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What you’ll learn

  • 1. Stock market, forex market, commodity market & futures market offer immense potential for wealth creation.
  • 2. In this course you will learn all the knowledge, technique & tools to become a master trader.
  • 3. Entire course is designed in very simple words devoid of all technical jargon.
  • 4. The course is enjoyable, engaging with pictures and examples from our daily life.
  • 5. Learning to trade is as easy or difficult as learning to ride a cycle.
  • 6. I am always there to help you with your questions, doubts & suggestions. Use Q&A section to reach me.


  • 1. Simple school education 10 to 12 years.
  • 2. Working knowledge of English language.
  • 3. Working knowledge of Computers & internet.
  • 4. Big passion to learn.


Best Stock Market Trading Course 2020 and After by Ex-IAS/ Allied Trader with over 15 years trading experience.

* Low risk-super high profits course.

* Best course.

* Super Simple – even a 15 year child can master stock trading, no technical words used.

* Super Easy – 10 step by step.

* 5 in 1 (teaches stocks, forex/ currency, commodity, futures, intraday).

* Complete course, short sweet & crisp

* Enjoyable learning experience. Examples from our daily life, catchy images.

* Knowledge gained can be used to trade all types of markets -stocks, forex/ currency, commodity, futures and in all countries – India, US, Japan …

* You don’t need any other course, book.

Life long personal one-to-one support.

Learn how to trade stocks, currency commodities futures & Intraday for mega-profits.

Broad features of the course:

1. Benefits of joining this course – At the end of the course you will be able to trade like a professional stock trader. You can either make money in your account or join an asset management company or become a fund manager yourself.

2. What does the course teach – The course teaches stock market trading, Forex/ Currency market trading, Commodity market trading, Futures market trading, and Intraday/ Day trading.

3. Entire learning is in very simple, non-technical words, so simple that even a 15-year child can master stock trading and derive benefits from it.

4. For easy understanding entire knowledge is broken into 10 super easy steps, one leading into the other.

5. It is a complete course. You don’t need to go through any other course or read another book or attend any other workshop/seminar. In short, you don’t need to struggle (as I did for many years in my initial years) anymore for the right knowledge. I have done that for you.

6. It teaches you to extract the maximum/ mega-profits from the market.

7. With the knowledge gained you can trade all markets (stocks, forex/ currency, commodity, futures) and in any country.

8. The total duration of the course is 3.5 hours. For easy learning, it is broken into many short videos, each covering 1 topic.

9. When I studied in the school/ college, I never enjoyed learning as the class was just a monologue by the teacher. I have taken care that the learning is not boring. So the course is highly engaging and enjoyable with simple examples, pictures, and simple tables. It is something like you are watching a movie or reading a novel.

10. A general perception is that the stock market knowledge is highly complex and requires a person to have great mathematical knowledge, understanding of complex ideas, or requires a high flying expensive university education. Nothing can be further from the truth. The truth is there are good teachers and bad teachers. Bad teachers abound. Good teachers are rare and only the lucky few are able to come in contact with good teachers. So I have created this class that for the 1st time demystifies stock market knowledge and makes the knowledge easily available to willing learners. I have distilled and crystallized all more than 15 years of knowledge into 10 simple easy steps. And at the core of this knowledge is – Learning to trade stocks is as easy or difficult as learning to ride a cycle. I have consciously kept out complex and vague concepts that have no use in practical day to day trading.

11. In the class, I have shared my own trading system that I perfected over the years painstakingly and use each day in my personal trading. You are welcome to use it as it is.

In conclusion:

Our human race suffers from 2 huge problems/ challenges in our constant quest for peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Peace, prosperity & happiness has been the constant struggle & the ultimate goal of human society from the time we came on this planet.

Towards this objective humans developed & experimented with various economic systems (bartered trade, capitalism, communism, socialism), political systems (monarchy, democracy), religious systems (Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam); family systems (marriage, live-in partners) but each found only partial success. Great thinkers, philosophers, spiritualists (Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, George Washington, Gandhi) worked to solve this unending quest. But they too found only partial success.

