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[DOWNLOAD] Learn to Trade A Fund

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What you’ll learn

5 different routes you can take to access more capital to trade with

The most efficient way to be trading a fund account of +$1 million in under a year

How to take your trading from a part hobby to a full career

How to earn a full living from your trading profits

Top tips for succeeding as a fund trader


To have taken both our ‘Learn to Trade the News’ & ‘Learn to Trade The Technical’s’ courses


One of our greatest frustrations is seeing talented retail traders not generating the financial returns that their results deserve simply due to the fact that they are undercapitalised. To powerfully illustrate our point, you could be making a hugely impressive +10% capital growth each month but if this is on just a $1000 account size, your financial returns ($100) are tiny and certainly not sufficient enough to live from. Compare that against a trader who has a much larger $100,000 account but who makes half the return (+5% a month). That’s $5000 profit. This is the power of being capitalized right there.

Traditionally the main way for a trader to access investor or company fund capital had been to get a finance related degree at a top University before then applying for a job at a large investment bank. However, over the last decade or two, these kind of opportunities have become more and more scarce and only really available for the few candidates coming out of the very top universities with the top degrees (alongside some useful industry connections).

Thankfully the whole trading world has changed and moved online. This has bought about the rise of technology allowing individuals to start their own funds and companies to seed the most talented retail traders with the kinds of trading capital that they deserve.

The routes that a retail trader can take to access more capital still remain a little grey for many and so we have produced this course to bridge the gap between talented yet under-funded retail traders and the most attractive funding routes available today.

For most retail traders, personal trading account sizes very rarely breach a few thousand dollars and making a profit to live off therefore becomes near impossible. This course however will enlighten you on the routes that talented retail traders can take in order to access trading capital of +$1,000,000. This doesn’t mean that from one day to another you are going to leap from trading $1000 of your own money, to $1 million of investor money, but we will showcase the path to take and the steps to follow in order to do so over . For the very successful, there is potential to move up to a $1m account in under a year!

So wait no more, get stuck into the course and locate the best route for you. With the whole world being turned upside down by the Coronavirus and leaving many exposed, there is no better than now to turn your trading into a career that you control!

Who this course is for:

Talented retail traders looking for ways to become more capitalised

Traders looking to move from part retail trading, to full fund trading

Traders looking to earn their main income from tradingose



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