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What you’ll learn

The fundamentals of how options how options work and how to apply them

The 6 factors that affect the Price of Your Option

How to Execute your Buy and Sell Orders

Strats to Mitigate Your Risk

Watch my live trades

Options Trading Strats


Basic Understanding of how to buy and sell a stock


In this course I am going to do my absolute best to help you understand how options work, and help you integrate them into your investirading strategy to improve your returns. I am going to show you several of my live trades, and I am going to walk you through the execution, mindset, and results of each transaction.

By the end of this course you will understand the following:

How Options work

When to use them

The risks of using Options

How to execute the trade

The Types of Options you can purchase

How an option is priced

The Correct Psychology

How to manage your risk

Using Options to hedge a short investment

How I make my options trades

My goal is to provide you a basic understanding of all the different aspects of options and how you may want to implement them into your existing strats.

Who this course is for:

Anybody Interested in learning about options

People that want to lower their trading risk

Anybody that wants to expand trading knowledge

Anybody that could receive options during their career



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