[Download] Lazy Trading Part 3: Set up your automated Trading Journal

Lazy Trading Part 3: Set up your automated Trading Journal

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Build your own Interactive Trading Journal in R Shiny App

What you’ll learn

  • Using version control to track changes
  • Having their own Trading Journal in R Shiny
  • Visual and statistical analysis of performed trades
  • Learn how to get started with R Shiny
  • Automatically Log data from financial asset or Indicators to the file
  • How to write and keep logs of notes in the Trading Journal

This course includes

  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion


  • You should have a background knowledge on Trading and it’s pitfals
  • You want to learn Data Science using Trading
  • PC Windows or VPS Windows
  • R and R-Studio installed
  • Best with 1st, 2nd courses of Lazy Trading Series


About this Course: Set up your Automated Trading Journal

The third part of this series will cover setting up your Trading Journal. At the end of this course we will have our own easy to use Automated Trading Journal containing our strategies, notes with possibility to visually analyse thousands of trades in seconds:

  • Perform visual analysis of all your trading systems in seconds
  • Learn to use R Shiny – useful tool to deploy any data science project
  • Setting up Version Control Project
  • Collect and record data from Financial Asset to the File
  • Get and adapt the code
  • Further customize template
  • Part of our Decision Support System

About the Lazy Trading Courses:

This series of courses is designed to to combine fascinating experience of Algorithmic Trading and at the same time to learn Computer and Data Science! Particular focus is made on building foundation of Decision Support System that can help to automate a lot of boring processes related to Trading.

This project is containing several short courses focused to help you managing your Automated Trading Systems:

  1. Set up your Home Trading Environment
  2. Set up your Trading Strategy Robot
  3. Set up your automated Trading Journal
  4. Statistical Automated Trading Control
  5. Reading News and Sentiment Analysis
  6. Using Artificial Intelligence to detect market status
  7. Building an AI trading system

Update: dedicated R package ‘lazytrade’ was created to facilitate code sharing among different courses

IMPORTANT: all courses will be short focusing to one specific topic. You will not get lost in various sections and deep theoretical explanations. These courses will help you to focus on developing strategies by automating boring but important processes for a trader.

What will you learn apart of trading:

While completing these courses you will learn much more rather than just trading by using provided examples:

  • Learn and practice to use Decision Support System
  • Be organized and systematic using Version Control and Automated Statistical Analysis
  • Learn using R to read, manipulate data and perform Machine Learning including Deep Learning
  • Learn and practice Data Visualization
  • Learn sentiment analysis and web scrapping
  • Learn Shiny to deploy any data project in hours
  • Get productivity hacks
  • Learn to automate your tasks and scheduling them
  • Get expandable examples of MQL4 and R code

What these courses are not:

  • These courses will not teach and explain specific programming concepts in details
  • These courses are not meant to teach basics of Data Science or Trading
  • There is no guarantee on bug free programming


Trading is a risk. This course must not be intended as a financial advice or service. Past results are not guaranteed for the future.Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to be more productive
  • Anyone who want to learn Data Science and Trading at the same time
  • Anyone who want to try Algorithmic Trading but have little time
  • Anyone who like to learn programming Shiny App



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