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Risk management is the 1 skill a trader can learn. Ironically most people never even consider it, much less take the time to master it. Most people think the best way to make more money is to win more trades, but Risky Business turns that theory on its head and shows how to make massive profits, even if you lose on more trades than you make money with.

Risky Business presents one of the most predictable and systematic approaches to risk management currently available to the trader. It teaches traders how to focus on high probability trades while at the same time using basic market odds to anticipate how much money can be used to risk on each trade. Traders who have used the Risky Business principles find their trading accounts literally turn around overnight and help them become wildly profitable traders. You too can make all the money you want in the market just learn to manage your risk.

Class Breakdown
In this program TSU Alphonso Esposito reveals a trading system known as Rs trading. It takes the same principle of cash management from a casino and shows a trader how to think like a casino, making money over time on a consistent basis. Rs trading helps the trader common size their risk and their reward, so they know before they ever get into a trade how much they will make and what the worst case scenario is in the event of a loss.

The system of Rs Trading works for all market, Stock, Futures, Forex, and Options. When he first saw this system, TSU Co-Founder Jeremy Whaley said every trader needs to know this this changes the game.

You Will Learn
– Make consistent money
– Manage your losses
– Never risk too much
– Make money over time
– Pay yourself consistently
– Think like a professional money manager
– And more

Class 1 – Managing Risk
Part 1: Introduction to Risk Managment0h 11m
Part 2: Mastering Risk0h 9m
Part 3: Introduction to Risk Units0h 19m
Part 4: ROI vs. R0h 13m
Part 5: Rules for Trading R’s0h 10m
Part 6: The Compounding R System0h 5m
Part 7: Homework0h 3m
Class 2 – Using R with Options and Risk Practicum
Part 1: R Trading with Options #10h 6m
Part 2: R Trading with Options #20h 8m
Part 3: How to Calculate R for Options0h 6m
Part 4: Trader Progression & Compounding R0h 15m
Part 5: Homework0h 6m
Class 3 – Mastering Trade Management
Part 1: The Pyschology of Trade Management0h 6m
Part 2: All or Nothing Plan (AON)0h 15m
Part 3: Twice the Stop & 1/2 the Shares Plan0h 7m
Part 4: Candle by Candle Management0h 6m
Part 5: The Time Stop Plan0h 5m
Part 6: Alphonso’s Personal Trade Management Plan0h 14m
Part 7: Setting Targets0h 15m
Class 4 – Practicum
Part 4: Parting Notes0h 2m
Part 1: Introduction to Practicum Sessions0h 2m
Part 2: Practicum with Dustin H.0h 6m
Part 3: Practicum with Jon H.0h 7m
Live Teaching: 2014
Class 1 – Managing Risk1h 55m
Class 2 – Using R with Options and Risk Practicum2h 0m
Class 3 – Mastering Trade Management1h 50m
Class 4 – Practicum1h 58m



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