[Download] Techniques to Perfect Your Intra-Day Gap and Guerilla Trading


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Techniques to Perfect Your Intra-Day, Gap and Guerilla Trading

– Part 1 with Ron Wagner, V.P. of Pristine Education

Intra-Day Trading can be the most rewarding and profitable of all trading styles if used with the proper plan, patience and discipline. Seasoned traders, or traders just starting out, will benefit from this 2 Part DVD program. Ron will show you techniques that have helped him since 1999 to perfect a style of pristine trading taught to thousands of others. You will want to watch this set of DVD s several times to make sure you completely absorb all of the details that will help propel your trading to the next level of profitability.

* Why you should Use Technical Analysis for Your Intra-Day Trading

* The Importance of Average Bar Trading Ranges for Intra-Day Trading

* What NOT to Trade

* Which Charts Offer the Most Potential for Your Intra-Day Trading

* How to Increase Your Probabilities of a Great Trade by Consulting This One Chart

* Which Charts Are the Best for Intra-Day trading

* The Importance of Tradable Voids

* Pictures of Certainty

* Why You Should Use Multiple Time Frame Analysis

After you study the information and many charts on this DVD, you will learn how to select the best trades that offer the most potential profitability. You will be able to put these techniques to work immediately and use them on a daily basis the moment you finish this short course.

Techniques to Perfect Your Intra-Day, Gap and Guerilla Trading

– Part 2 with Ron Wagner, V.P. of Pristine Education

Pristine popularized Guerilla Trading, a style of Gap Trading, in the late 90 s. Thousands of traders worldwide take advantage of Gap and Guerilla trading opportunities on a daily basis. Ron will teach you techniques that he uses and has taught countless others how to pull money out of the markets consistently in the first 90 minutes of the trading day.

* The Importance of Using Technical Analysis in Your Gap Trading

* Candle Language and How to Interpret How This Relates to Gap Trading

* All Gaps MUST be Evaluated Starting from This One Chart First

* The Power of Gaps and What is Guerilla Trading

* Shocks Created by Gaps

* Gaps into Support and Resistance Analysis

* The Importance of Tradable Voids for Your Gap and Guerilla Trading

* Multiple Time Frame Analysis for Gap Trading

* How to Simplify Your Decision Making Process

Gap and Guerilla style trading is by far the most dynamic of the trading styles used today. If used properly, this style of trading offers the trader more opportunities on a daily basis, from which income can be produced. If your goal is to trade short periods of each day to produce income, you will want to study the material on these DVD s and apply it to all of your trades immediately.



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