[Download] Trader Dante – Module 3 – Short Term Time Frame Trading In The Bund {2.67GB}

Trader Dante – Module 3 – Short Term Time Frame Trading In The Bund

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Module 3: Short Term Time Frame Trading In The Bund

Please note: The two modules above cover my complete strategy for swing trading the financial markets.
In Module 3, I will be detailing how I day trade the market using short term time frames.
The market I focus on to both teach and trade these techniques is the Bund. However, you can use the strategy in other futures markets.
You will need to be able to access a DOM, Market Profile and footprint charts to fully implement the material.
Please feel free to contact me prior to purchase if you have any questions regarding these tools.


Introductory Webinar #1: An Introduction To Module 3.
Introductory Webinar #2: Setting Up To Trade.

Both the above webinars are included with the purcahse of Webinar 01 below.
I also include a link to a folder with my chart definitions (these can be imported into Investor/RT), a simple excel spreadsheet for tracking performance and more.

Webinar 01: Price Discovery And Finding Value

  Webinar Details:Date held: 28th May, 2015Length: 70 minutesTopics Covered:In this webinar, I cover order flow dynamics in Futures markets with a focus on the Bund (The European 10YR Govt Bond), including:– How markets move and find value – the price discovery process
– Market structure
– Market rhythm
– Why the institutional traders need your liquidity and where they find it
– How and where traders get trapped and how this can be exploited for profitSign Up Information:The cost of this webinar is £14.99

Webinar 02: Market Mapping With Technicals And Volume Profiling Techniques

Webinar Details:

Date held: 9th June, 2015

Length: 56 minutes

Topics Covered:

In this webinar, I cover exactly how to map the Bunds so that the trader knows the key areas to do look to do business at the start of each trading day.

Sign Up Information:

The cost of this webinar is £14.99

Webinar 03: Higher Time Frame Context: Analysing Day Types To Establish Directional Biases

Webinar Details:Date held: 18th June, 2015Length: 56 minutesTopics Covered:This webinar covers the identification of higher time frame price patterns which you can use to establish a directional bias for lower time frame entry.Sign Up Information:The cost of this webinar is £14.99

Webinar 04: Introducing Market Profile

Webinar Details:

Date held: 16th July, 2015

Length: 68 minutes

Topics Covered:

This webinar introduces the Market Profile and takes a look at the types of trades I take using it.

Sign Up Information:

The cost of this webinar is £14.99

Webinar 05: Using Market Profile To Understand Day Development And Key Areas To Do Business
Webinar 06: Entering The Market
Webinar 07: Reading The DOM And Using Footprint Charts To Execute Effectively
Webinar 08: Trade Management – When To Hold And When To Fold
Webinar 09: Trading The News
Webinar 10: Approaching Risk, Establishing Routine And Trade Journaling
Webinar 11: Managing Yourself – Specific Drills To Increase Performance
Webinar 12: Preparing To Trade



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