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Tomas Nesnidal – Build E-mini Breakout Strategies Fast

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Breakout trading is one of the most popular styles of trading amongst traders.

When it’s done properly, it can be incredibly profitable… But, many traders fail to build breakout strategies that actually work.

Where do they go wrong?

And how can you build profitable breakout trading strategies that actually work?

Meet Tomas Nesnidal – a breakout trading specialist

Tomas Nesnidal is a Hedge Fund manager and recognized breakout trading specialist. He has taught hundreds of students in the Czech Republic to build profitable and robust breakout strategies. In fact, some of his students have even taken these techniques to launch their own hedge funds. Tomas has appeared as a trading expert on National Television several times. Plus, he co-wrote several best-selling trading books in Czech. His work has even been published on many major trading websites and magazines, including:

And now Tomas is ready to share his breakout trading techniques with you, in the “Build e-mini breakout strategies fast” program.

In the ‘Build e-mini breakout strategies fast’ program you’ll discover:

Module #1: The 5 key components to creating powerful daytrading breakout strategies

  • The 5 key components you need to create a good quality breakout strategy,
  • How to create dynamic breakout strategies that adjust to changes in market conditions,
  • The 2 best types of exits to use in breakout strategies. You may be surprised how poorly some common exit techniques perform in breakout strategies. We’ll tell you the best ones to use,
  • How to reduce drawdowns, increase profits and provide more stable returns using filters. Plus, we’ll share 4 of our favorite filters so you can start using them right away

Module #2: Modelling breakout strategies quick and easy

  • How to combine different components to quickly build breakout strategies ready for testing,
  • Watch us create 3 different breakout models so you can see the process in action. We’ll even share the EasyLanguage code, so you can test them yourself!
  • 4 powerful robustness tests you can use to verify if a breakout strategy is worth trading or belongs in the bin.

Module #3: How to design and prototype lots of daytrading breakout strategies FAST

  • How to automate strategy creation to create breakout strategies quick and easy,
  • The 3 key steps to creating breakout strategies automatically. We’ll even show you how to do it fast, so you can start generating powerful breakout models today,
  • How to select the best candidates from the hundreds (or even thousands) of strategies you generate over time. That may sound crazy right now, but you’ll understand why we say it once you’ve seen the process!

Module #4: The best emini markets and timeframes to trade with breakout strategies

  • Which markets are the best to start creating robust daytrading breakout strategies fast? Some are tough, so we’ll tell you which markets to target for quick results,
  • The best timeframes for breakout strategies and the pros and cons of each so you can pick the best option for you,
  • The ‘system sizing’ approach to building a portfolio of strategies. Use this to create a smoother equity curve and more consistent profits.

Module #5: Powerful steps to scale up your breakout trading FAST

  • 3 important steps to rapidly scale-up your breakout trading fast,
  • How to overcome common breakout trading challenges quickly and easily,
  • The 8-step framework to creating hundreds of viable breakout strategies automatically. This is so powerful we use it in our Hedge Fund!

When you join the ‘Build e-mini breakout strategies fast’ course, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A 100% online trading program, containing 5 modules and 21 video lessons. These will take you from introduction, right through to implementation, step-by-step,
  • Downloadable MP3 audio, transcripts, and slides for every lesson,
  • Case studies, reports, and strategy code. These will save you valuable time and effort, so you can start using it in your trading right away,
  • Workbooks and cheat sheets to enhance your progress and solidify what you’ve learnt!

You will also get up to 11 FREE bonuses worth $2,147 to fast-track your progress even more:

FREE Bonus #1: The ‘Mini BOS Smart Code’ (297 USD value)

The ‘Mini BOS Smart Code’ is the key to automated strategy development. Configure the settings and let your computer do the hard work.

In the course, you’ll discover how to create your own Smart Code. But, to save you time, we’ve created the ‘Mini BOS Smart Code’ for you. It comes loaded with some of our favorite conditions and filters to create breakout strategies fast, including:

  • 5 Points of Initiation
  • 8 Filters
  • Possibility to develop breakout strategies long, short or both sides
  • Almost 200 lines of EasyLanguage code, written by a professional coder

With the ‘Mini BOS Smart Code’ you can generate breakout trading strategies in minutes!

FREE Bonus #2: Breakout Strategies Case Study 60+ page printed book (97 USD value)

Ever wondered what type of strategies other breakout traders are creating?

Then you need to check out this book.

In this bonus, you’ll find 10 detailed case studies of trading strategies created by Breakout students.

This book will ignite you. It will guide you. It will awaken even MORE passion for breakout trading strategies. (The best and most exciting trading approach – ever!)

FREE Bonus #3: ‘The Beginner’s guide to the Futures markets’ course (27 USD value)

The Futures and emini markets offer some amazing trading opportunities for breakout traders.

