[DOWNLOAD] NISM Certification Currency Derivative & Forex {725MB}

[Download] Currency Derivative & Forex (NISM Certification)

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What you’ll learn

  • What are Currency Derivatives
  • Introduction to Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Exchange Rate Arithmetic (Cross Rate)
  • What are Currency Futures
  • Interest Rate Parity Calculation
  • Market Participants in Currency Derivatives
  • Clearing and Settlement Mechanism
  • Future Trading Strategies
  • What are Currency Options
  • Option Trading Strategies


  • This course assumes no prior knowledge and the only thing required is the will to learn


The foreign exchange or Forex market is the largest financial market in the world. It is even larger than the stock market, with a daily trade volume of $5.1 trillion, vs $84 billion for equities worldwide.

Traders and Businessman all around the world use currency futures and options to manage their currency risk and even make huge profits. With this course I will help you to become a part of this massive system and profit from it.

Money is a such a crucial and integrated part of everyone’s life worldwide, yet it is a shame that people know so little about it. But not anymore !!!

This course will be your stepping stone to a life of financial independence. It will spark an interest and you will find new respect for that money in your hand.

People preparing for NISM – Series I – Currency Derivative Exam and NISM – Series XIII – Common Derivative Exam will find this course extremely helpful as the content of this course is in accordance to the syllabus prescribed by NISM itself.

So if you are planning to sit for any of these exam than this course is highly recommended for you. No need to read large books, practice loads of questions and waste your precious time. All you got to do is take this course and you are all set for the exam. I can promise you that after taking this course you will be able to score really well. Not bad for just a few hours of preparation !!!

There are quizzes at the end of every section to help enforce what you have learnt.

After taking this course you will be able to answer :

· Which currency is know as the vehicle currency of the world and why ?

· What are currency derivatives ?

· What are futures and options ?

· How Hedgers use currency futures to manage their Forex risk ?

· What is triangular arbitrage ?

· How is Mark to Market settlement done ?

· What are option Greeks?

· How can you have a trading position with limited risk but unlimited potential of return

If you don’t know the answer to even one of these questions, then this course is for you !

You have arrived to the right place and this course will form the basis for your financial literacy.

It can take a lifetime to be a master at anything but this short course is designed to cut down rubbish and give you everything you need straight away. I aim to consistently upload to this course and improve to give best possible experience.

Don’t be the one to get left behind !

What will you learn

· What is Forex ?

· Exchange Rate Arithmetic (Cross Rate)

· What are financial derivatives and their types ?

· What are currency futures ?

· Interest Rate Parity

· Trading Strategies using currency futures ?

· What are currency options ?

· Trading Strategies using currency options ?

· Peculiarities of Forex trading

What else will you get

· A deep understanding of how the largest financial instrument in the world work

· A friendly, informal community of traders to support you every step of your leaning

· Quiz at end of every section to reinforce and what you have learnt

· Access to new content as soon as it is uploaded

· Personal contact and support from me – ‘Aditya’

· Life time access to course materials

What are the requirements

· Absolutely nothing !!! (We will start from the very basic and in the end you will feel extremely confident about currency derivatives.)

Who is the target audience

· Anyone who wants to start a new career in the field of finance.

· Anyone who wants to learn about the largest financial instrument in the world – Forex

· Anyone preparing for NISM – Series I – Currency Derivative Exam

· Anyone preparing for NISM – Series XIII – Common Derivative Exam

· Anyone who seeks financial independence

Looking forward to helping you on your journey.

“Aditya Bakshi”Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is preparing for NISM – Series – I : Currency Derivatives Certification Examination
  • Anyone who is preparing for NISM – Series – XIII : Common Derivatives Certification Examination
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Foreign Exchange or more specifically Currency Derivatives



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