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What you’ll learn

  • The first steps towards price action trading.
  • How to find support and resistance properly in charts.
  • How to use one of the most powerful and simple method of trading.
  • How to find high reward trades with lower risk.
  • How to trade in rangebound market using support and resistance.
  • How to trade breakouts and breakdowns using support and resistance.
  • How to apply Re-Test theory in support and resistance.
  • How to use trend analysis to manage a trade.
  • Lots of Live/Bar Replay Examples of the concepts.
  • How to perfect the entries in various market conditions.


  • The student should know basics of candlesticks.
  • Normal concept of trends and consolidation are needed.
  • Knowledge of Bounce Theory for Trade Management


This course shows you how to apply support and resistance to the financial markets, step-by-step and in a systematic way.

We shall be discussing three sets of strategies with their defined set of rules that you can apply for you to get used to trading with support and resistance – it is great for beginners looking for some guidance when venturing into price action trading. It is very simple yet very efficient!

Technical analysts use support and resistance levels to identify price points on a chart where the probabilities favor a pause or reversal of a prevailing trend. Market psychology plays a major role as traders and investors remember the past and react to changing conditions to anticipate future market movement.Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Stock Market Traders
  • Price Action Traders
  • Intermediate Traders curious about price action trading
  • People curious about proper trading setups of support and resistance



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