And the two problems/ challenges/ hurdles are these –

I. THE NEED FOR BASIC MINIMUM REGULAR MONEY – Everyone needs to earn a basic minimum regular monthly income that would take care of their basic day to day needs to live gracefully and respectfully in the society.

To earn this basic minimum money one should be not be working round the clock which unfortunately today is a harsh reality,

We should be working just a few hours (2 to 3 hours) a day so that we have enough time to engage in activities (seeking truth, spending more time with family, hobbies, etc.) that will make our life journey truly full, enjoyable & worth living.

I have created this course aimed at this objective.

The other problem is GREED FOR MONEY.

Our mind is like a monkey – cunning, ever-chattering & ever-demanding.

The moment the monkey goes on one branch of a tree, it wants to go on the other.

And then on to another.

This goes on and on, leading to chaos, confusion taking us further away from our goal of peace prosperity & happiness.

Having fulfilled the 1st need (basic minimum regular income) our mind traps us to work for more money to buy things that we actually don’t need thereby reducing us to a mere money-making machine.

Money has no doubt its great importance for today we need it to buy even water. Money has increased human longevity and given us better living standards.

But this is also true that more money has also moved us more away from peace & happiness.

To help solve the 2nd problem, I will soon be creating my 2nd course > Self-realization: Simple Yoga & Meditation, to help tame the monkey in our minds.

II Sarve Bhavantu Sukinah II May All Be Happy

With deep love & respect.

Pramod Kumar Agrawal

Ex-Govt. Of India  86 UPSC IAS Exam * Financial markets (research, trading, teaching) * Spirituality

India, Goa

December 2019


What past students are saying about this course –

1.RAMESH VENKATA, India           Rating – 5/ 5          Review – “I purchased various courses in Udemy. Most of them just give a glimpse of trading and suggest personal courses to buy. The first time I’m truly impressed to see once own trading method and strategy being revealed in an easy and simple to understand manner. It’s like a road map to develop the skill of trading. Thank You Sir for the nice course and helping me in getting the right direction towards trading.”

2. TALLIE HAMPTON, USA              Rating – 5/ 5           Review – Mr. Pramod! The course is a rule-based simple ABC system. A road map to becoming a professional trader. All is explained in a simple and repeatable manner. Thank you Sir for your labor of love, peace, and blessing. Very engaging course.

3. ADITYA BAKSHI, India                  Rating – 5/ 5          Review – Enjoyed the course. Learnt a lot! The instructor is a little slow in his delivery of concepts, but its overall well structured.

4. NARENDRA GILHARE, India          Rating – 5/ 5           Review – Vey good

5. SUJAY KR GHOSH, India                Rating – 5/ 5           Review – Good course for beginners.

6. CHINMAY, Australia                       Rating – 5/ 5           Review – Simple but effective.

7. Other 5 star ratings by – Akshay Khanna  Aravindh  Jayakrishna Gopu  Lakshmi  Vijay Pasham.

8. ANAND NENE                                 Rating – 4.5/5        Review – The course teaches you from the basics of the stock market and also the instructor shares his experience and his trading strategy. Overall, I would definitely recommend this course for someone who is new to the stock market.


In the world of stock market trading, there are just 3 questions –

1. What to buy or which stock to buy?

2. Having selected our stock the next question is – When to buy?

3. And the last most important question is – when to sell?

There is no 4th question.

And to answer these 3 questions, we need 2 powerful keys –

Key 1 – Developing our ability/ skill to read stock directions accurately.

Key 2 – Developing our ability/ skill to identify, calculate, and manage the danger or the risk of loss.

The entire course is built around this simple philosophy.

By the end of this course, you will acquire these 2 powerful keys and thus automatically will be able to find the answers to the 3 questions mentioned above.


i. Why did I create this class?

ii. Care needed during learning.

iii. How to get the maximum benefit from this class.

Sutra 1:  What are the Advantages & dangers in stock trading? How money is made & lost in stock trading?

It covers in detail all the advantages and all the dangers that are involved in stock trading.

Sutra 2: What is stock trading.

It explains what is a stock, stock market, stock broker, stock exchange.

