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Phase 1 Training:

This is the prerequisite stock trading course for all of our education at Cyber Trading University and is a natural progression from our free beginner classes. Phase 1 includes extensive training on trading essentials, and showcases a variety of effective market strategies.In order to make the most money out of your trading experience, you must first have a solid understanding of the basic principles involved. This course delves deeply into these critical matters, such as finding highly tradeable stocks, defining support and resistance levels, determining proper entry and exit points, and interpreting and shadowing the moves of market makers.

You’ll benefit by participating in class discussions where you can ask us questions about a variety of trading situations, and practice using the direct access execution system. These real-life experiences are crucial to your development as a consistently profitable trader.

Phase I Covers: 

  • Stock Market Basics
  • Finding Tradable Stocks
  • Time & Sales
  • ECN Books
  • Shadowing Brokerage Firms
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Technical Analysis
  • and Other Essential Matters.

Phase 2 Training:

Trading is a tough business in which market players often try to deceive other participants in order to make a profit. The good news is that if you know how to spot and avoid these tricks you can use them to your advantage to earn a substantial living.

A large part of Phase II consists of live market demonstrations, so students will witness the lessons they’ve been taught in action, which helps to accelerate the education process.

Students will be given a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the market and the type of knowledge necessary to maximize their earning potential.

Phase II Covers: Scanning for tradable stocks, evaluating a stock for its tradability, locating your entry and exit points, identifying the dominant market makers of a stock, and finding important historical information about the activity of a dominant market maker.

Phase 3 Training:

Enrolled students receive the opportunity to learn from an accomplished, professional trader during market hours. This phase facilitates the process of deeply understanding and implementing the lessons learned in the prior course phases.

Trading is a tough business in which market players often try to deceive other participants in order to make a profit. The good news is that if you know how to spot and avoid these tricks you can use them to your advantage to earn a substantial living.

Fausto Pugliese allows you to watch him in action during the trading day, sharing his live trading screens and narrating his thoughts as he navigates in and out of the market. It’s as if you’re in the driver’s seat with Fausto beside you, giving you direction and advice. You’ll also learn from other top CTU traders.

You’ll witness “market maker traps” in real-time, and see the tricks market makers employ to conceal their agenda and fool the public. Fausto uses these moments to continue to demonstrate more ways of “springing the trap,” and uncovering these hidden dangers before the market maker snares you.

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Cyber Trading University teaches students how to find the highest reward, lowest risk stocks to trade and teaches how to cut losses to a very minimum if a trade doesn’t work out. Through rigorous risk controls and money management, our students have a much greater shot at becoming consistently profitable.

Hear from our valued students:

“CTU is amazing, how you can make more money in a week in 1 minute. It takes time because there is a lot to learn, but experience and persistence will make you very successful. I was trading 500 shares for awhile, now up to 1500s and it’s becoming much easier making money”
Ken T.
Diamond Student

“I have been taking Fausto’s classes and watching the recordings. I quit my job so daytrading is my job now and by applying what I have learned I have exceeded my monthly goal of 10k per month or $500 per day. I had some losing days, but I did not let it discourage me. Instead, I listened to more of Fausto’s teachings. Each day I analyze my trades why I got in and why I got out. You guys are a breath of fresh air and your teachings are impeccable. I encourage my friends to take Fausto’s course but many don’t want to pay the money but I encourage them to and will keep encouraging them to. Since I quit my job I have more time with my family, I am focusing more on my health and constantly educating myself. I just wanted to let you and everyone at CTU know how much I appreciated the help. You guys rock!!!!”
Platinum Student

“Your staff is always very helpful with any situation I call them about. And a note here should be, that, in today’s world, that is a gift to any caller to CTU whether they realize it or not. In plain English, you have a great staff and organization. My interest in CTU will remain constant because I understand that there is no other stock trading course as honest and down to earth as yours.”
Tony T.
Gold Student

Our educational programs cater to both novice and experienced market participants in all areas.

Cyber Trading University hosts a wide variety of on-site and online trading courses for everyone from beginners to experts, including comprehensive stock market trading programs. Since 1995, we have been teaching aspiring traders how to profit in volatile market conditions and manage their risk and rewards. Our mission is to help traders and investors who wish to learn how to successfully apply the same tools and techniques used by Wall Street professionals.Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.By keeping our class sizes small, offering live demonstrations during market hours and insisting that our instructors be prolific traders with outstanding teaching skills, our students receive the type of education that accelerates the learning process and gives them the best opportunity to be profitable in the markets.



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