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Say Hello To Investing & Fundamental Analysis Done Right. Become (Meaningfully) Financially Literate by Gaining a Rock-Solid Foundation on How to Read Stocks and Analyse Them Like a PRO.

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What you’ll learn

  • Discover how to read and analyse stocks and stock characteristics intuitively for investing
  • Explore financial ratios and learn how to use them rigorously as part of an arsenal of investing tools
  • Analyse historic stock price data for real world stocks, and work with real world data for a stock of your choice
  • Discover powerful data-driven thinking, applied for investing analysis – so you can gain valuable insights from even the most seemingly “useless” data
  • Learn to look at stock charts from a long-term investor’s perspective. It’s time someone stood up to the BS of “technical analysis”.
  • Work with real-world stock data right from the word go. And transform your investing strategies like never before.


  • No prior knowledge required. We’ll break down that jargon and prove how intuitive investing really is.
  • It’d be useful to have a stock in mind that you’re considering investing in, but this is NOT essential.


Say Hello To Investing & Fundamental Analysis Done Right. Become (Meaningfully) Financially Literate by Gaining a Rock-Solid Foundation on How to Read Stocks and Analyse Them Like a PRO.

Our most practical, and applicable investing course yet. Work with real-world stock data and learn how to analyse stocks like never before, from a core fundamental analysis perspective.

Discover the power of Data-Driven Thinking applied to Stock Investing.


Overview of How to Read Stocks for Investing

  • Explore how to interpret a stock price intuitively for investing
  • Gain a powerful overview of core stock characteristics like Volume, Beta, Dividend Yield, and a whole lot more
  • See first hand how even the most reputable financial data websites can get it wrong, and what you can do about it to ensure your fundamental analysis is robust

Explore Stock Charts for Long Term Investing

  • Cut past the BS of technical traders and technical analysts – it simply doesn’t work for real long-term investing.
  • View stock charts from the lens of a robust, long term investor relying on fundamental analysis
  • Discover what “stock splits” are, and learn why it isn’t really an investing strategy despite many claiming so

Entertain Yourself with the Internet’s Finance Gurus

  • Critically (and humorously) evaluate investing comments of “finance gurus” scattered about on internet forums
  • See precisely why some investing comments are particularly flawed
  • Explore and consider the motivations behind news articles and internet conversations

Rigorously Evaluate Financial Ratios for Investing

  • Discover what financial ratios are good for – and what they’re not meant for in the context of fundamental analysis
  • Learn precisely how you can use financial ratios as part of an arsenal of investing tools
  • Get past wrong information and incorrect investing data on financial data websites by taking control of the fundamental analysis ratios yourself

Analyse Historic Price Data for Robust Investing

  • View step-by-step instructions on where and how to access historic stock price data
  • Play with and analyse real-world stock data after plotting charts on Excel® and Google Sheets
  • Calculate stock returns yourself, and see precisely why technical trading has no basis whatsoever

Discover Powerful Data-Driven Investing & Thinking

  • Leverage the power of data-driven thinking applied to financial investing and fundamental analysis
  • Explore how even the most “useless” data and information can actually be incredibly valuable and insightful
  • Literally learn “how to think outside the box” in the context of investing and fundamental analysis


We’ve used the same tried and tested, proven to work teaching techniques that’ve helped tens of thousands of students across the globe:

  • ace their exams,
  • obtain professional qualifications (CFA®, ACA, ACCA, and more)
  • get hired by the most renowned investment banks in the world
  • get past their fear of math, equations, and numbers
  • manage their own investment portfolios

Here’s how we’ll help you become meaningfully financially literate:

Practical Walkthroughts

You’ll gain a solid foundation of how to read stocks and analyse them like a pro. We literally walk you through the analysis one step at a time, working exclusively with real-world stock data.

Progressively Challenging Quizzes

Retain your newfound investing knowledge thanks to progressively challenging quiz questions designed to reinforce concepts.

Apply Everything with Assignments

Apply what you learn immediately with assignments that take you outside your comfort zone. Work with real world stock data and analyse your own stocks – anywhere in the world.

Additional Complimentary Resources

Get curated nudges to Articles by Fervent – well thought out, extensively researched investing related articles. All explained with the same simplicity you’ve now come to expect from us.

It’s time to take back control of your finances. Become meaningfully financially literate TODAY. Enroll on the Investing Fundamentals: How to Read Stocks & Analyse Them course by Fervent.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner investors wanting to get the right foundation right from the word go
  • Seasoned investors seeking to revamp their investing strategies using data-driven thinking
  • Financial Analysts looking to go beyond “the books” and take a rigorous, practical look at reading and analysing stocks
  • Technical traders who’ve finally realised and accepted that technical trading and analysis simply doesn’t work (and now want to learn about evergreen fundamentals that do actually work)
  • Anyone who’s serious about their investing strategies and meaningful financial literacy



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