Also, it covers a very critical knowledge on how & why money is made or lost in stock trading.

Sutra 3: Traits & tools needed to be a successful stock trader.

Does stock trading need some special qualities, traits or skills?

What tools are needed in stock trading?

In this sutra, we will learn about these in detail.

Sutra 4: How to read stock direction through charts (KEY 1).

If we can learn to read stock directions accurately the knowledge is worth a fortune.

It teaches about an important tool – charts.

A doctor can not say if a bone is broken unless he sees the x-ray plate.

Charts are the x-ray plate for a stock trader to read the stock direction and risk management.

This sutra examines in depth what is a chart, its origins, its importance/ benefits & how to use it.

Everything is covered in detail.

Sutra 5: Risk Management (KEY 2)

It is the fear of losses that a common man is scared of entering the stock market.

But the risk exists in every action that we take in our daily life.

If we take the example of going to our friend’s house, we run the risk of getting hit by a speeding vehicle.

To avoid that we follow the rules of the road.

We will walk on the left side of the road (in some countries it is the right side).

When turning we will give a signal (hand or indicator light) that we are turning. We will look in the rearview mirror to make sure no one is overtaking.

We do these and we reach safely.

These are basic rules that developed over years out of sheer logic.

Similarly, in stock trading, there are basic rules to protect us from losses.

This sutra will explain in detail everything about risk – what is the risk, how to calculate it, how to avoid/ manage it?

Sutra 6: Trading system.

If we are going on a holiday do we simply pack our bags and leave. Do we not decide where we want to go? Do we not decide when we want to go? Do we not decide which bus/ flight we will take? Do we not decide where we will stay? Do we not check which is the cheapest and the most comfortable hotel to stay?

Yes, we do all this before proceeding on a holiday. It is just pure common sense and does not even need any discussion.

But here lies the big irony of a common man who wants to make money trading stocks.

He just heard from his dear friend that a particular stock was great to buy. He buys but does not know when to get out/ sell.

He hears on TV about the next stock to become a billionaire. He shies away from his friend (as he needs to settle an old score) and quietly replaces the old stock with a new one or sells his car/ takes a loan to buy this new stock tip.

For some time, he sees his stocks climbing up. He even starts acting as a market veteran dishing out tips. He is hailed as the new age market guru.

And one day all the stocks that he is holding strat falling in prices, that too, too fast & suddenly.

In no time all his stocks are now cheap useless papers, can’t even buy a beer.

He does not take any phone calls as he lost all his money and does not know how to continue ahead.

Why did this happen?

He did not have a trading plan or system or a way to trade.

Battles are won not in the field but on the planning board. The army that has more chances to win a battle is the one that has a better fighting plan. The army which has no plan is destined to fail.

Similarly in stock trading. We must have a plan for trading.

In the world of stock trading, there are just 3 questions – what to buy, when to buy & when to sell. There is no 4th question. If you do not know their answers crystal clear you are gambling.

This sutra will teach you in detail what is a trading system/ plan? Why do we need it and how to build your own.

I will be sharing my own trading system that I built painstakingly over the years and use it every day.

You are welcome to replicate it.

Sutra 7: How to trade stocks?

Here you will learn all about stocks & stock futures, similarities & differences.

You will learn why trading stock futures is much more profitable than ordinary stocks.

You will learn all the trading rules for success.

You will learn all the risk management rules and how to apply them.

Sutra 8: How to trade forex/ currency.

The word Forex stands for Foreign Exchange.

It means the same as currency. Each country has its own different currency.

Here you will learn all about forex/ currency and forex/ currency trading – what is currency, how to trade them, what are the trading rules, what are the risk management rules to apply.

Sutra 9: How to trade commodity.

Here you will learn what is a commodity, their different types.

How to trade them?

What risk management rules to apply?

Sutra 10: Conclusion/ Dancing with stocks.

In this concluding sutra, you will get my final simple mantra or the sutra of sutras to achieve great success.


Golden rules are those small rules that have powerful meanings to achieve our goals.

Example 1: Speak the truth, never lie. or

Example 2: Hard work is the key to success.

