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I set this Course up to replicate exactly what you would be doing if you walked into a world class trading firm on Day 1.

Traditional Retail education has it all wrong. Forget about learning how to buy and sell and jumping straight on to the charts. Nonsense. That’s not the path to success in this game.

First, we spend time together building a detailed business plan and timetable. This involves exploring different institutions and ensuring we align ourselves with the correct type of training, the order, and how and when you will be doing it so as to maximise your chances of success.

We then move on to stripping the chart apart entirely and looking at the raw data that drives markets! In fact, in the entire Foundation Course we barely open a chart and focus entirely on supply and demand, real buying and selling.

You will be shown from scratch how to read institutional order flow on a DOM, given practical exercises to do which will all solidify your understanding of volume profile, footprint and other advanced techniques we explore in the Pro Course.

If you were to try and purchase a professional DOM you would spend well over a £1000. I have custom built one for you and provide this free with a comprehensive module on exactly how to set everything up on the same platform I use, Sierra Chart.

The aim is not to be able to trade off a DOM, when we start the Pro Course we move away from it. The aim is to give you a solid background in what drives every single tool in the marketplace before we start to use them on charts.

The foundation course should take you a minimum 3 months depending on your schedule and will replicate exactly your first 3 months at a professional trading firm.

There is no time limit and I highly recommend spending as long as necessary to build a solid base to work off when you eventually move to the Pro Course.

Module 1: Your Career Path:
Business Plan
  • 1.1 Intro (16:52)
  • 1.2 Major Players (27:12)
  • ​1.3 Prop Firm (22:29)
  • ​1.4 Futures vs Standard Forex (24:14)
  • ​1.5 Conclusion (06:19)
  • ​1.6 Trading Timetable (07:24)
Module 2: Raw Data:
Time and
  • 2.1 Intro (12:11)
  • ​2.2 T&S (08:46)
  • ​2.3 T&S Live Example (23:35)
  • ​2.4 Conclusion (13:05)​
Module 3: Why Does Price Move?
  • 3.1 Intro (22:13)
  • ​3.2 DOM Live Example Part 1 (01:20:48)
  • ​3.3 DOM Live Example Part 2 (01:35:37)
Module 4: Foundation Course Summary
  • 4.1 Foundation Course Summary and Next Steps (29:38)
  • ​4.2 Foundation Course Exercises (16:03)
  • ​4.4 Video B) + C) Task 2 + 3 Supply Side Games and Absorption (50:19)
  • ​4.5 Video D) Task 4 Intro to AMT and Trading around Profile (45:54)
  • ​4.6 Video D) Task 4 Real DOM Trade Example (1:04:14)
  • ​4.7 Video E) Task 5 Real DOM Trade around FX Discord Levels (1:18:28)
  • ​4.3 Video A) Task 1 Placing Trades (56:45)
Module 5: Sierra Chart Foundation
Course Chartbook and Instructions
  • 5.1 Introduction to Futures Platforms (33:57)
  • ​5.2 Sierra Chart and Chartbook Installation (41:07)
  • ​5.3 Sierra Chart Futures Codes Clarification (23:20)



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