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This course explores a completely different way to manage your option positions.
Using Combinations of tactics to control the Greeks of the Positions
In this course, I teach extensive ways to manage your positions by the Greeks.

And How to control The Greeks of your Position in relation to one another
This course covers 8-10 one hour sessions using ON-LINE CLASSES, VIDEOS, PDFS, LIVE TRADING AND HISTORICAL RESULTS.
Learn the Option Elements unique perspective on Combining tactics together to better control the Greeks of your position

Combination Strategies
The difference between a Strategy & a Tactic
Short & Long
The problem with singular Strategies
High Probability
Low Probability

Tactic Combinations and the effect on Your Strategy
Iron Condor’s vs. Combo’s
Butterflies vs. Combo’s
Calendars vs. Combo’s
Combining Debit Spreads and Condors
Combining Vertical Spreads and Butterflies
Combining Butterflies, Credit Spreads & Calendars
Combining Ratio Spreads, Debit Spreads & Calendars

Why & When to Adjust
Basic Rules
Different Types of Adjustments on the Upside
Different Types of Adjustments on the Downside
The Importance of Timing
The Best Methodology for You

Different Styles and Psychology of Each Trader
Using the “weekly” options in Combinations
Proper sequence for entering Multi-Leg Combo’s
Importance of Back Testing & its limitations
Understanding Probabilities

Preparing a Good Plan
What it Consists of
Risk Management
When to Trade & When not to Trade

The Greeks and their Impact on Combo’s
Review of the Greeks
Greek Ratios
Greek Trends
How to manage the Greeks
What it is Key in our Trading
The importance of Volatility
Implied VOL and Historical VOL

How to get the Best Executions
The Importance of Good Executions
Ways to Buy and Sell
The Role of Market Makers
The Importance of a Good Trading Platform



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