These are simple rules. They are like the beacons/ lighthouse to guide us when in doubt to our set goal.

Similarly, there are golden rules in stock trading that developed over centuries from the collective wisdom of stock traders all over the world.

Example: Trend is your friend till the end where it bends. What it simply means is that we should keep making money only as long as the stock prices are moving upwards by buying the stock at lower prices & selling the same at higher prices. But the moment the stock direction changes to down we should stop buying. In futures trading, we can do the reverse – sell at higher prices & then buy the same stock ar lower prices.

This course will give you a few Golden Rules that you should stick nearby and seek a solution whenever in doubt or confusion.


There are 2 styles of trading.

Long term and short term.

In long term trading, we have to hold our position for a minimum of 1 day. We can sell on day2 or the next week or the next month or the next year. These types of trades are called positional trades and these traders are called positional traders. This style of trading is practiced by those traders who have no worries to run their personal expenses each day. Medium to large individual traders, large mutual funds, hedge funds adopt this style. Here the view is medium to long term.

Opposed to the above, there are traders who have daily expense needs. They are happy if they can make little money on a daily basis. It is such people who practice short term trading. The technical name is Day Trading or Intr-day trading. It is one and the same. In this, you buy and sell on the same day or within a day.

Generally speaking, Day trading is very dangerous as the chances of losses are very high due to the fast movement of stock prices in opposite directions. This is called high volatility. Why this happens is because during the day hundreds of pieces of news information are flowing into the market. Some treat the same news as good while others may treat it badly.

I do not recommend day trading due to the following reasons –

i. Day trading is like playing a video game straight at level 10.

ii. You are glued to the computer screen throughout the day. This is tiring and tense work.

iii. We can work hard, take all the tension if it gives us profit. But Day trading has much greater chances of loss.

Why Day trading is popular? It is generally misinformation (sort of a scam) run by stockbrokers. I was a sub-broker and that is why I know it. The day I came to know it (after 3 years) I left this job to become an independent equity researcher & trader.

So how do these stockbrokers run this soft scam? Stockbrokers earn their commissions or make money each time you buy or sell. The more times you buy and sell and the more number of traders who engage in day trading, the more money these stockbrokers make. Brokerage cost is in few paisas or a few cents. You would treat it as nil cost. But if you add up your 1 month’s total brokerage paid, you will get a big shock. And if you add up a year’s, you will hate your broker.

Whether your trade was profitable or not your broker makes money on each time you order your buy and sell.

Moreover, you are not a market professional. You don’t know which stock to buy or when to buy or when to sell. Your goal is to make money. So, you ask your broker for help. That is what he is waiting for. You are like a fish waiting to be hooked.

If you visit the trading room of a stockbroker during trading hours you will feel excited that there are many other traders like you wanting to make make money. Your broker loves to see you each day. You will be treated with snacks and lunch all through the day. The atmosphere is like that of a party.

Seeing his love, respect, and free food you obey him blindly. So now is the time the broker will hook you.

He will make you trade the whole day from one stock to the other. The broker’s phone is constantly ringing with new tips coming from various sources and you go from one level of money-making excitement to the other.

Finally when the stock market closes you calculate you made a loss + commission payout.

All he will say sheepishly – what to do Sir? The market suddenly turned bad. Better luck tomorrow. If you argue with him that while you made a loss but the broker made money, you will be politely shown the door.

New traders do not understand this soft game. By the time they do they have lost all their money.

And no money means – no trading. You have to look for another job.

Still, if some traders want to engage in day trading, this course will teach you how to do that.


At the end of each sutra, there is a fun quiz project to self-test your knowledge on that sutra.


You would get active and prompt support not only during the class but for the rest of your trading career.

You are encouraged to contact me with your questions, doubts, and suggestions through the Q&A section.

I assure you a reply within 24 hours.

There is no bar on the number of questions that you can ask. In fact the more the better as I will know you are a serious student.

Our relationship is life long. Any time you need me in your active trading career I am always there.

Stock trading is not rocket science. In fact, it is very simple and rule-based.

It is as simple or difficult as learning to ride a cycle or learning a new dance.

Learn, Practice, and then Trade.



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