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The FOMO is real. Meme stocks, NFTs and metaverses are sweeping investors & traders into a frenzy. Stock and digital currency prices are skyrocketing for seemingly no reason at all. Even newbies are making multi-bagger returns in a matter of weeks.

Are we witnessing the future of money? Or are these just bubbles waiting to burst the fantasies of millionaire hopefuls? Nobody can say for sure. But one thing is certain ─ those who jump onto the bandwagon blindly are going to find their bank accounts burnt… fast.

See, there is a difference between trading and gambling. To play this game right, we need a calculated edge over the market. Strategies to get in safely, bag juicy profits and get out before the candles make a U-turn… without the danger of wiping our accounts overnight.

And that’s what BLACK MARKET 2021 is about.

At this profit-hacking event, you’ll hear from the 7-figure trading minds behind the Piranha Profits® trading school. Seasoned traders who have decoded ways to trade the hype while controlling their risk to a bare minimum. Eagle-eyed investors who have mastered the craft of picking undervalued gems among a sea of worthless “shiny objects”.

Get ready to load your arsenal with priceless market insights, ingenious tactics and off-radar trade ideas for a record-breaking 2022. It’s time to make a killing.

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Who Should Watch

Profiteers assemble. If the idea of growing a fatter trading account excites you, you must catch the encore.

This event is designed for:


who are curious about the hype but want to get started on the right foot


who want to hear the latest stock ideas and high-growth opportunities on our watchlist


who want to learn profitable methods to trading stocks, options and digital currency without over-speculation and risky plays

GET INSTANT ACCESS NOW! For a Limited-Time Only. Encore expires 30 November, 23:59 Pacific Time

“Since learning Adam’s and Alson’s strategies, I’ve achieved +77% returns in 12 months”

Daniel W, Doctor

“I’ve been following Adam since 2018. Using his strategies, YTD I’m up 100%”

Samuel J, Hedge Fund Analyst

“Made a record +86% in 12 months since learning from Adam and Alson”

Eric C., USA

“+82% returns in 6 months using Adam’s and Bang’s trading strategies!”

Gilberto G., USA

Content Highlights

Get ready for 10 hours of no-holds-barred sharing by high-performing market mentors.

No fluff, no nonsense ─ only pure wisdom gathered from over 50 years of combined market experience:

Investment Ideas

Discover high potential stocks for long-term growth

Trade Ideas 

Discover trade setups our mentors are watching

Market Forecast

Hear our mentors’ take on what to look out for in coming months

Panel  Discussion 

Watch pro traders reveal personal trading tips and market insights

Trademark Strategies

Learn secret powerful techniques pro traders use to beat the market

Market Psychology 

Learn the winning mindset of top market performers.

Trader Interviews

Learn from the trading journey of home traders like yourself


Hear our mentors answer burning market questions

GET INSTANT ACCESS NOW! For a Limited-Time Only. Encore expires 30 November, 23:59 Pacific Time

“Adam is a phenomenal speaker and very honest in what he preaches.”

Ben Tsang, Canada

“Adam focuses on trading psychology extensively and this has helped me learn to deal with losses.”

Lex Bouwens, Australia


Into the Minds of 7-Figure Traders:

Riding the Financial Hype Train of 2021 

By Adam Khoo, Bang Pham Van, Alson Chew

From the US market sell-offs, the rise of meme stocks, digital currency’s revival to the China bear market, 2021 was one hell of a ride. With all the hype going on, is it the time to #play or #stayaway? In this thought-provoking chat, hear 3 millionaire trading mentors discuss their hits and misses of the year, their ideas on the latest disruptive financial trends, and their game plan for 2022.

Price Action Manipulation: How to Profit from

Bull & Bear Traps in Digital Currency and Stocks

By Alson Chew

Pump-and-dump, fake signals, unnatural flushes… it’s no secret that markets are heavily rigged. Market Makers have the financial muscle to create false demand-supply… and only trained eyes can detect such price traps hidden in the charts. Let ex prop desk trader Alson Chew show you the sneaky manipulation behind recent digital currency and stock crashes and how to decode entry & exit points before the next price U-turn.

