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Opening gaps occur when a stock or index opens at a higher or lower price than it settled at the previous day. Momentum gaps are gaps whose nature favors the creation of substantial continuation or reversal patterns following the open, leading to rapid profit potential with minimal risk in a short period of time.

What You Will Learn:

A complete understanding of the different classifications of gaps and which of those have the highest probability for strong momentum moves out of the open, as well as which have the greatest odds of a trend day, and which ones you should avoid entirely.

Market timing techniques designed to get you into and out of the market at the most opportune moments and a system you can use to build confidence and eliminate hesitation.

In depth discussion of the building blocks upon which predictable price patterns are developed.

Extensive training on how to read core price action, WITHOUT having to rely upon any indicators.

Risk management techniques that allow you to conservatively receive at least three times your risk per trade. It is quite common for Toni’s strategies to yield rewards upwards of 10 times the initial risk on gap setups.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction
2. Common Gaps
3: Oopening Gaps
4. Causes of Opening Gaps
5. The Fadingof the Gap
6. Breakaway Gaps
7. Types of Breaway Gaps
8. Buyout Gaps
9. Trap Gaps
10. Example of a Trap Gap
11. Pivot Channel Break Gap
12. 2-Wave Gap
13. Variation of 2-way Gap
14. 2-Wave Gap
15. Varation of 2-way Gap
16. 2-Wave Flag Gap
17. Example of a Breakaway Gap
18. Triangle Breakaway Gap
19. Example of Triangle Gaps
20. Example of Bull Flag Gap
21. Flag Gap
22. Runaway Gaps 1
23. Runaway Gaps 2



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