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A Pro Options Trader’s Full Methodology

3 Hours of Video Training + 296-Page Course Guide
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The 2 Types of Options Instructors

There’s the ‘guru’ on your Facebook feed showing off his new Lamborghini (which is probably rented).

And then there’s the professional trader that actually earns a living trading options.

Which would you choose to teach you how to trade options?

Daniel Darrow has been a professional proprietary trader since 2006, and he’s finally sharing his battle-tested options trading methodology.

He calls it the ‘Actionable Options Program’ for a simple reason: it’s about taking ACTION, from a true professional’s point of view.

Theories are great for textbooks and classrooms — but they must be augmented with real-world experience and knowledge.

The Most Accessible Options Trading Program?

Are you sick of looking at equations like this?

Don’t worry — none of that is included in the Actionable Options Program.

Dan understands the value of options theory.

That’s why he threw 99% of it out.

He kept the 1% that actually matters in real-world trading.

And he translated that 1% into simple, plain language even a total beginner can understand.

You’ll get (what we think is) the industry’s simplest guide to critical concepts like implied volatility and theta.

When we say critical, we mean it. You are throwing money away if you don’t fully grasp these options pricing mechanics.

We believe Dan hit the perfect balance of giving you all the information you need in an easy to understand format — while throwing away the confusing details that don’t matter in real-world trading.

The Power of Event-Driven Options Trading

You’re going to learn 10 of Dan’s ‘bread and butter’ strategies like spreads, butterflies, and calendars.

But where Dan really stands out is Event-Driven Options Trading.

On top of Dan’s 10 core options strategies, you’ll learn 4 additional Event-Driven strategies so you can take advantage of events like:

  • Earnings announcements
  • Fed/economic reports
  • FDA decisions
  • And more!

If you are not taking advantage of the opportunities offered by events, you may very well be leaving big money on the table — especially during earnings season, which can be the most lucrative time of year.

Add it up — you get 14 actionable strategies that give you the tools you need to trade all market environments, and events.

The Details You Need to Succeed

You won’t just learn options strategies.

You’ll also learn the little things that matter BIG to your P&L.

For example, most options courses omit a major aspect of options trading — entering orders the right way so you don’t get ripped from the get-go.

But Dan covers it.

He also teaches you how to handle wild markets, and how volatility analysis actually works (you can’t just look at the VIX…).

The Actionable Options Curriculum


Welcome to the Program

  • Understand why this course is different from any you’ve ever seen
  • Turn 3 major lies you’ve heard about options on their heads
  • Understand the true benefits of trading options — including true control over your risk profile


Options Fundamentals

  • Get a complete understand of options in plain English
  • Form a proper foundation for your options trading knowledge
  • Understand vital concepts like intrinsic value, time value, and moneyness


Options Pricing Mechanics

  • Understand the single most important question in options trading — the one that must guide all your trades
  • See how implied volatility works in the real world, in plain English
  • Learn the options Greeks without boring PhD level math or complex theoretical models


Actionable Options Strategies

  • Understand Dan’s 10 favorite actionable options strategies
  • Start with basic calls and puts, then quickly  move on to more sophisticated strategies like Butterfly Spreads and Iron Condors
  • Learn to hedge your portfolio with options (including deadly pitfalls to avoid


Event-Driven Options Strategies

  • Learn Dan’s 4 top event-driven options trading strategies, including the powerful ‘Earnings Combo’ trade
  • Use powerful options strategies to exploit events like earnings, FDA announcements, and more
  • Understand the unique risk factors of event-driven options trading


Options Order Entry and Market Mechanics

  • Stop placing orders blindly, and start getting in and out of optimal prices
  • Trade options in wild markets without taking wild risks
  • Learn the ins and outs of exercising options


The VIX and Volatility Analysis

  • Get a plain-English introduction to the VIX and volatility analysis
  • Adapt your options trading strategies based on the action in the VIX
  • Understand the VIX term structure for a true look at volatility (the VIX price alone is not enough)


Rookie Options Mistakes to Avoid

  • Learn about 7 rookie options mistakes you must avoid
  • See why you’ve already avoided the biggest options mistake of all

What’s Included With Your Purchase

3 Hours of Video Training (8 Chapters)

Dan takes you step-by-step through his entire options trading system.

This method has been battle-proven over Dan’s professional 13+ year trading career.

And best of all, even a total beginner can understand all the concepts.

Dan takes all the theory, and distills it down into what can actually make you money.

8 PDF Guides – 296 Pages

Each video chapter has an accompanying PDF.

We recommend downloading them and printing them.

Keep them by your trading desk for a quick refresher any time you need it.



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