[Download] Trade Recap I – A Real Look at Futures Options Markets {274MB}

Trade Recap I – A Real Look at Futures Options Markets

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A look at trading futures options on Crude Oil, eMini S&P, Bonds, Soybeans. Period is from Jan 17th – Feb 5th, 2014.What you’ll learn

  • Understand how to create illustrated option strategies on futures markets
  • Learn how to plan and monitor option strategies over time.


  • No specific requirement other than basic trading knowledge of the markets
  • Consider reviewing our interactive tutorial at Oahu Education. We have also published 10 eBooks


“Trade Recap” shows a practical options strategies as we look at different commodity and financial futures markets.  Our videos are meant to show you how we use futures options to manage a particular market outlook.

We give an overview on both risk and profit objectives based on a 1 lot spread.  In our videos, we show how the option strategies have performed over time. It is important to realize that our objective in this course is to illustrate planning for a reasonable return with minimal risk on trade set ups. Too often novice traders look at making high returns taking on excessive risk on trading the underlying instrument.

If you go to the section called ‘Interactive Tutorial’ on our website, we have basic lessons and free resources that can help you understand what we cover here.

Google: Oahu Capital for our direct websiteWho this course is for:

  • Traders interested in learning futures options

Course contentExpand all 11 lectures01:42:30–Trade Recap – April 2014: Crude Oil37:21Crude Oil – A Recap in March 2014Preview10:15Looking at Week of April 21st – Directionless Trading10:29Managing Trade Ahead with Adjustments16:37–Trade Recap – Jan – Feb 2014: Crude Oil, eMini S&P, Bonds, Soybeans01:05:09Crude Oil – Part 1 – Intro: Creating a strategy with technical / fundamentals08:12Crude Oil – Part 2 – Monitoring the trade09:38Crude Oil – Part 3 – Where did we end on Feb 5th?03:43eMini S&P – Part 1 – Creating trade strategy & monitoring trade09:59eMini S&P – Part 2 – Where did we end on Feb 5th?04:32Bonds – Part 1 – Creating trade strategy & monitoring trade09:47Bonds – Part 2 – Where did we end on Feb 5th?07:10Soybeans – trade strategy, monitoring, where did we end on Feb 5th?12:08



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