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If you can spare 30 minutes in the evening (or morning) Ill show you how to grab tax free Forex profits of $58, $91, $166, $228 or more on demand following a simple, proven Financial Fixed Odds system. This is pared down to the bone need to know instructions that will get you trading and making money fast. If you just want to get the results without all the hype that usually surrounds trading then well make a great team!

Financial Fixed Odds is explained as a “fast and simple way to get all the perks of Forex without the big risks or hassles”. It’s the “newest, most flexible and most exciting way to profit from the markets” and is “so easy, anyone can get online and start placing bets right away”.

The Fixed Odds Profit course focuses on “low risk high probability Forex trades (90%+ strike rate) you can place at times that suit you” where the “odds are always stacked in your favour, before you’ve even placed your trade” and “you’ll only ever be risking a small percentage of your bank”.

The authors of this system, Chris and Graeme Nash were behind the CityBeaters service. They have appeared at several Fixed Odds seminars and have “successfully helped hundreds of ordinary people to profit from Financial Fixed Odds trading”.


A 140 page manual, a set of 10 DVD’s, a Decision Making flowchart and some indicator’s & templates for use on the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) platform are provided.

The manual is more of an accompanying guide, a useful one at that, to the vast amount of DVD material. Each of the DVD’s (the 9 containing video) are between 1 and 2 hours long, that means there is over 15 hours of material here:

• Disk 1 is an introduction and touches on Forex, BetOnMarkets and MT4
• Disk 2 covers Charting, Trends and Market Direction
• Disks 3 & 4 introduce and expand on Divergence (Regular, Hidden & Confirming)
• Disk 5 concentrates on Support & Resistance covering popular topics such as Swing zones, Trend lines, Moving averages, Pivot points and Fibonacci
• Disks 6 – 7 are devoted to the Trading concepts; Putting it all together, Using the (Decision Making) Flowcharts, Divergence, Support and Resistance confluences, Placing the No Touch levels, Money management and when not to trade
• Disk 8 covers Trading psychology, journaling and some final thoughts
• Disk 9 provides two detailed trade examples

Disk 10 contains no video material, it has on it the MT4 files, etc.


The DVD’s are, for sure, professionally done and attention to detail is excellent, perhaps even overkill at times.

Fixed Odds aside, it is fair to say that Disks 1 – 5 provide a sound introduction to Forex and Technical trading. They cover topics related to important subjects such as Charting, Trend following, Support & Resistance and Divergence.

Disks 6 – 7 provide detail on the strategies focusing on the key aspects, Divergence and Support & Resistance confluence. Two Trade examples are covered on Disk 9.

The MT4 templates and indicators go some way to making this system easier to set up. But with multiple currencies (13 of them) across multiple time-frames (4 of them) and an array of indicators, we feel only those with previous experience of MT4 may be able to say that set up is easy. This does of course mean that one identifies trades on MT4 and then places them on BetOnMarkets, but this is no great hardship at all.

In terms of risk, 5% – 15% of available balance is suggested. This is based on the BetOnMarkets return percentage on offer for the No Touch trade you wish to place. The higher the return percentage (risk) the lower the amount of available balance you risk per trade.
This is for sure, a system that can be traded at any time of the day. Those with some previous experience and an abundance of dedication will also, eventually, get the selection process down to 30 minutes or so.

However, this is a complex system:

• 13 currencies
• 4 time-frames
• 10 different trade set-ups
• 4 Moving averages
• 2 sets of Bollinger bands
• Trend identification (aided by the Custom MT4 indicator)
• 2 oscillators
• Fibonacci application and interpretation
• Pivot points
• And finally, Divergence (Regular and Hidden) interpretation

The sting in the tail is the Divergence aspect of this system. As with all systems based on this seemingly popular concept, discretion is the thorn in the side. So much so we didn’t even agree with one of the 40 minute examples contained in Disk 9. Yes, the 2 examples provided on Disk 9 take 40 minutes each to walk through. Anyway, we may be right, we may be wrong, in our disagreement, the main point being that discretion meant we did not agree.



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