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Same skill set, different result

The bigger your trading account, the more money you will make from the same return.

Funding companies solve this problem.

💭  What would being funded mean for you?

96% of traders fail funding tests…

The majority do not have a trading strategy that can pass the evaluation targets within the time & risk limits.

…or lose funding within 3 months

Most of those that get lucky and pass the evaluation, quickly lose their account as their lack of edge catches up with them.

Low R:R = FX Death Loop

Inaccurate retail strategies:

  • require a very high win rate
  • force you to take high risk
  • very tough on psychology
  • slow to compound your account

How often do you hit over a 5:1 trade?

This is a minimum target for Photon traders.

Photon is the edge you’ve been missing

Here’s why

🚀 High R:R trades

Replace tired retail strategies with institutional supply & demand methodology to hit 20:1 trades regularly.

⚙️ Mechanical strategy

No guessing, hesitation, doubt, or regret when executing and managing trades.

🗓 Frequent trading opportunities

Eradicate FOMO and poor monthly results from missing the ‘one big trade’ with regular high probability setups.

📈 Daily market analysis

Keep on top of the latest trading opportunities with regular market updates.

🧑‍🎓 Zero To Funded course

Designed for beginner to advanced traders looking for an accelerated route to profitable trading in the forex markets.

🌍 Active community

You’re the average of your 5 closest friends… Tap into a network of highly motivated & likeminded traders.

💎 Insanely high value

Full access membership for less than the price of your daily coffee.

📲 24/7 support

Ask any questions, beginner or advanced, and we will help guide you throughout your trading journey.

You’ll Get Full & Immediate Access To

Zero To Funded Course

✔ Included in your membership

Whether you’re brand new to trading or you have years of experience… this course is designed for you. We’ve structured our content to cater to those who are learning from the ground up and want to progress through to being a funded forex trader utilising institutional supply & demand concepts.

Our entire framework is laid out, step-by-step, in chronological order. There is no filler or fluff. It’s a holistic course designed to show you exactly how to build a highly successful trading business.

9 Modules

66 Immersive Video Lessons

26+ Hours of Step By Step Training

Interactive Chart Exercises + Walkthroughs

Proven Highly Profitable Trading Strategy

The Photon Service

✔ Included in your membership

Save time and speed up your journey to profitable consistency by seeing first hand how a seasoned professional creates watchlists, performs in-depth technical analysis, and capitalises on different market conditions, week in, week out.

  • Weekly Watchlist Breakdowns (every Sunday)
  • Daily Analysis + Markups (every LDN + NY session)
  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls (Fortnightly)
  • Trade Recaps (Weekly)

Trade recaps give you additional exposure to the markets. Learn how to anticipate profitable setups in advance, enter positions with pinpoint precision, and manage them for maximum profit.

Increase your profitability

Expand your knowledge

Reduce your work time

The Trading Floor

✔ Included in your membership

It’s hard to change your life surrounded by the same people. Join an exclusive space on Discord, where members can:

  • share trade ideas
  • request instant feedback
  • chat with other traders

This is where you’ll be able to learn from and network with traders of all ages and experience who are all like-minded, hard-working and inspired individuals – making the path to success that much more attainable.

Ask any questions, beginner or advanced, and we will help guide you throughout your trading journey.

It’s a safe space to grow and learn together, allowing us to have more eyes on the market at all times so that we never miss the big trades of the week. You’ll want to join immediately!

🤔 FAQs

What Does My Photon Membership Include?

When you join Photon on any membership, you’ll get instant access to everything we offer:

✔︎  The Zero To Funded Course
✔︎  The Photon Service
✔︎  The Trading Floor
What Lessons Are Covered In The Course?

There are currently over 60+ lessons, 26 hours of HD video, across 9 modules in the Zero To Funded Trading Course with more being added regularly!

1. 👋  Start Here

  • First Orders Of Business
  • Your Trader Scorecard (4:02)
  • How Much Money Can You Make Trading FX? (12:33)
  • Improving Your Odds Of Success (40:04)
  • Roadmap To Funding (10:50)
  • Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals (22:04)
  • Your Trading Dashboard (Notion) (14:17)
  • Free Lifetime Subscription (15:12)

2. 🍼  Intro To FX

  • What Is Forex Trading? (6:51)
  • Currency Pairs, Quotes & Pips (13:42)
  • How To Make Money Trading Forex (11:49)
  • How To Analyse The FX Market (12:39)

3. 🛡  Risk Management

  • Money Management (15:20)
  • Position Sizing (10:23)
  • Trading The News & Slippage (17:12)
  • Capital Partitioning (9:20)

5. 🏦  Brokers & Charting

  • Setting Up Your Charts [TradingView] (13:02)
  • Choosing The Right Broker (9:15)
  • Trading Costs (13:03)
  • Executing A Trade (15:36)

4. 🎲  Trading An Edge

  • Are You Destined To Fail? (40:09)
  • What Is An Edge? (15:24)
  • Trade Like A Casino (9:08)
  • Developing A Strategy With Positive Expectancy (15:04)
  • £, Pips, Percentage, and R (11:32)
  • The 3 Fatal Trading Sins (26:52)
  • Trading Mental Models (27:04)

6. 📈  Technical Analysis 

  • Intro To The TA Module (14:14)

Market Structure

  • Market Structure Basics 2.0 (55:29)
  • Mechanical Internal Structure & CHoCH (38:01)
  • Mechanical Swing Structure (50:14)
  • Market Structure Basics [Exercise] (19:03)
  • Market Structure Basics [Walkthrough] (47:04)
  • Premium vs Discount (18:32)
  • Premium vs Discount [Walkthrough] (26:48)
  • Multi-Timeframe Market Structure (45:26)
  • Multi-Timeframe Market Structure [Walkthrough] (58:19)
  • Market Structure Meetup (2:29:55)

