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Trading for Living – Trading Composure

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Now, I know what you might have said to yourself as you read the title of this course…“That sounds too good to be true, but let’s check it out anyway…”Just know this: Yes, trading for a living is possible!How do I know this?This is something that I do. And I also know plenty of other people who do the exact same thing.Here’s an important thing you need to know: People have an idea of how traders who successfully ‘trade for a living’ work and the kind of returns they make, but reality is often very different.For the longest time, I had a rigididea of what trading for a living should look like, and because of that, I’ve been on the wrong path many (many!) times.I’ve struggled a lot before I arrived at where I am today.So, allow me to share some important information with you and really clear up some things.Imagine that I come to you and say,“Hey, I make on average 20% return trading the U.S stock market every year.”That’s a nice return, right? But, not impressive, by any stretch.On the other hand, my friend Chris makes +250% return.Now, this is what you can call impressive!Now, imagine that both of us are offering to show you how we trade.Chances are that you’ll probably think to yourself,“Well, Chris makes more, so he must have some special knowledge that Yvan doesn’t have; he must have more experience, so I’d rather learn from him.”But is that true?

Well, let’s look into that…What if I told you that my equity curve is way less volatile than his?

Furthermore, what if I told you that I have a process-based, systematic way of trading that leads me to trade only 2 hours a day (usually less but let’s say 2 hours), and for the research and planning, a maximum of 15-20 minutes.That’s a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes a day and around 12 hours a week.Chris, on the other hand, is a discretionary trader. He uses his intuition to gauge market sentiment, and he relies heavily on chart patterns and esoteric analyses.He works 50+ hours a week ―he spends on average 6 to 12 hours a day in front of his screens trading or watching his trades unfold, looking for opportunities, and he spends an additional 4-5 hours a day for research and planning for the next day.Then, if Chris runs a website like I do and has to answer emails, create content for his followers, etc., we’re possibly looking at an 80 hour week for him.For me?Well, currently I spend 2 hours a day doing those things, and I am constantly optimizing things so that I spend less time doing them.So in total, I only work around 22 hours a week. Worst case, it’s 25 hours. But we’re still very far from Chris’ 80 hours.Do I have your full attention now?Okay… let’s push this a little further: What if I told you that I lead a much happier life than Chris?Of course, this is difficult to verify because of the subjective nature of this claim, but let’s say that there are some clearly visible signs that attest to this:✔ I lead a peaceful life. I have a clear understanding of myself and my thoughts and emotions, while Chris is an emotional mess, a walking time bomb waiting to explode at any moment just because of the sheer amount of stress he’s exposed to on a continuous basis given his freestyle, unstructured approach to trading.✔ I have time for my family and friends. Chris? Well, he doesn’t! He can’t even spend time with his 4-year-old. And whenever he spends time with her, his mind is with the market.✔ I’m currently in my thirties and I look like I could be maybe in my early 20s (really), while Chris looks much older than I do even though he’s younger than me… he always carries bags under his eyes. It must be those damn losses that keep him awake at night or those long hours he spends in front of his multiple screens.✔ Chris lives in Manhattan where life is crazy-expensive. So even though he might earn 5x- 10x more than me in absolute income, in relative income, I’m earning more than him since I live in a part of the world where life is cheap and good. I earn in dollars and I spend in that country’s currency which increases my quality of life.I could go on like that… but I think you get the point.Money has been forever the absolute measure of happiness even though individual experience points out otherwise.We need to define happiness/success in broader terms because money alone isn’t enough.And, as you see, there is a way to trade for a living that really makes it exceptionally fulfilling, instead of being something that plays with your emotions constantly and wears you down.And it’s not about how much money you make in absolute terms, it’s about the personal freedom; it’s about the quality of your life; it’s about time, energy, health, and the emotional capital that you preserve by doing so.

What I offer in this Trading For A Living courseI will show you a proper approach to trading for a living.

Here’s what you’ll learn:✔ I’ll reflect back at you some realities about trading for a living, and I will show you what’s the best way to go about this journey and maximize your chances of success.✔ I’ll show you my stress-free trading strategies and how I manage my two trading accounts with the least amount of emotional resistance as possible.✔ Trading for a living the right way isabout balance and emotional preservation. Nothing else! I’ll show you a simple way to help you cultivate mental stability day after day as you run your trading business.✔ I’ll show you ‘The dirty little secret of trading’ and how I earn a reliable source of income through content creation (blog, book, course….) on the side  ― which allows me to weather trading drawdowns that are an inevitable part of trading. This also helps in decreasing performance anxieties and allows me to trade to the best of my abilities. I’ll show you how you too can do that. It’s not rocket science.✔ You’ll see how much I make from my trading business (screenshots) and I’ll share with you some important money management tips that have allowed me to travel the world for 2 consecutive years while trading and running my business.✔ I will show you how to maximize your experience of trading and make this whole thing enjoyable and effortless.

