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  • How To Identify The Same Trade opportunities as me
  • Learn The Forex Patterns That I Use Daily
  • ​Exactly When To Take Profit and Stop Loss
  • ​Proper Risk Management
  • ​Growing Small Account A-Z

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Understand  Chart Mechanics

Weekly Forex Breakdowns

Course curriculum

Section 1

Forex Basics

 What is Forex

 Practice Demo Account

 Players on the Forex Market

 A Forex Chart

 Base & Quoted Currencies

 Bull, Bears & Shorting

  Support & Resistance Trading

 What is Spread

 Ask and Bid Prices

 Quiz 1

Section 2

Forex Acronyms & Jargon

 Pips and Points

 What is a lot

 Forex Leverage

 Equity & Margin

 What is Take Profit

 What is Stop Loss

 Stop Loss 2.0 – MUST WATCH!

 Order Types

 Quiz 2

Section 3

Forex Analysis

 Three main types of Analysis

 Social Media Analysis

 Learning Support and Resistance

 Technical Analysis

 Fundamental Analysis

 Biggest Forex Hype

 Starting Forex All Over

 Quiz 3

Section 4

Fundamental &  Technical Analysis

 Reading the Economic Calendar

 Economic Calendar – REAL Example

 A Sample Strategy For Trading Forex NEWS

 Trading View Charting

 Chart Patterns 101


 Forex Mental Stop Vs Hard Stop

 Quiz 4

Section 5

 Forex Broker & Platform

 How Much To Start Trading Forex With

 Installing MetaTrader 4 & Opening a Demo Account

 Navigating MetaTrader 4 – Part 1

 MetaTrader 4 – Part 2 – Setting Orders

 Forex Robots & Algorithmic Trading

 Cutting Your Trading Loss

Section 6

Calculating Risk the SMART WAY

 Forex Trading Risk Management

 Forex Trading Golden Rule

 How to calculate Pip Value

 Growing your Forex Account

 How I Trade With My KC Indicator

 My Trading Setups I Take With My 2 Best Indicators

  Confirmation When Placing A Trade

  Backside Trading

  Front Side Trading

  Front Side Trading 2.0

Section 7

Success & Money

 5 Keys to Success

 How to calculate Forex Risks and respect a STOP LOSS – LIVE EXAMPLE Losing Trade

 Trading Psychology

 Live Trading 1

 Live Trading 2

 A Trading TOOL That Will Guarantee Help You Make Money

 The Worst Forex Tool – STAY AWAY

 Scaling Out Of Trades Taking Partial Profits

Section 8

Going NXT Level

 My Small Account Challenge Strategy

 How to Trade Forex Major Pairs

 How To Trade the US30 Like a Pro

 Excel Cheat Sheet & Journal

  US30 Chart Zone

  Trade Setup for Trading US30/NAS100

  How I Traded US30 When Trading Small Account 2.0

  Best Charting Time Frame Only

  Set Price Level VS At Price Level

  Scanning The Charts

  Higher Time Frames Concern

  The World Around XAUUSD

  The Sister Trade of US30

  +25 Webinars



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