Institutional Supply & Demand

  • Market Mechanics (24:17)
  • S&D Zone Creation (42:50)
  • S&D Structure Zones (29:55)
  • S&D Structure Zones [Walkthrough] (1:03:51)
  • S&D Flip Zones (34:19)
  • S&D Flip Zones [Walkthrough Pt1] (20:36)
  • S&D Flip Zones [Walkthrough Pt2] (1:03:52)


  • Liquidity Concepts (43:50)
  • Liquidity [Walkthrough EURUSD] (1:05:53)
  • Liquidity [Walkthrough AUDUSD] (29:25)
  • Liquidity [Walkthrough GBPUSD] (1:15:45)

Entries & Management

  • Trade Entries (52:31)
  • Trade Management (34:31)

Putting It All Together

  • Building the HTF Story & POI Selection
  • Trading Against the HTF Trend
  • Trading The M15 Timeframe [Soft4FX Backtest Walkthrough] (2:06:07)

7. 📋  Trading Plan

  • Perfecting Processes (14:00)
  • How To Make Your Strategy Mechanical (29:32)
  • Creating Your Trade Plan (22:08)
  • Trade Plan Template (4:54)
  • Beginner Trading System (47:35)

8. 🧪  Testing

  • The Simulation Game (13:59)
  • Case Studies (27:09)
  • Forward Testing (18:04)
  • Backtesting (11:40)

9. 📊  Journaling

  • Journaling For Improvement (22:51)
  • Trade Journals (13:46)
Is the Photon Membership For Me?

This is NOT for everyone.

I created Photon Trading for one simple purpose:

To help our members become independent consistently profitable traders. 

The course & service provided within are not designed for the masses of people who want to:

❌  Get rich quick

❌  Get rich easy

❌  Get results without effort

❌  Complain & blame

❌  Stay comfortable

❌  Live in mediocrity

In fact, this course may well kick your ass.

When you join Photon Trading, you’re embarking on an epic journey of self-discovery, wealth creation, and personal empowerment. 

The knowledge and skills you will learn and develop in this program may well alter the course of the rest of your life.

So, please only join if you meet the following criteria:

✅  You’ve got the basics handled (food, shelter & clothing)

✅  You’re relatively secure & stable in life (this is not a rescue mission)

✅  You have a true desire to become an independent consistently profitable trader

✅  You’re willing to step out of your comfort zone 

✅  You’re ready to take 100% responsibility for your results (good, bad or other)

✅  You’ll do whatever it takes to succeed

✅  You’re ready to cull whatever holds you back in life

✅  You feel destined for trading mastery 

If this is you and you’re ready to completely transform your life and your trading results, then join us in the community right now, we’d love to serve you 🙋‍♂️

If not? Sorry, this program is not for you 🙅‍♂️

Trading can be a powerful financial tool if you learn right and take it seriously.

We’re building a community comprised of the best traders in the world. If that piques your interest then you’ll fit right in!

Can I Get A Discount For Paying Annually?

Yes! Click here to get 5 months free by paying annually.

The Monthly and Annual memberships offer the exact same service.

The only difference between them is that the Annual membership will save you £489 compared to paying monthly!

Do You Provide A Signal Service?

No, we do not.

For the very simple reason that it attracts the wrong people – those who are looking for very ‘easy’ money and ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes. They don’t realise that in order to be able to follow signals in a profitable manner, you actually need to understand how to trade properly in the first place.

Following trading signals is not a sustainable wealth-building mechanism.

My mission at Photon is to make independent consistently profitable traders. Trading signals are in direct conflict with this.

We do however provide daily trade ideas in areas of interest that we are monitoring. We do this to help you apply the strategy as you learn and gauge your trade ideas against ours.

You will not find execution signals in here though.

How Much Capital Do I Need To Start Trading?

Capital is NOT required to start.

You can begin on demo trading accounts to develop the skill. When you are confident and consistent with our strategy, the capital will be ready and available to you.

Eligible members of the Photon community will have an opportunity to become funded traders by a third-party fund at a separate cost.

Can I Trade This Strategy While Working A 9-5 Job?

Yes. The majority of our members are currently working a 9-5 job and are trading on the side.

Their goal is to make trading their full-time job as well. You’ll fit right in if you’re currently working and trading outside of standard work hours.

You can utilise a ‘set & forget’ approach by trading the higher timeframes with resting limit orders.

We trade every trading session and countless opportunities present each day even if you’re only trading one currency pair.

You’ll have more opportunities than you’ll know what to do with.

Do You Offer 1-1 Coaching?

If you wish to reach your trading goals faster with personalised mentoring and accountability, one-to-one coaching is available to all active Photon members.

It is entirely optional and priced separately from the membership subscription at £149 per coaching session.

What you’ll get:

  • Tailored 1-1 session (typically 60-90 minutes).
  • Get help with whatever you need to take your trading to the next level 🤝
  • We can look at your trading journal, backtesting data, markups, and trade plan to isolate where you can make the biggest leap in your performance.
  • Go deep on specific topics you need further help with.
  • Discuss any repetitive psychological errors that are holding you back and provide practical solutions to overcome those blockages.
  • Hosted via Zoom.
  • The session will be recorded and emailed to you afterward so that you can watch it back over as many times as you need.

Sessions can be booked directly from inside the members dashboard with Matt, the founder and head trader here at Photon.

Is The Course Available In My Country?

Yes it is!

Photon Trading is 100% online. You will be able to access all of the content instantly from a laptop or our phone app from anywhere in the world!

What Currency Is The Photon Membership Charged In?

All prices are in Great British Pounds (GBP). There are no lock-in contracts, and you can cancel at any time. All taxes are included in the fee.



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