[DOWNLOAD] RSI technical indicator in a new light {1MB}

[DOWNLOAD] RSI technical indicator in a new light

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What you’ll learn

  • students will get an idea about the RSI indicator and using it on day trading


  • Basics of technical analysis and basics of stock market is necessary


I want to get  2 to 5 percent return from my investment. Is it possible daily?

Well, there is only thing that I can say to you!

Stop believing the stuff on TV. The popular news sites never give you the right information, they want to increase their returns. The tips and stuff they provide never work because you are your own master. I can only give you some guidance and you will have to learn and earn. You should have a plan and why are following other’s plan.

Follow the basics , that’s more than enough

The old systems of technical analysis is valid and do the chart reading. Look where the volumes are higher, they repeat. The actions of the past and present are the learning steps for the future chart pattern

What am i going to teach you today?

Using RSI , EMA and Stochastics

I will give you the simplest way to trade using these values or technical indicators. You can use it on day trading or use it within a week time ( Weekly short term traders)

Enroll this course today !!Who this course is for:

  • technical analysts, traders, investors, software engineers



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