[Download] Introduction to Thinkscript Vol. I, II & III – Simpler Trading {2.3GB}

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Introduction to ThinkScript Vol. I, II & III

Customize your indicators, scan queries, quotes, and data mining using ThinkScript for Thinkorswim.

Complete your ThinkScript training and develop the ability to design and program your own ThinkorSwim tools and indicators.

  • Create Custom Quote scripts for use in watch lists and the Trade Tab
  • Techniques for the Construction of Complex Stock Hacker Scan Queries
  • How a Market Structure Indicator is Built from the Ground Up
  • Data Mining with an Indicator
  • More Advanced Concepts on the Use of Recursive Variables
  • Eric’s step-by-step process for designing and back testing basic trade setups using ThinkScript Strategies

About the Content Providers:

  • About Eric:
    Eric Purdy spent the better part of his adult life turning dead dinosaurs into loud noise as a fighter pilot in the US Navy. Commander Purdy’s twenty year career included tours as a flight instructor, teaching university physics and ethics at the US Naval Academy, and multiple combat deployments in the F/A-18 Hornet.As a retail trader, he cut his teeth during the dot.com bubble era and ultimately found his niche in the fusion of options trading and the creation of unique technical indicators. In 2009, he created the ThinkScripter.com website as the go-to source for thinkorswim coders and traders. He and his wife Belinda live in Texas and have six children deftly skilled in the finer points of mess making.



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