If you don’t have any previous experience with the Futures markets, this bonus course will guide you. It contains everything you need to know, from A to Z, to understand and start trading the Futures markets.

If you trade other markets, this course will give you the opportunity to expand your trading. Take advantage of the dynamic moves of Futures markets. Get more diversified. Give yourself more trading opportunities.

FREE Bonus #4: ‘Selecting and setting up a VPS for reliable Algorithmic trading’ course (197 USD value)  

(*with PRO and ELITE packages)  

Trading from a home computer has some serious risks and challenges.

And once you’re ready to start trading your new breakout strategies, you need to consider how to avoid these risks.

A Virtual Private Server could be just what you need, but knowing where to get one and how to set it up for trading can be confusing.

In this fast course you will discover:

  • Module 1: Selection – How to choose the right VPS for you 1-1: What is a VPS and why do you need one? 1-2: Choosing a VPS that’s right for you 1-3: Trading software requirements 1-4: Operating System requirements
  • Module 2: Setup – How to configure your VPS for optimal trading operation 2-1: Connecting to your VPS 2-2: Uploading files 2-3: Automatic updates 2-4: Fast VPS connections
  • Module 3: Maintenance – How to keep your VPS running smoothly 3-1: Antivirus software 3-2: Windows updates 3-3: Monitoring/health checks 3-4: Backups

FREE Bonus #5: ‘My Top 2 breakout secrets’ instructional video (147 USD value)  

(*with PRO and ELITE packages)  

In this bonus, we share with you two very powerful tricks we often use for our own breakout trading strategies development, including:

  • Trick #1 is a more creative way to work with a key component in breakout strategies,
  • Trick #2 is a simple yet powerful filter you can use in addition to a “normal” filter in your breakout strategies. This new filter is parameterless, so there is no problem combining it with other filters.

Both of these ‘secret tricks’ can have a dramatic impact on the performance of your breakout trading strategies!

FREE Bonus #6: ’10 powerful tips to successful breakout trading’ (97 USD value)

(*with PRO and ELITE packages)  

Once you discover how to build successful breakout strategies, you’ll want to use this knowledge for greater results.

No problem!

In this exclusive bonus, you’ll discover 10 powerful tips to successful breakout trading. This will help speed up your progress and improve your chances of long-term success.

FREE Bonus #7: 8 practical tips on the ‘Psychology of Trading Breakout Strategies’ (97 USD value)

(*with PRO and ELITE packages)  

Trading success is about more than just building strategies.

There are a lot of other challenging aspects you need to consider if you want to ‘make it’ in trading. In this video, you’ll discover 8 powerful tips, including:

  • When to start trading new strategies,
  • How to handle choppy markets,
  • How to manage drawdowns,
  • And other important tips you need to know, based on years of breakout trading experience.

FREE Bonus #8: ‘How to leverage Walk Forward Analysis’ video (97 USD value)

(*with PRO and ELITE packages)  

Robustness is critical to trading strategies. Not only will we share 4 techniques to increase robustness, but you’ll also get this instructional video on Walk Forward Analysis. Apply this to your own trading to keep your strategies fresh and tuned to market conditions.

FREE Bonus #9: ‘Smashing False Breakouts’ course (497 USD value)  

(*with ELITE package only) 

False breakouts are one of the hardest challenges to overcome in breakout trading.

But with the ‘Smashing False Breakouts’ program, you can smash through frustrating false breakouts, stop taking low quality trades and slash those painful drawdowns.

In the course, you’ll receive 12 highly effective techniques you can implement into your existing trading strategies in minutes – and start seeing a reduction in false breakouts almost instantly.

The program contains 5 modules and 33 video lessons, taking you step by step from introduction right through to implementation.

Plus you get 29 fully-open codes, 27 backtest reports and 14 TradeStation workspaces with all the practical examples from the course included.

FREE Bonus #10: ‘ADR’ technique (197 USD value)

(*with ELITE package only)  

Another powerful technique to smash false breakouts.

You definitely want to have this one in your arsenal as well.

A highly universal technique, Easy to implement in under 5 minutes, Full opened code and workspace included.

FREE Bonus #11: My best and most secret ‘Multi-market breakout validation’ technique (397 USD value)

(*with ELITE package only)  

And finally, I’ve kept the best for last.

I have never – EVER – shared this technique before.

This is an advanced technique, which, in the right hands, can turn your trading into gold.

This technique is:

  • My most secret technique to smashing false breakouts,
  • A completely new way of thinking and dealing with false breakouts,
  • Includes fully opened code and workspaces,
  • Is a priceless technique.

(*Note: I am probably a fool for sharing this technique and giving it out, but I really want you to succeed!)  



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