“Zero-Risk” Investing? How to Pick the

Best 1% of Stocks for an Unbreakable Portfolio

By Adam Khoo

Is risk-free investing possible? In the past decade, Adam Khoo has never lost money on a long-term investment and he’s gonna show you how using his trademark VMI™ stock analysis formula. Learn how to pick best-of-breed companies with long-lasting gains and discover Adam’s “rock fortress” portfolio mix that helps your account stay green against financial storms and market pullbacks.

Nimble, Low-Risk and Even Free: My “Hit-and-Run”

Options Tactic for Trading Meme Stocks

By Bang Pham Van

AMC, BBIG, OCGN and more ─ many thrill-seeking traders want to make a quick buck from meme stocks before their inevitable snapback. But did you know there’s a way to trade these erratic high-risk stocks without the danger of getting stuck with worthless shares? Let options trading tactician Bang Pham Van show you his secret “meme-screening” criteria and how to execute “free” trades that pay for themselves.

Trading for a Living: Finding Your Personal

Roadmap for Financial Freedom

By Adam Khoo

How much do you need to make a month to achieve the life of your dreams? More importantly, how can you achieve this through investing & trading? From property dividends, growth investing to stock and options trading, Adam Khoo breaks down what it takes to make consistent income from the markets. Discover various styles and strategies and find the path that suits your lifestyle and risk appetite.

“Achieved my dream return of +81% in 2020”

As an IT professional, I tried many ways to invest but failed. In mid-2018, I got lucky and found Adam online. His simple teaching methods cleared all my doubts and gave me confidence. I achieved my dream return of +81% in 2020. Thank you for all your guidance and support!

Prashant, IT Professional

“+73% returns in 5 months despite being new to trading & investing!”

I opened a brokerage account and started investing and trading in early August 2020. Despite being new to this field, my return after 5 months is +73%. Thank you, Adam and Bang, for sharing your great knowledge!

Sophy P., Cambodia

“My friends and family were skeptical… but now they ask me to manage their money”

Last year during the lockdown, I spent time studying Adam’s strategies. My friends and family were skeptical. I told them I could make at least 15-20% ROI but they said, “That’s only for experienced investors”. Now in 2021, my portfolio is up 30% and they all asked me to manage their money. I’m so thankful I was lucky to discover Adam and learn from him!

Anh Tang, USA

“Up $35K YTD… Now I’m making consistent profits without stress!”

I’ve been trading for years and was making a lot of money, but then I lost almost all my profits. I was just going around in circles… until I started learning from Bang and Adam. Now I’m making consistent profits with confidence, without stress! I can sleep though the night and every day I’m so excited to trade and invest without any fear! This year alone I’m up more than $35K. Learning from you was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Mari N., USA

Black Market Mentors


“The financial markets are where wealth is transferred from the ignorant and emotional to the competent and rational.”

With over 780,000 subscribers and 35 million views on YouTube, Adam Khoo is one of the world’s most followed financial mentors. In April 2020, Adam called the bottom of the pandemic crash and taught his students to stock up on great companies at massive discounts. 5 months later, the US market rebounded to all-time highs, earning Adam USD 1 million in gains.

Backed by 3 decades of market experience, Adam owns multiple 6- to 7-figure investment portfolios. Last year, he outperformed the S&P 500 index by 3 times with +56% annual returns.


By day, he is the senior finance executive at a Fortune 500 company. By night, he is a logic-driven Options tactician who calculates every move with a consistent win rate of 96%.

With over 20 years of live trading experience, this veteran trader has executed more than 15,000 trades. He is the creator of many trademark options trading strategies including the Bull Bang™, SNIPEX™ and Earnings Sniper Spread™ that have earned him over USD 238K in trading profits. Using his risk-controlled, high-ROI tactics, he even doubled a $100K account in just 9 months.


As a former senior proprietary trader at an established boutique firm, Alson traded a proprietary fund and achieved the firm’s Top Trader Award twice in a row. He is the creator of Price Action Manipulation™️, his trademark strategy for trading US equities, digital currency, futures and commodities by decoding Market Maker movements.

Since placing his first digital currency trade in late 2016, Alson’s portfolio has grown over 7500%. In just two years, he grew his account from an initial $40,000 to over $3 million. His best trades and investments include Ripple, Ethereum and Binance token, in which he made over 40 times his initial investment.



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