Summary

  • 4.1 Foundation Course Summary and Next Steps (29:38)
  • ​4.2 Foundation Course Exercises (16:03)
  • 4.3 Video A) Task 1 Placing Trades (56:45)
  • ​4.4 Video B) + C) Task 2 + 3 Supply Side Games and Absorption (50:19)
  • ​4.5 Video D) Task 4 Intro to AMT and Trading around Profile (45:54)
  • 4.6 Video D) Task 4 Real DOM Trade Example (1:04:14)
  • 4.7 Video E) Task 5 Real DOM Trade around FX Discord Levels (1:18:28)

Module 5 – Sierra Chart Foundation Course Chartbook and Instructions

  • 5.1 Introduction to Futures Platforms (33:57)
  • 5.2 Sierra Chart and Chartbook Installation (41:07)
  • 5.3 Sierra Chart Futures Codes Clarification (23:20)

Tools & Downloads

  • G7FX FOUNDATION DOM (Worth £1000+)

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Pro Course

(The Pro & Foundation Courses Are Included With Your Purchase)

Plus Free custom Footprint worth £1,250+Get Started TodayAfter 3-6 months at a professional trading firm, you will typically be introduced to more advanced volume analysis. So we do the same and follow that same timetabling.I went through this exact process myself many years ago so am best placed to guide you as you work your way through the footprint, volume profile and ultimately the VWAP in the Pro Course.All this is done on charts as we move away from the DOM. However, as you will have spent several months learning raw price data in the Foundation Course your understanding of these tools we now use exclusively on charts should by now be up there with the very best institutional traders in the world.As with the DOM, if you were to try and purchase a footprint you would be paying £1,250 minimum. I have custom built a professional footprint better than anything in the open marketplace and am happy to provide it to you completely free in the Pro course.I provide these tools to you for free because when I said I believe everyone should be given the same opportunity the very best traders in the world were given when they started their careers; I meant it.We finish the Pro Course by developing edge and getting you on the simulator. Again, this is exactly how a professional firm operates. The Pro Course should take about 3 months, again depending on your schedule. Any questions, let me know.

Pro Course Curriculum:

Introduction To The Pro Course

  • 1.1 Introduction To The Pro Course (41:33)
  • 1.2 Reality Check (Compulsory Viewing) (57:00)

Tools & Downloads

  • G7FX PRO FOOTPRINT (Worth £1250+)
  • ​G7FX Trading Firm Hierarchy (PDF)
  • ​​G7FX Value Expectations Frame work (PDF)
  • ​G7FX VWAP Trade Plan (PDF)
  • ​G7FX CD Order Flow Table (PDF)

Stage 1: Context (AMT)

  • 1.1 AMT 1 (Intro) (1:48:21)
  • 1.2 AMT 2 (Supply Side Dominance) (1:34:24)
  • 1.3 AMT 3 (Balance vs Imbalance) (1:48:33)
  • ​​1.4 AMT 4 (Measuring Probability) (2:21:10)
  • 1.5 ​Market/Volume Profile Part 1 (2:35:26)
  • ​1.6 Market/Volume Profile Part 2 (Task 1) (2:37:09)
  • 1.7 Market/Volume Profile Part 3 (Task 2) (3:15:14)
  • ​G7FX Stage 1 Profile Chartbook

Stage 2: Hypothesis Building (VWAP & Profile)

  • 2.1 Intro To VWAP (1:45:36)
  • 2.2 VWAP Practical – Part 1 (1:24:11)
  • 2.3 VWAP Practical – Part 2 (Task 3) (1:40:52)
  • 2.4 Static Vs Dynamic Value Part 1 (1:37:21)
  • 2.5 How I Enter & Exit (35:29)
  • 2.6 Static Vs Dynamic Value Part 2 (Task 4) (1:57:17)
  • ​2.7 Value Migration & Live Trading Examples (Task 6) (2:28:32)
  • G7FX Stage 2 VWAP AND Profile Chartbook

Stage 3: Orderflow (Footprint & CD)

  • 3.1 Intro to Cumulative Delta (1:10:08)
  • 3.2 Cumulative Delta Practical (Task 5) (2:10:22)
  • ​3.3 Intro to Footprint (7:22)
  • ​3.4 Footprint Basics (33:00)
  • ​3.5 Further Footprint Example (23:21)
  • 3.6 Time Vs Non Time Based Charts (1:14:05)
  • 3.7 Understanding Delta Stats (1:03:38)
  • 3.8 ​Installation & What To Look For (50:09)
  • ​3.9 Footprint Live Example (1:16:06)

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G7FX Members Only Blog & Support

(Get Access When You Sign Up For The G7FX Training Courses)

Get Started TodayIt is normal you will have questions and require support as you progress and it is very important to me that you feel confident you always have the facility to ask anytime something comes up.I recognise if I just left you to do a course with no help I would be doing you a massive disservice and it also doesn’t sit well with me, that’s why I provide all the support I do.You can reach out to the dedicated G7FX Members Only support anytime for your questions to be answered related to the course and help will be provided, no matter how small the question.Finally I have an exclusive G7FX Members Only blog where you will be able to continue your education with material that supplements the main course.

Members Only Blog & Support Details:

G7FX Members Only Blog:

  • Get exclusive access to the Members Only Blog
  • ​Additional educational content added regularly
  • ​See trading reports from other members
  • Important supplement to the Main Course

G7FX Members Only Support:

  • Direct Support Access for Members Only
  • All course related/technical queries answered
  • ​​The best Support in the industry
  • ​Crucial to progression

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes you different?

