[DOWNLOAD] Mentoring Program FX220 {2.6GB}

[DOWNLOAD] Mentoring Program FX220

Download Files Size: 2.6 GB Value: $797

Learn a Proven and Simple Approach

To Skyrocket Your Win Rate and Diminish Your Losses Immensly

Struggling with losses? It’s actually quite simple how  you can transform your trading and become Consistently Profitable. With the solid system and education that i provide about the Forex market, You can see amazing results espacially if you already have some basic trading knowledge.

My teachings will cover everything you need to know to trade very successfully

The Fx220 Method is a simple and complete systematic approach that covers all aspects of trading. And that shows you EXACTLY what to look for and what to do step by step from:

  • Identifying The Valid Trading Setups

  • Taking The Most Accurate Ideal Entries

  • To Hitting The Take Profits And Exitting Your Trades.

  • All of that will result in great account growth and consistent Profits/Withdrawals which are our end goal!

Introducing The Fx220 1 on 1 Mentoring Program

The Program that has already helped over 400 students master Forex trading and get astonishing results. It Includes the Fx220 Full Forex Course + Private 1 on 1 Mentoring!

What’s The Course Content?

This is what you are going to learn to become profitable

  • 1The Foundation: Technical Analysis
    • Technical Analysis (Top Down Analysis and Major Key Levels)
  • 2The Foundation: Technical Analysis (Part 2)
  • 3Up or Down? Trend Direction and Market Cycles
  • 4The System: The Fx220 Strategy
  • 5Killer Entries: Highest Probability Setups
  • 6Fundamental Analysis: News Releases and Market Makers
  • 7Consolidation: Trading it The PROPER Way
  • 8High Win Rate: Entry Criteria and Checklist
  • 9Psychology and Mindset: Ultimate Lifetime Success
  • 10Bonus #1: Market Volatility
  • 11Bonus #2: Currency Correlation
  • 12Bonus #3: Mastering Candlestick Patterns
  • 13Bonus #4: Mastering Fibonacci Levels
  • 14Bonus #5: Market Makers and News
  • 15Bonus #6: Support and Resistance Secrets
  • 16Bonus #7: Trade Examples
  • 17Bonus #8: Predicting The News Accurately

How Does The 1 on 1 Mentoring Works?

  • Skype SessionsWe’ll have an individual Skype session to answer all your questions once you finish studying the Fx220 Full Forex Course.

  • Premium Direct AccessYou’ll have direct access to me as your personal mentor across all platforms (Facebook, Email, Skype, Instagram, etc…) For continuous guidance and consulting.

  • Unlimited Lifetime SupportWhere you can ask unlimited amount of questions everyday and get fast responses from me personally for LIFETIME!

Testimonials and Results:

The students who went through the program have transformed drastically from complete beginner unprofitable traders without any trading system or solid knowledge, To accomplished profitable traders in a short period of time. They absolutely loved the training program and all the reviews were 5 stars!



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