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he Engulfing Trader

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The Engulfing Trader is the core trading strategy I use on a regular basis, however it is not just that it also is a method for taking exceedingly high probability trades and knowing major turns. Thus it is a method that provides exceedingly high rewards because it has a way of predicting the major banks and institutions moves. Plus as a bonus, it contains over 3 hours of video, contains a book, plus bonus print sheets.

Lessons Covered In the Video Series:

  • Identifying Major Structure
  • Identifying the Signal
  • Taking the Trade and Money Management
  • Understanding the Engulfing Candle Video
  • Advanced Entering
  • Advanced Entering Part 2
  • How to Trade on the Daily and Weekly Chart
  • How to Trade on the 4 Hour Chart
  • How to Trade on the 1 Hour Chart
  • How to Trade on the 15 Minute Chart

… The truth is this is not just a strategy, it is also a complete training series. No matter who you are, what sort of trader, you will still benefit.

Series covers over 3 hours of core training and understanding of what makes this simple yet effective Price Action Strategy work.



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