[DOWNLOAD] The Options Pit – Gamma Trading Class Mark Sebastian {215MB}

[DOWNLOAD] The Options Pit – Gamma Trading Class Mark Sebastian

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Mastering Long Gamma Trading

This course uses the concept of realized volatility to help successfully set up long option positions.  Basic skills like quantifying risk, buy ranges for IV and position management are all covered.  Long option directional trading has the theoretical underpinnings to create great risk reward scenarios.

Level:  Intermediate

Welcome To The Option Pit Method

We are thrilled you are taking your option trading seriously.  Enjoy the journey!

The Option Pit Method specializes in efficient use of capital, position structure, and risk management to help our clients make profitable trades.  The Option Pit Mentoring Program recreates the learning environment professional floor traders used to learn how to trade and make markets in stock and index options.  We take clients on a journey from novice to professional, in four different levels, where each is a building block for the next, or you can start anywhere in between depending upon your option knowledge.  We also produce three different subscription newsletters and have a Store where you can choose individual courses.  We offer something for every trader at every level.

Hi Mark,

Wanna know how well your Trade Idea of the Week trades have done over time in the real world?  Of course you do!…Since July of 16 I’ve close 36 such trades (actual not paper), and 22 of them have been winners!  Playing small–almost always less than $300 risked, only very occasionally more than that with a 50% mental stop-loss, my net to date:  +5594.  Thx for this…and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


– Mark Winston

Mark Sebastian Founder

Mark Sebastian is a former member of both the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the American Stock Exchange. He is the CIO of Karman Line Capital.  Mark is the resident VIX expert for Mad Money with Jim Cramer.  Mark has authored two trading books “ The Option Traders Hedge fund and Trading Options For Edge”  He is a  frequent guest on CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg, First Business News.  Sebastian has been published nationally on Yahoo Finance, quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Bloomberg.   Mark has spoken for The Options Industry Council, the CBOE, the ISE, The CME,  and is a co-host on the popular Option Block Podcast  and Volatility Views podcast.

Andrew Giovinazzi COO

Andrew Giovinazzi started and ran the Designated Primary Market Marker post for Group One on the floor of the CBOE in 1991.  It became one of the highest grossing posts for the company in 1992 and 1993.  Additionally, Giovinazzi had been actively trading and was an instrumental piece creating an option training program for Group One, ltd that allowed the company to significantly grow headcount.  Following his career there, he co-founded Henry Capital Management in 2001 and continued as a PCX member until 2006.  Andrew joined OptionPit.com, an options education and mentoring service, in 2011 and became COO in 2014.  He is also currently the risk manager for the hedge fund Karman Line Capital, LLC.

Licia Leslie Director of Operations

Licia Leslie is a former member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange where she successfully operated her own trading group.  She was a market maker in a highly competitive trading pit trading options in over twenty stocks, simultaneously.  As a member, Licia chaired the Stock Allocations Committee and served on the Market Performance and Equity Floor Procedure Committees.  While raising her family, Licia ran her Interior Design business and then traded Commodities Futures.  Returning to her roots of Stock Options, Licia joined Option Pit June 2016.  She has a Bachelor of Business Administration Finance from Loyola University and an Associate of Applied Science Interior Design from Harrington College of Design.



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