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RockFX Academy course

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Throughout my years of trading I faced many obstacles and have had to deal with many setbacks. I have had to face many of the common issues that a lot of traders go through. I have learnt to hone in over the last 6 years, on the most common issues that we as traders face. This became evident to me after consistently applying myself and overcoming numerous obstacles. Unfortunately I was too proud in the beginning to look for support from mentors, I would spend countless days and nights reading books, watching YouTube, and blowing accounts. My ultimate aim is to take all my years of experience and help traders come to a better understanding of the process in a simplified yet systematic approach.

Why Learn with RockzFX Academy

I created the RockzFX Academy to help traders learn a proven strategy, to eliminate bad habits and help Identify common issues. I give every member of the RockFX Academy as much time as time allows me to answer your questions, analyse your results wins or loses, help you adjust your mindset and build stepping stones to help you become the best trader you can be. I am not just a mentor, but also a friend. If you are truly ready to take your trading to a new level, then you have come to the right place.

Our Vision

We believe trading is a way out for those willing to work hard. I believe if you apply yourself and make it simple, then this is an opportunity you cannot overlook. The RockzFX Academy has been made easy to master and can be used within the Forex market. This is truly unique because we believe it’s the process that makes the difference and not whether you have hundreds or thousands to start with. Each and every student has adopted and embraced the RockzFX mindset with a simple approach to the markets, focusing on market structure and price action. The RockzFX way of teaching will show you how to truly maximise your trading results and eventually leads you to the results you been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

The course contains 6 video lessons plus a bonus video on risk management. You also get access to live simulation sessions where I teach my students  how to use the RockzFX system in real time.

How long do I have access to the Lesson Library?

For as long as you are part of the RockzFX Academy, its your choice.

Refund Policy

There is a STRICT NO REFUND POLICY. Please make sure this is what your looking for before joining the RockzFX Academy. Any questions you have send us a message before you join.

What if I have questions or problems?

All students have access to our private SLACK community where they can ask all the questions they need. My team and I are active in the group chats daily.

Suitable For All Levels Of Traders Beginners, Intermediate, Experts

My ULTIMATE aim is to take traders from all backgrounds and help them reconstruct a POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE approach to trading. I work with members of the RockzFX Community WEEK AFTER WEEK. If you are truly willing to apply yourself and have a passion for Forex I CAN HELP YOU take your trading to a new level!

What our students have to say?

Who is Rockz?

I have been trading a little over 6 years. I am a self-taught trader. Been through the roughs from hyper scalping to end of day trading, swing trading, binary options and now day trading. To now consistently making profits in a systematic and disciplined approach. I have a very unique approach to the markets where I focus on mastering the art of identifying market structure at the highest level to enable me to have an edge when it comes to entries and trade management. I believe in minimising losses and maximising profits. I am a mentor and a business owner. I do this because time is valuable. My passion is teaching and helping others who may face the same issues I did when I started. I take traders from all backgrounds and strip everything they know back to basics and build a systematic and consistent approach to trading in the Forex  markets.

Consistent Growth Is Our Core Focus

RockzFX Community Chat

You Will Get 24/7 Access To The Private Community, Direct Access to Rockz + My Mentors, Join Worldwide traders At All Levels

Live Trading

Watch Me Trade Live, Daily Setups, Ask Questions, Review Students Charts, Join In On Daily Discussions

Training Material

Learn Everything You Need To Know To Master My Strategies, Become A Naked Trader, And Take Advantage Of an Advanced Level Of Technical Analysis

  • The RockzFX 5 Day Course
  • Daily Trade Setups
  • RockzFX Bonus Content
  • Daily Market Breakdown (Daily)
  • Market Review (Daily)
  • Live Session Reviews (Daily)
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Thursday Simulation Session (Live)
  • Private Community
  • Weekly Video Content
  • Active Community
  • Members From 20 Different Countries
  • Access to Live & Pre Recorded Content
  • Ask Me Questions (Free)
  • & Much More



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