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Most traders struggle when day trading futures because they miss the ‘Strike Zone’ or get caught by fake moves that are computer-generated.

Without simple repeatable setups and precise formulaic entries, they’re unable to limit risk, find trades, and they suffer needless losses instead of reaping big consistent intraday returns.

Take a look at this overnight gain in NASDAQ…

It’s like knowing where to cover before entering the trade. This strategy opens up many opportunities to target consistent gains, even while you’re sleeping.

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Joe’s secret for 3X returns with “No Brainer Signals”

Day trading futures isn’t easy but, Simpler Trading’s Joe Rokop, proves that it can be simpler with his 15+ year track record. As Managing Director of Commodities and Equities, he’s known for generating gains of 100% to 300% (and more) with his popular Strike Zone Strategy.

Don’t know where or when to enter a trade?

Joe will show exactly where and when. In his class, Joe is revealing exactly how he keeps consistently achieving these results. These are low-risk, high-reward entries that are simple to execute.That’s why it’s possible for traders to get started with a small account.

Plus, you can absolutely follow this strategy around your schedule (no need to stare at the computer). Joe believes that the key to consistent returns is waiting for the market to enter the ‘Strike Zone’.

For example, take a look at this $3.4K overnight gain in the NASDAQ…


In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:

How to properly manage margin requirements and small accounts

 Joe’s “easy to follow” entry signals for consistent gains

How to take advantage of trends in both directions

Joe’s Top 5 “No Brainer Entry Signals” for 100% to 300% returns

A trading plan that fits multiple time frames to fit your schedule

Entry methods in optimal market conditions

Choose The “Strike Zone Strategy” Package You Want

What’s Included:

Strategy Class

(Value $597)

Intro to Futures

(Value Pricess)

2 Days Recorded Pro Live Trading

(Value $300)

3 Days Recorded Elite Live Trading (Value $450)

BONUS: Strike Zone Report
30-day FREE Trial
 (Value $79)

Strike Zone Mastery Quarterly

(Value $397)

Here’s what others say about trading with Joe Rokop’s strategy


“After 5 years in Simpler and being in great rooms, classes, and having those great indicators, your indicators, class, and calls have offered a new insightful dimension and the calls have been great.”


“For anyone that this is your first Simpler class- you started with the right one. (I’ve taken 9)”.

– Matt

“Another FANTASTIC course from Joe!!! Thank you Joe!! @JR Thank you all!! Lots to review!!”

– Jasper  

“Awesome class! Even better than the previous two! Support staff, you did a GREAT job of keeping this session running smoothly and managing questions . THANK YOU!”


“We are going to need to call you Machine Gun Joe. You are a machine sir. Looking forward to this! Thanks!”

– Jesse W.

“After 5 years in Simpler and being in great rooms, classes, and having those great indicators, your indicators, class, and calls have offered a new insightful dimension and the calls have been great.”


“For anyone that this is your first Simpler class- you started with the right one. (I’ve taken 9)”.

BASIC / $597 $1,391

Strategy Class + Intro to Futures

Strike Zone Strategy Class

The Strike Zone Strategy Class will walk you step-by-step through how Joe is able to manage risk and earn big returns. He’ll share proven strategies developed during his years of trading at the professional and commercial level. He offers a unique set of skills most private traders never develop.

What’s his secret? By creating a trading plan that fits different timeframes, Joe is able to profit in volatile market conditions. Joe’s setups are easy to follow, giving him the ability to consistently grow his account. His “no-brainer” signals can be applied to almost any account size, even small accounts if you prefer to trade Micro Contracts!


Joe’s Strategy offers objective, easy-to-follow setups that are designed to catch the big moves while avoiding the “fake” ones. Make trades in as little as 5 minutes or leave it on for a few weeks.


Bonus: Intro to Futures

Don’t know anything about futures yet? That’s okay. Joe has years of experience in coaching new traders. The futures market is a trader’s secret weapon for success by offering unparalleled leveraged profit potential.

Joe has years of experience in coaching new traders. To get you up to speed as fast as possible, Joe has pre-recorded a special bonus training that gives you everything you need to know about futures in a flash.

PRO / $897


Strategy Class + Intro to Futures + 2 Recorded Pro Live Trading Days

Two Recorded Pro Live Trading Days

This is your opportunity to watch a recorded trading session with Joe Rokop. We believe there’s no better way to deepen your understanding of Joe’s Strike Zone Strategy than to watch him as he looks for setups.

Watching Joe’s trading sessions offer the fastest way to “make these tools your own” because you get to immediately watch him apply his strategy in real market conditions. As always, our informal goal is to strive to make enough profit to more than pay for your investment in your tools (obviously, no promises).

ELITE / $1,297 $2,617

Strategy Class + Intro to Futures + 2 Days Recorded Pro Live Trading +3 Days Recorded Elite Live Trading + Bonus: Strike Zone Report 30 Day Free Trial + Strike Zone Mastery Quarterly

If you’re ready to go “all in” and get the maximum trading time, the Elite Package is for you. You get a total of 5 pre-recorded sessions which can allow you the additional opportunity to watch Joe’s trades play out in the market. If you’re not convinced yet that the Elite package is the best choice for you, check this out…

Bonus: Strike Zone Report

With the Elite package, you’ll also get a free 30-day trial to Joe Rokop’s Strike Zone Report. Instead of spending hours searching through pointless news and website articles, tap into this newsletter for less than half an hour to gain a more in-depth understanding of equities and commodities.

This bi-weekly newsletter is a transparent and “easy to digest” read for any level of trader.

And the best part?

The same trading style taught in his class is used throughout the report.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get timely, actionable insights that make successful trading simpler and a lot less overwhelming. Why watch hours of useless news reports when you can spend a few minutes to gain a fundamental understanding of what’s going on in the market?

Check out Joe’s Strike Zone Report for an exclusive report geared toward giving traders a direct overview of the market and market conditions.

And, If you’re still wondering why this package is the best choice, the Elite Package also includes…

Strike Zone Mastery

Missing the point of entry causes traders to not only miss out on finding trades, many also expose themselves to a substantial amount of risk. That’s why Joe Rokop created the Strike Zone method. He’s determined to help traders sharpen their skills by using his “no brainer” entry signals to catch consistent returns while calculating risk.

Follow Joe’s “Strike Zone” setups in real-time. Become a member to attend a Q&A and join for a live trading session each month.

The Mastery Program Includes:

Monthly Interactive Live Trading

Once per month members get to join Joe in a group live-trading session

Real-Time Alerts

Between sessions, you get Joe’s “Strike Zone” instant trade alerts in real-time

Updated Trade Spreadsheet

Follow along with updated trades to see what Joe has open and when.

The Strike Zone Mastery is for traders looking to consistently grow their account with a trading plan that works best with their lifestyle. This Mastery is designed to demonstrate how Joe is able to profit big returns in a small amount of time with easy entry signals. This is for any trader looking to make massive returns and consistent gains in any market condition.



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