[DOWNLOAD] Run Your Trading Robot on a VPS| 5.83GB

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What you’ll learn

  • How to host trading code on a Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • How to host trading code on a Raspberry Pi


  • To have some code to host (for example the code from our Crypto Algorithmic Trading Course)


In this course you will learn how to host your Trading Code/Algorithm on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a Raspberry Pi. This way your trading code will run 24/7 with absolutely no interruption. This is an essential part in algorithmic trading as it will reduce your risk and increase your uptime.

You can either use a VPS for as little as 5$/month.

Or use a Raspberry Pi (will cost you 40$, but is a one time purchase).

We cover the benefits and disadvantages of using each method so you can decide which option is the best for you.

We then cover how to host your code in a step-by-step way on both the VPS and Raspberry Pi. We do this by hosting code from our course “Algorithmic Trading: Backtest, Optimize & Automate in Python”, which uses the Open Source project called freqtrade. We show exactly how to host that code, but if you have any other code, you can follow the same process to do so.

After doing this course you will be an expert in hosting your code.

See you in the course!Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to host your trading code so it runs 24/7
  • Anyone who has taken our Crypto Algorithmic Trading Course that wants to host their code



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