I’m sharing my business template with you…I’ve read somewhere that about 80% of Americans dream of starting their own business.If you are part of that 80%, those ideas (and many others) that I will share with you will prove to be very useful, and possibly very lucrative.But as said earlier, it’s not really about the money; it’s about the personal freedom. I really believe that, because that’s what’s working for me. And I know for fact that is what’s working for a lot of people.Maybe you don’t have a lot of experience in trading, maybe you do, maybe you’ve lost a ton of money, maybe you’ve made a ton of money… whatever your current situation, if you’ve been following me for a while and trust the quality of the content that I’ve been sharing with you so far, then this course is for you.

Why I’m revealing my business model…

Two reasons:First, again, I run a business… I want to make a profit. But, I’m never going to sacrifice my integrity for money. Never!I don’t want to sell you a bunch of dreams like what you see online 99.99% of the time, I want to sell you REALITY.Because I’m tired of the scammers, the frauds, taking advantage of people’s credulity and selling a bunch of fluff.  In this course, you’re not going to get that.You’ll see how I run my business from A to Z so that you can replicate it if you want, or you can modify some aspects of it, take it in an entirely new direction… It’s your call, really.The second reason is that I genuinely want to see you succeed because I know how it is to struggle. It might sound cliche but it’s true. And I want to see you improve your life, make money, and thrive as a human being.

Course curriculum

  • 01Laying The FoundationsShow Content
    • How To Approach This Course
    • Trading For A Living: Doing It The Right Way!
    • A Little Bit About Me
    • What I Did Wrong
    • Inherent Thinking Errors
    • Inner Challenges
    • A Pivotal Moment
  • 02Creating The Conditions That Make Trading For A Living Possible: A Four Step ProcessShow Content
    • A Common Delusion
    • Step One: The Magic Pill
    • Some Research
    • Let’s Try It
    • A Game Changer
    • Three Aspects To Concentration
    • Simple But Vast…
    • Unlocking The Following Section
  • 03Raising Your Probability Of SuccessShow Content
    • Step Two: A Trading Method That Works
    • My Advice To You
    • The Failures Of Discretionary Trading
    • EOTP-C2: The Right Tool For The Job
    • A Simple Experiment
    • Redefining The Meaning Of An “Edge”
    • The Importance Of Engagement
    • ​The Role Of Luck In Trading
    • A Simple Trading Strategy (For Account A) – Part 1
    • A Simple Trading Strategy (For Account A) – Part 2
    • A Few Words On Drawdowns
    • A Few Words On Expectations
    • Another Simple Trading Strategy (For Account B) – Part 1
    • Another Simple Trading Strategy (For Account B) – Part 2
    • Around The World, Day Trading The SPY
    • Why I Hold Two Accounts and Trade Two Strategies
    • Contradiction?
    • How to be a decisive trader
    • At Odds With Reality
    • The Importance Of Preparation
    • Tracking Your Trades
    • Guarding against Decision Fatigue
    • Consistency – What it means
    • Unlocking The Following Section
  • 04Trading For A Living: A Real BusinessShow Content
    • Step Three: Diversification (Creating Incomes Not Dependent On Market Fluctuation)
    • Back To My Personal Story…
    • Harsh Beginnings…
    • What I Could Have Done Differently
    • Starting A Website
    • Some Things To Think About
    • A Couple Of Options
    • Free Or Paid – Which Is Better?
    • A Common Mistake
    • Creating Great Content
    • Another Factor Besides Content
    • Growing Your List With Integrity
    • How Long Does It Takes To Build A List
    • Creating Reliable Sources Of Income
    • Revenue Through Ads Placement
    • Revenue Through Affiliate Partnerships
    • Revenue Through Product Creation
    • Why You Should Write A Book
    • How To Write A Book, Or Create A Course
    • A Few Words On SEO
    • Pricing Your Product
    • Growing And Sharing On Twitter
    • 4 Deadly Mistakes
    • Unlocking The Following Section
  • 05My Results, Some Tips, And A Few Final ThoughtsShow Content
    • My Results
    • Step Four: Managing Efficiently Your Money
    • Wanna Work Together?
    • Final Words
    • Review
  • 06MiscellaneousShow Content
    • Comments



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