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IncomeMAX Spreads & Strangles Class : Options Trading Systems

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Gain an edge by using our proprietary and advanced trading strategies. Mix different strategies for a winning trade

Income MAX Spreads and Straddles

A powerful and consistent monthly income system using Straddles and Strangles. Combines the Base straddle strategy with …. Two products using proprietary methods to create consistent weekly or monthly income using Debit spreads, Credit spreads and Straddles and Strangles. The IncomeMAX systems comprises of two systems – The Spreads system and the Straddles system. Every Options trader trades Debit spreads for directional exposure, and Credit spreads for probability trades. Spreads are therefore a staple trade. But instead of approaching Spreads in an ad-hoc manner, IncomeMAX spreads’ objective is to help traders with taking a methodical approach. Both systems have two key components for generating income on a weekly basis.

Course Details

  • Specific intellectual property for trade design and income generation activity and Risk management techniques and trade management principles.
  • The IncomeMAX Straddles system tries to exploit big volatile moves while tackling the negatives of such an approach at the same time. It also comprises of the two key elements mentioned above.
  • Both systems are simple to understand, and may be ideal for Options traders who are somewhat new to Options at an Intermediate level. Knowledge of Spreads is required however.
  • With proper implementation and trade management principles, which are covered in detail inside the products, both IncomeMAX systems have the potential to produce a weekly income of about 2 to 3% of capital.
  • Both IncomeMAX systems are scalable, from small accounts to larger accounts.
  • And the various adjustment and trade management tactics covered in IncomeMAX can be applied successfully to any number of trades outside of these baskets.



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