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Timothy Sykes – Trading Strategy

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However, the best known Tim acquired after participating in the popular TV show “Wall Street Warriors» (Wall Street Warriors) on TV channel CNBC. In this pack you will find the most complete information about the system Tim Sykes. In total, more than 60 hours of video, 8 DVD. Some discs slides supplemented with lectures. As a bonus, includes the book of Tim: An American Hedge Fund.

Course Includes:
PennyStocking Part Deux
Read SEC Filings
TIMFundamentals Part Deux

About Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes – Trading Strategy: Full Course (8 DVDs)

I had a slightly different college experience: skipping classes in favor of trading penny stocks every day, I turned $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah gift money into $2 million and started a hedge fund during my senior year. I also created a scholarship for talented/passionate people open not only to current Tulane students, but also Tulane faculty and alumni.an economic bailout ahead of its time.

My hedge fund went on to become the #1 ranked short bias fund by Barclay for 3 years and I was named to Trader Monthly’s ‘Top 30 Under 30′ in 2006, but my trading strategy was never very scalable (meaning it’s much easier for me to make $10,000 than it is $10 million) and my fund lost 35% when I tried long-term investing instead of trading.

Infinitely wiser but embarrassed and depressed, a TV producer asked me to make an appearance in his upcoming documentary “Wall Street Warriors”.I had lost my confidence and credibility so I said sure and ended up starring in 5 of the 6 episodes of the hit first season, which you can watch on Hulu, now having aired in 20+ countries and followed by 2 more seasons (Wall Street Warriors Season 3 was filmed but has not aired).

The show’s popularity inspired hundreds of daily emails from fans wanting to know more about me and my trading strategy, but as a hedge fund manager, I was not allowed to answer any of them. So I said “screw you!” to the restricted hedge fund industry, wrote openly about my experiences in my best-selling autobiography “An American Hedge Fund” and started a publishing company to create brutally honest & educational financial newsletters and instructional DVD packages.

Timothy Sykes is a millionaire stock trader and entrepreneur. He is best known for earning $1.65 million by day trading while attending Tulane University.
Timothy Sykes Collection, 8 Complete DVD Packages:
Timothy Sykes – PennyStocking
Timothy Sykes – PennyStocking Part Deux
Timothy Sykes – Read SEC Filings
Timothy Sykes – ShortStocking
Timothy Sykes – TIMFundamentals
Timothy Sykes – TIMFundamentals Part Deux
Timothy Sykes – TIMRaw
Timothy Sykes – TIMTactics
Now updated with Supplemental Material (Manuals) & Timothy Sykes’ Book, An American Hedge Fund.

This is without a doubt the most important DVD that is out there from Tim Sykes’ collection. It goes in-depth about the patterns and, most importantly, rules that you must adhere to when trading penny stocks especially, though those could be used for all kinds of stocks altogether. While the DVD is not that entertaining, I don’t see a point in reviewing that because the reason why you read this is because you do it to see if it’s worth it; I can guarantee you that it is with no doubt about it. With this DVD you learn about the technical analysis and complements the patterns that were in Sykes’ first PennyStocking DVD.
PennyStocking Part Deux builds on the original PennyStocking DVD to teach you even more penny stock chart patterns and trading strategies, now updated for recent industry regulations, intraday charts and 2007+ 2008 detailed trades.
After all, PennyStocking creator Timothy Sykes has proven these strategies cut through the BS as he’s up 130%+ in the last 10 months, making him the #1 ranked trader out of 10,000+ on Covestor, not to mention you can see all the testimonials from others making money off these strategies.
“This DVD is an excellent addition to your armoury of trading tools. If you want to learn Tim’s strategy in quick time this is a good place to start. Full of charts of real trades and expert analysis.”
“Sixteen hours packed full of “must have” knowledge and wisdom from one of the best of the best, Tim Sykes. I found this to be very insightful, and I would highly suggest one to watch it carefully, take notes, and absorb the content. In this DVD, Tim gives out his methods for stock research with sources! Do not blow out your account, watch this DVD and secure your profits and become self sufficient! ”
“This DVD is a fantastic LEARNING tool which teaches everything there is to know about penny stocks as far as I’m concerned. I’m a visual learner and need to see many examples of charts – Tim demonstrates his successful strategy over and over again with numerous charts, including daily and intraday charts. My favorite part is when Tim sings “Nothing compares to you” when talking about one of the infamous pump and dumps of our time!!

This is a “Timothy Sykes” trading folder with 22 videos (including funny “you can’t handle the pump” clip which is a keeper. I can’t seem to see when this was last uploaded since nothing comes up now when I search it, so since I was able to upload before, I think it’s fine now too since no one is doing it. The details from my last upload are the following:

Timothy Sykes – Penny Stocking, Penny Stocking Deux, Short-stocking, TIM Fundamentals, TIM Tactics

As usual with Tim Sykes products, there is no description or layout to the material. My thoughts are that you can save yourself the $50 a month off his TimAlerts service by watching this. Here’s the ‘pitch’ he gives on his site:

“Over the past few months, Ive received thousands of emails and comments from people wanting to know how I research all the stocks I trade. How is it possible to narrow down the seemingly thousands of Penny Stocks to just a few worthy ones? What websites do I most utilize? Whats my daily routine? What variables do I value more or less than others?

