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This course is the best one out there. I only wish I had found Gregoire sooner… I was following another education company and purchased their course. With that other educator, the video series were incomplete, there were no sources for any of the data needed, and their mentoring did not…

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4X4 Course

Develop your trading skills with our up-to-date comprehensive education video series and a wealth of downloadable resources. From key concepts to advanced processes, get everything you need to become a successful trader.


Introductionvideo 2


1. 4×4 Process: An introduction to the All-weather Investment Framework.video 3


2. Big 5 Asset Classes: How to Build a Diversified Portfolio that Works in all Market Conditionsvideo 4


3. Real GDP: How to Use our Understanding of Real GDP Trend to Allocate Capital across Regionsvideo 5


4. Historical Returns: How to Put the Odds in our Favour by Understanding the Pastvideo 6


5. Implied Volatility: How to Use Options’ Implied Volatility to Determine Market Expectationvideo 7


6. Introduction to Option Pricing Model (Bonus)video 8


7. Employment Situation: The Relationship between Labour Market Conditions and Inflation

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Meet your instructor

As a Professional Trader/Portfolio Manager/Hedge Fund Manager for almost 20 years, I know that learning how to Trade/Invest is a non-ending learning curve. This adventure is extremely exciting but needs to be ridden carefully.

In January 2018 after receiving many requests, I decided to start my own mentoring activities.

In October 2019, I launched the 4×4 Video Series to help Investors profitably manage their portfolios. By sharing my ideas/experiences and offering education through the 4×4 Video Series, I hope I can help you becoming a better investor.

Gregoire Dupont

Expert Trader & Portfolio Manager



Find out how other students around the globe are learning from our trading courses and how they used the material to develop their skills.

P. (United States)

Gregoire’s mentoring was a complete game changer for me and delivered over and above what I thought it would. Not only am I a better trader, but the things I learned have translated massively into a deeper understanding of finance that has really helped in my career in finance. I…

S. (South Africa)

Firstly I would just like to say thank you for time you spent with me, helping me with my trading and portfolio management. I learnt a lot of useful information, techniques and the ability to go through ideas much faster than I did before your program. You are a good…

R. (United Kingdom)

This course is the best one out there. I only wish I had found Gregoire sooner… I was following another education company and purchased their course. With that other educator, the video series were incomplete, there were no sources for any of the data needed, and their mentoring did not…

The 4×4 Video Series has been built for beginners up to advanced investors. By using a step by step process, the series has been developed to make it useful to everyone. The whole idea is to help investors along their learning curve.

The 4×4 Process could be especially helpful for New Retail Traders who want to access a reliable profitable process and easy to implement; more Experience Traders who have been struggling to consistently make money as they are lagging a real process or professional risk management; subscribers who want to have access to the industry or become professional trader.

As hedge funds and proprietary trading firms are reducing their training programs and universities are offering very theoretical courses, the 4×4 Video Series teach a true actionable process.

The mentoring program is a separate offer from the 4×4 Video Series but could be extremely powerful for people who want to optimize the process or need extra help while trading.

We advise our students to start with the 4×4 video course as it lays a very solid foundation for your online trading education. You can always add mentoring at a later stage or if you already had past experience with trading.

The 4X4 Process Video Series teaches you how to get a strong process for idea generation across asset classes with a core portfolio around stocks. After learning why retail traders are failing, you will understand how to build realistic expectations. The process is built around a strong idea generation based on Fundamental Analysis, both macroeconomic and microeconomic. After learning how to build a watchlist with strong fundamental and detailed ideas, you will learn how to use price action and technical analysis at the end of the process. Finally, several videos and spreadsheets are provided for adopting risk management, like professional hedge fund managers.

All subjects have one central goal: to build an easy-to-use process that enables you to generate strong ideas.

The 4X4 Process Video Series teaches you how to consistently make money. That has nothing to do with positive returns for a short period of time and then losing it all. Over the last twenty years, Dupont has been trading across different asset classes, regions and timeframes within a professional mandate. The 4X4 Process is about getting a fundamental process, both macro and micro, overlaid with an active portfolio management. Technical analysis, price action and strict risk management would complete this fundamental process.

As you will learn throughout the videos, being consistently profitable requires having a process with strong risk management. Concepts such as useless leverage or concentration are not discussed, but rather diversification and realistic returns.



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