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The stats are pretty clear – over 90% of traders are not able to generate consistent profits.

However, most traders do not have a proven framework and methodology for trading profitably. This elite-level course was developed on a proprietary trading desk with real capital on the line.

If your goal is to change careers, join a proprietary trade desk or start your own fund, this course is for you.

Using in-depth video lectures, we will teach you, in detail, the proprietary strategies, setups, and processes to trade profitably and with consistency at the professional level.

The strategies taught in this course are used every day to generate profits for our desk traders. The course and methodology are collectively referred to as NADRO, an acronym for Narrative, Acceptance, Developing Value, Rhythm, and Order Flow; the essential pieces to a holistic short(er) term trading approach.

If you’re ready to finally get serious about your trading, come join us.

I just finished the Stats of my first monthly review using NARDO. I nearly can’t believe it! In August I performed with an 8,6 Risk-Return factor, a 2,9 R/R, and a Hitrate of 40% trading only Crude Oil. Since I started Trading a year ago, I have never been green for even two weeks. Man, I thank you for sharing your methodology, your Edge (!), and your wisdom so much. You are teaching pure gold to the world!

– Moses, NADRO Student


Lesson 1 contains 3+ hours of on-demand video content covering:

  1. Introduction to Mental Framework
  2. Most Traders Fail (Why?)
  3. The Natural Human Trader
  4. The Evolved Human Trader
  5. How Process Fits In
  6. Warning!
  7. Developing the Mental Framework
  8. Homework


What is it to be a trader? This is where we’ll begin to think differently about markets and what it means to be a trader.

As humans, we are not always rational; we have limits to our self-control and are influenced by our own biases. In other words, we aren’t naturally wired to be great traders.

However, there are several ways to overcome these negative behavioral tendencies. In the Mental Framework section, we’ll cover several psychological mechanisms that cause predictable decision biases and how to overcome them with a process-driven approach to trading. Develop the mindset of an elite trader.

Merritt has completely changed my outlook and methodology for day trading futures. I have learned more from him than anybody else about how markets work. He is a fantastic teacher and his NADRO methodology has edge.

– Matt, NADRO student


“Want to Learn How to Trade? Start With a Framework.” –Dr. Brett Steenbarger

See the markets on a much deeper level; in a way that you never imagined possible. We’ll learn the language of NADRO, the auction market process, market profile trading, and decipher what the bigger picture is telling us.

The Market Framework section alone contains over 5 hours of content, including live market recaps and a student Q&A. We also provide access to Sierra Charts introduction and advanced tutorials and templates.

Lesson 2 contains: 5+ hours of video content

  1. Auction Market Theory
  2. The Laws of Market Dynamics
  3. Charting & Getting Set up to Trade
  4. Market Profile Basics
  5. The Laws of Market Dynamics – Real Examples
  6. Composite Profiles
  7. Developing Narratives & Hypos (if-then scenarios)
  8. Developing Your Ability To Profile Effectively

Lesson 3 contains 3.5+ hours of video content

  1. Introduction to Execution
  2. Rhythm for Entries
  3. Acceptance
  4. Developing Value
  5. Risk and Trade Management
  6. Building on Mental & Market Framework + Homework
  7. Bonus: Execution Video Q&A


Execution is the carrying out of a plan, order, or course of action. Learn to develop a stress-free and “fearless execution” model.

Learn our futures trading strategies and how to determine the best ways to enter into and exit a position based on the given market condition. Including a lower timeframe approach to securing a great trade location, using VWAP, order types, setting risk, and managing trades.

We’ll also cover risk management in depth. Successful traders are amazing risk managers. We’ll show you how to determine the amount of risk for any single trade, we’ll show you how to determine the reward-to-risk ratio of any setup, and how to manage risk once you’re in a trade.


Discover a deeper narrative by using a top town approach to understand the market’s overall context and structure by using higher time frames (HTF) VWAPs.

They also provide a filter to see how the “other time frame” traders are reacting to value.

Lesson 4 contains 4+ hours of video content

  1. Developing the Full Narrative Using Higher Time Frame
  2. Using Multiple Long Term VWAPs
  3. Handling LTVW Extremes
  4. Ranking & Distilling Narratives
  5. Handling Confluence and Dissonance
  6. Live Examples
  7. Nightly Reports + Video Q&A

Lesson 5 contains 3 hours of video content

  1. The Work and Documentation
  2. Preparing for the Trading Day (Prep)
  3. How to Journal
  4. How to Conduct a Daily Review
  5. Longer-Term Reviews
  6. How to Use Statistics to Improve Your Trading
  7. Skills to Develop This Week


Every amateur wants to get in there and trade, feel the rush, and conquer the markets. Buy, sell, short, cover. Experience the fun!

Very few traders put in the type of actual work required to see consistent improvements in their trading. Very few ever get past their love affair with a get the rich quick opportunity.

Professional traders put in the work outside of clicking the buy and sell buttons. They’re dedicated to their craft and treat it as a business and an elite performance activity. You’re essentially wanting to become an Olympian and need the dedication and training to get there.


We’ll now use order flow to fine-tune entries by looking inside the bars and gain sharper insight into what buyers and sellers are doing in real-time. Learn order flow analysis and order flow trading and how to identify scalping opportunities.

Lesson 6 contains 3 hours of video content about order flow trading

  1. The Basics of Order Flow
  2. Identifying Strengths and Weakness
  3. The Tools We’ll Use
  4. Cumulative Delta / Footprint Trading
  5. Contextual Order Flow
  6. Identifying Strong Buyers and Absorption
  7. Delta Levels
  8. How and When to Use the Footprint Chart
  9. Live Examples Using Order Flow


A course is not enough. Now watch us put the concepts taught in this course into action. We’ve put together over 9 hours of live trading video so you can see how a professional executes live trades.

Watch over the shoulder of a professional as he trades the markets. See our entries, exits, and live commentary on the market. This is the closest you’ll get to shadow a pro.

The lessons you’ll take away from these streams are invaluable.


Nightly trade reviews and Q&A sessions from students just like you. Deepen your knowledge with guided homework assignments to cement the lessons learned during the course. Over 10 hours of content and nightly write-ups.



Having worked with traders from the top proprietary trading firms in the world and every level of amateur trader – Merritt Black started Apteros Trading to help more traders incorporate proven principles that make for more consistent and profitable trading. If you want a proven trading methodology based on real data, then you’re in the right place!

Merritt Black has over 15 years of experience trading futures, currencies, commodities, and equities and gained recognition as the Head of Futures and Commodities for SMB Capital and SMB Futures. He’s regularly featured on the Futures Radio Show with Anthony Crudele, the AlphaMind Podcast, SMB Training Blog, and Amplify Trading.



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