Well, now Ive put together this 4-disc six-hour instructional DVD (with 95 page instruction manual) to answer all these questions and to help you learn my research process in detail.all for just $397+ shipping!

Stop wasting hours upon hours searching through irrelevant financial information and market noisetrust me, Ive been there, I did that for the first years, unknowingly wishing for a product exactly like thisso you can focus on what really matters to help you profit from PennyStocking!

This instructional DVD package is still brand new as shipping just began on April 2nd, 2009!

(Or if you want to continue to be a dependent little financial baby, incapable of researching and trading on your own, go ahead and sign up for TIMalerts, my daily watch-list of potential plays is the result of the TIMfundamentals research process)

Most financial subscription sites would never give away this information, as its valuable stuff and it pays to keep customers in the dark (thus requiring a constant subscription), but my goal isnt just to earn subscription revenue, I actually want you guys to learn so in time you dont need me as youll know everything I know and be totally self-sufficient and profitable (meaning youll not only have great self-confidence, but youll be doing better than the 90-95% of traders who lose year in year out!) (yah the stats in this industry arent pretty)

Considering the price is only $397+ shipping, so approximately $412 if youre in the US and $447 if youre international, this can not only be paid back with one decent/good trade (as can alllllll my instructional DVDs), more importantly, this DVD helps save you time. ”

Think Penny Stocks are too risky to touch? Wait until you hear how I turned $12,415 into $2 million all within a few years by trading thousands upon thousands of these tiny companies without using any leverage. No other instructional DVD is so raw and honest because few people have the guts to bare it all. No other Wall Streeter is willing to detail all their greatest successes and failures to help people learn.

This 6-hour-DVD-set, for better or worse, details my ALL my most valuable experiences and lessons learned. I hope to prove that Penny Stocks are nothing to be afraid of, if you know what pitfalls to avoid. The good news is that since most people arent willing to see what it takes to turn thousands into millions, there is great opportunity here. Step up to the plate and give it a try, I truly believe I can teach people to trade Penny Stocks and be more successful than me.

PennyStocking Part Deux builds on the original PennyStocking DVD to teach you even more penny stock chart patterns and trading strategies, now updated for recent industry regulations, intraday charts and 2007+ 2008 detailed trades.

After all, PennyStocking creator Timothy Sykes has proven these strategies cut through the BS as he’s up 130%+ in the last 10 months, making him the #1 ranked trader out of 10,000+ on Covestor, not to mention you can see all the testimonials from others making money off these strategies on TIMalerts.com

DVDs converted to .avi format

“From the #1 ranked short bias hedge fund manager (Barclays 2003-2006), Timothy Sykes, comes the only guide you’ll ever need to learn how to profit from the greatly misunderstood trading strategy of short selling.”

“ShortStocking is a 6 hour instructional DVD set with 220-page instruction manual that teaches you everything you need to know about short selling. Learn the basics, the chart patterns, the potential risks, the rewards.” <–MANUAL NOT INCLUDED IN THIS UPLOAD

Random review I found:

The DVD is basically divided into two portions. In the first portion, Tim explains what shorting is and then goes over a lot of terminology. If you’re an experienced trader, this part is a complete waste of time. It’s all basic terminology that any experienced trader would know. If you’re a beginner, it’s a waste of money. All the terms can easily be looked up on the internet for free.

The second half is Tim going over various types of chart patterns that represent potential shorts, and chart patterns that aren’t good shorts. Most of it is basic technical analysis concepts. If you’re an experienced trader, again there’s not much here for you. Tim does go over bullish chart patterns that don’t make good shorts, which is a good review, but probably more useful to the beginner or intermediate trader rather than the experienced one. But this info certainly doesn’t justify the cost of the DVD.

TIM Tactics – 43 Special Trading Tips & Tactics Ive Learned Over The Past Decade

TIMtactics covers 43 trading tips and tactics Ive learned over the past decade that have given me a definitive edge over the thousands of amateur penny stock traders/investors, giving me greater odds of profit on every single trade I make (picture Michael Jordan playing basketball against midgetsin this case, mental midgets) and I communicate these tactics and concepts through 8+ hours worth of video.
The TIMtactics instructional DVD is the recorded version of two 4+ hour webinars and you also get what could be my best work yet, a clear and concise 150 page instruction manual that details all these tactics.
If you buy this package HERE before Saturday, youll be shipped DVDs from the first webinar and the instruction manual right away so you can review those and actually participate in Saturdays webinar as I review these 43 tactics along with answering ALL questions from the other hundred or so webinar participants.



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