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Trader Dante – Edges for Ledges: Professional Mentoring for Serious

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Edges for Ledges was a service I ran from January 2017 – June 2018.
I have collected the best episodes from the series which I am presenting as a one off purchase.
The episodes are listed along with their run times, below:


How to draw levels (12:29)
A study in EUR/USD (9:01)
Avoiding a loss and how to effectively factor in spread when placing orders (13:06)
The circumstances under which I cancel an order (9:09)
Setting up my home office (14:46)
Using the ATR effectively (14:16)
The markets I trade and their correlations (10:33)
Defining the exact price to enter trades (14:27)
Defining targets (9:28)
The price action I want to see when trading a level (12:46)
The importance of process (10:40)
The conundrum of how far to try running a trade (7:57)
Best practices for building your trading business (17:18)
Identifying and trading a daily time frame bias (14:28)
Defining targets and managing our daily time frame bias trade (7:48)
Adding to trades (7:24)
A look at the R ratio (7:12)
Identifying and trading another daily time frame bias (13:06)
A routine for the perfect trading day (17:12)
Using price action to enter a trade versus a blind touch order (12:42)
Adding to trades and how to not be scared out of a position due to short term counter flows (6:51)
Liquidity pools (13:43)
The SFP (17:50)
How to cut a losing SFP early (6:20)
Executing when in drawdown and the evolving R (11:34)
Using the SFP as a daily bias and how to trade it on the hourly time frame (16:38)
Risk management (11:57)
Dealing with orders ahead of news and holding trades through news (7:54)
Trading after significant range expansion (10:59)
Ten more productive things to do than staring at charts (14:26)
A look at creating a visual map to aid trade execution (4:27)
How I deal with the issue of leaving orders at key levels if they are a long way away from market price (12:09)
How to effectively pre-empt a liquidity probe (12:28)
When to cancel an order depsite it being at a very strong level (5:47)
Anticipating liquidity probes continued (9:18)
How I traded whilst in a full time job (9:30)
Where I get early FX open prices from, a comparison of two open gaps and how I chose which to trade (9:02)
A detailed walk through of a setup in USD/CAD (11:08)
A look at why I stood aside from a great setup over FOMC (4:49)
Pulling an order based on the price action trading into it (6:26)
A detailed look at loss avoidance in Crude Oil (15:08)
Excerpt from my live trading course discussing price action in AUD/USD (0:50)
A Q&A Session (22:28)
A look at drawing a complete market map in EUR/USD (18:56)
A look at how the same bias is traded on both the short term and swing strategy and some other high probability trades (26:38)


A look at inside weeks in the NZD/USD (12:38)
How I gather statistics with accompanying spreadsheet (18:41)
A look at open drives in the Bund (12:45)
The effectiveness of the bearish engulfing chart pattern (daily time frame) in Gold (11:34)
The effectiveness of the bearish engulfing chart pattern (daily time frame) in USD/CHF (7:09)
The effectiveness of the bearish engulfing chart pattern (weekly time frame) in NZD/USD (7:06)
A look at ATR boundaries in Bund (7:56)
A look at inside weeks in the AUD/USD (7:24)
The significance of the weekly open price in the EUR/USD (4:54)
A look at month ends in the Bund (10:21)
A comparison between the initial balance and cash initial balance in Bund (7:01)
A look at the cash initial balance breakout strategy in Bund versus Bobl (9:02)
A complete trading strategy in GBP/JPY (19:32)
A look at gaps in the EUR/USD (10:00)



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