As far as I am aware I am the only trading educator in the world with a solid institutional background that is able to provide 100% independently verified evidence I do this for a living. If that wasn’t enough I also have a 10 year + record of working at one of the largest investment banks in the world followed by time spent working at one of the world’s biggest Proprietary trading firms. I have spent the last 4-5 years trading full time for a living from my home office.I have noticed how poor the trading education is in the retail sector and I feel strongly that I should offer those that are serious about making a career in trading a proper high quality alternative. Namely, the exact same training I received at 2 globally renowned firms.Yes there is a charge for the training but I am sure you will agree that for the experience, transparency and quality of information I bring it is, relatively speaking anyway, incredibly inexpensive. I do this intentionally because a) I make good money from trading anyway and more importantly b) I want to give everyone a chance to do this without having to pay thousands, which is what most people pay for worthless information in the retail education sector.

I don’t understand any institutional trading/have very little trading experience. Will I struggle?

Absolutely not. Virtually every customer I have has come from a retail background or had very little trading experience and had never even heard of any of the institutional approaches I teach. This is confirmed by many in the multiple 5-star independent Trustpilot reviews.

The reason I split the courses out into a Foundation and Pro course is because I assume you have absolutely zero knowledge of any professional trading and I build it up incredibly slowly from the ground up. To repeat, I assume no prior knowledge. Sometimes it is better to approach this with a clean slate with no trading knowledge at all.

Do I need to be in front of my screen all day?

Absolutely not. I trade about 2 hours per day in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. However it is totally unnecessary to trade both sessions. About 2 hours per day is PLENTY.What is important is to be able to check the markets now and again during the period you choose to be active. That doesn’t mean staring at the market going up and down. Watch it just enough so you can check on your positions in that period. The rest of the time I highly suggest you spend doing other things, be it your main job or even spending time on other things you enjoy. This will keep you fresh for the next day or next session you decide to trade.

When can I do the training, how long do I need to spend on it per day and do I get anytime access to the course?

You can do the training anytime you wish 7 days a week and from any location in the world. The course is provided on a world leading education platform (Thinkific) which is totally independent of my site. You have your own private area with a username and password and can access the material 24/7 fully optimised on a desktop/laptop or mobile phone very easily. This means you can watch the material at any time you want and as many times as you need. Totally unlimited. In fact I actively encourage it.Everyone is different but I would suggest about 1-2 hours a day spent training is plenty. There is a lot of information to absorb, albeit in a very digestible format, so take it easy and work at a slow pace. No rush.

Do you provide support outside of the course or am I left to my own devices?

As you will note from my 5-star independent Trustpilot feedback I provide some of the best continuing support/customer service in any industry, let alone trading, all for free.You can reach out at anytime for your questions to be answered related to the course and help will be provided, no matter how small the question.Finally I have dedicated Members Only support to make sure you get help when you need it if you have any technical issues. All provided free of charge.

Are there other courses I have to pay for on top of the Foundation and Pro?

No – I feel strongly that what an educator provides is everything one should need to know. No further extras down the line. The Foundation and Pro course covers EVERYTHING I was ever taught. I leave nothing on the table and lay it all bare in the full package.I leave all of that upselling to the unscrupulous retail vendors. Everything else on top of the Foundation/Pro package I do for free, as long as it does not impinge on my own private trading.

What markets do you trade?

I trade 3 markets, The S&P 500, Crude Oil and the Pound. It is a broad spectrum covering London and New York trading hours, however I suggest you stick to one or two instruments maximum around what suits you, your lifestyle and your working hours or otherwise.

As forex has very little observable volume/transparency I do highly suggest you trade only markets with observable volume (S&P 500/Crude Oil or similar) whilst you are learning. Professional trading firms operate their training in the exact same way for good reason and it will massively benefit you to do it the same way in the long run.

What timeframes/style do you trade?

On S&P 500 and Crude Oil I very much swing trade the markets taking larger moves than I do in FX. In FX I can tend to be more nimble. That is because as aforementioned the observable volume is extremely sparse in FX. I highly recommend to all my students that they learn to swing trade first in orderly markets where institutional investors are predominantly active (S&P 500/Crude Oil or similar).

Again this is in line with what all professional trading firms are doing and will be a much more relaxed way for you to trade and allow you to take a sizeable part of moves.Intraday swing trading also allows one to easily fit trading around other commitments once the training is finished. Another reason why I focus on teaching this style.

Do I need to have a big account to start the course?

No. The opposite. I am very very strict that when you start this professional course you treat it as a business and empty your broker account (if you have one) and trade with zero money (only simulator) for the entire duration of the course which can take several months. Stop paying for your broker’s holidays, this is a serious endeavour and no institutional firm will ever let you trade any real money until you can prove the business model (trading) works for you.

I take the same approach, I want to build you to the point where you know with a high degree of certainty if you can succeed with very little money having been spent. That’s how any business should be run.

Are you affiliated with any broker?

Strictly no. No educator or service provider should EVER be affiliated with or be earning any commission from any broker when you trade with them. This sort of behaviour from retail educators really gets under my skin. Where is the independence and incentive to act in your best interest?I have ZERO relationship with any broker you are free to use anyone you wish, including any retail broker you are already set up with.

I still have questions, can I speak to you direct?

Yes, I am always very happy to speak to any potential student personally, and encourage it, as long as it is outside of market hours. Send me an email (nv@g7fx.com) and we can schedule a call outside of trading hours!



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