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[Download] Trading 101 – The Complete Stock Trading Primer

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What you’ll learn

  • How you can consistently earn an extra income (and with practice, a full income) trading the stock market
  • How the stock market works, what forces drive the market, and how the stock price is set
  • The different and correct orders to use in order to enter and exit trades
  • How to earn even when the market goes down using SHORT trades
  • How to protect your trades and correctly manage your risk in each position
  • Resistance & Support levels and other critical levels
  • Technical indicators, chart & reversal patterns, and also fundamental data
  • Trading psychology – how to handle mental struggles that cause many traders to make mistakes
  • All THEORY lectures are followed by PRACTICE lectures to see how everything actually works in real life
  • BONUS: download an advanced trading journal to monitor and improve your trading
  • Much more …


  • You only need a computer with an internet connection
  • Other than that, you only need the willingness to learn


  • Do you want to trade the stock market?
  • Do you want to earn a side income and over time maybe even turn trading into your main source of income?
  • Are you already trading and you want to improve your trades to become consistently successful?
  • Do you want to understand how the stock market works?

If so then this course is for you!

Unique in this courseevery theoretical lecture is followed by a practical lecture showing how everything works in real life!

This course starts from the ground up.
It will give you all the basics you’ll need to understand how the market works, to understand what you need to do, when, and why in order to make successful trades.
You’ll understand how the market price of a stock is set, what orders to use, and understand the chart.
You’ll learn technical analysis, understand how to identify support and resistance levels and other critical levels, know the major chart and reversal patterns, understand what the main technical indicators mean, and combine all of that together to make the correct trading decisions.
You’ll also learn about fundamental data, news, indices and ETFs, IPOs, important events, earnings, and more.
And this course also includes a very special duo of lectures to tackle the most important trading psychology issues which are very often the main hurdle for success.

BONUS: download an advanced trading journal that I built over the years to monitor your trading patterns and, from there, improve your trading over time.  All professional traders use trading journals!
I’m also providing you with a very useful file that will help you calculate the correct amount to enter a position, based on your pre-defined risk.


My name is Rafi Saar and I’ve been trading the stock market for many years now.
I made the mistake of starting to trade without any proper education.  I used my common sense and I mostly did OK.  But I felt that I was more playing and gambling and lacked the necessary knowledge to make a consistent profit.  Every now and then I would lose in a single trade, money that I gained over a full month.
So I decided to learn and I enrolled in different courses.  Since then, I’ve been trading with the necessary knowledge for years now, and the differences are very obvious.  Today I make few trades per day and they’re all much more focused, I know exactly why I choose a specific stock and I know exactly why and when to enter a trade and when to exit.
But because I started without the proper knowledge, I got used to do certain things the wrong way, and it was hard to get rid of these bad habits.

That’s why, if you want to trade, I urge you not to make the same mistake that I did many years ago.
Do not start trading before you learn how to do it right.
Learning to trade will first of all help you maximize your gains, it will help you become successful consistently, and you’ll learn correct trading habits from the get go.

Good luck!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners with no trading knowledge – this course will teach you all the basics that you need
  • Intermediate traders who want to improve their trading and get consistent gains
  • People who want to trade the stock market in any time interval: day trading, swing trading, or long term investors



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