[DOWNLOAD] Harmonic Elliott Waves Trading like a PRO {4.65GB}

[DOWNLOAD] Harmonic Elliott Waves Trading like a PRO

Download Files Size: 4.65 GB Value: $199

What you’ll learn

  • A simple profitable Trading System
  • Reliable Micro Setups to Enter trades, set multiple targets and set and adjust protective stop loss orders
  • How to identify a direction of the Main Trend on a higher time frame
  • How to “trade with the trend” in order to increase winning rate
  • How Average Gain-to-Average Loss ratio impacts your overall results
  • How to control and improve Average Gain-to-Average Loss ratio to start making money
  • How to predict termination point of wave 3, the strongest part of rallies and declines
  • What makes a corrective wave 4 the most reliable setup to trade


  • I recommend first to take my introductory video course: “Predict the Market With Harmonic Elliott Wave Analysis”


This Course builds upon a solid foundation laid down by my first video course: “Predict the Market with Harmonic Elliott Wave Analysis: How to Nail Tops and Bottoms in Any Market”. This Course explains how to use Wave Analysis to find high probability short-term and long-term trading setups.

  • The Best Micro Setups: How to Safely Buy Bullish Reversals;
  • The Most Reliable Macro Setups: How to Buy Pullbacks and Benefit from Power of Bigger Trending Moves;
  • Very Detailed Trading Rules: When open a trade, how set a protective stop and multiple exit targets;
  • Extensions that keep stopping pullbacks and rallies;
  • Comparison of Real Life Structures to Textbook Patterns;
  • Comprehensive Guide on Micro Structure of the Strongest Part of the Rally, Wave 3 up;
  • Exclusive Signs of a bottom of corrective wave 4;
  • The final A-B-C push in wave 5 – a reliable repeating pattern the classic EWT is not aware of;

Who this course is for:

  • Stock, Options and Futures Traders who want to start “reading the tape” without any indicators. You will start to understand what the market will do next
  • Portfolio Managers who would like to know when is the right time to add exposure to the overall market, specific sectors or stocks
  • Technical Analysts who lost faith in the classic Elliott Wave theory. This modified version of the Wave Principle will pleasantly surprise you
  • Individual Investors who try to improve their trading results and become more confident in making investment decisions



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